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Long Night #6

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Morayo stepped into the shower for the second time that day. Tomi’s loud humming rang through the empty house. She was glad she didn’t have to go to work, she was not sure she could handle anything work related as she was. Her sex still throbbed as it struggled to recover from the events of the previous day. She smiled as another mini throb pulsed through her, this Daniel guy could definitely show a woman a good time. He could definitely compete with Kunle, her useless scum of an ex.

She turned on the shower and let the water flow freely over her body as she closed her eyes and ran through the scenes of the previous day in her head. Her hand found its way down to stop between her thighs, the cool water and her naughty memories caused her nipples to harden. She lightly rubbed herself and let out a little moan at the gentle touch that reminded her of Kunle. Perhaps her ex was not so useless after all, the stupid cheating scum that he was. 

No, Kunle was not useless, at least not in the bedroom. He definitely knew his way around the female body and maybe that was why, he could not keep it in his pants. The stupid boy had taught her how to pleasure herself and to his delight, she had taken to his tutoring like fish to water. She didn’t have a hard time doing things for him and when she had caught him pounding away at the walls of his supposed cousin who turned out to be another girlfriend who ironically thought Morayo was the cousin, in her own living room, she cast the controlling cousin fucker out of her house and her life.

Her hand continued to worm its way inside her, drawing little moans and sighs from her. She increased her finger count by one and began to pump a little faster. Her other hand reached out grab the towel rack for support as she spread her legs wider for easier access. She began to let out whimpers, trying her best to stay quiet as she recalled what Daniel had done to her body. She had not always been this sexual, not until Kunle. She had always been the kind to give her body to her partner for his pleasure but never hers, not until Kunle had come into her life. 

Kunle with his blindfolds and feathers, his toys and his hunger to see her cum hard. He always made her cum, and had given her, her first true orgasm. She clenched around her fingers at the thought. She panted as she began to pump faster, drawing the memory of her first time with Kunle to the surface, as her fingers flew in and out of her in rapid pace. She gripped the rack tighter as she swallowed another loud moan that rocked her core. She was close, so she pulled on the memory even faster.

That night, she had come home from another date, giddy from the alcohol and the general good vibe that came with being with Kunle. He had a way with words, wielding them like tools to break down the walls she had built. She had fallen for him completely that night and had insisted that he come in with her after dropping her off. She remembered the way she had jumped him in the living room, straddling him and kissing him full on the lips before asking him to take their relationship to the next level. He had lifted her and carried her into the bedroom as she hung from his hands feeling like a new bride. 

She remembered the way he had gently placed her on the bed and whispered in her ears asking her to close her eyes. She remembered chuckling as she had shut her eyes, obeying with the glee of a child headed for a theme park. She felt him tie something around her eyes, effectively blinding her. She had shivered in anticipation as she felt the cold air from his mouth pass over the shoulder her tiny strap gown left exposed. 

Morayo clung on for dear life, as her fingers moved on their own, driving her furiously towards an orgasm. She let a loud moan escape and her eyes flung open at the sound she made. She only hoped Tomi was too busy and too far to hear the noise. Her fingers never stopped pumping as her orgasm neared. She could not bring herself to stop now, not when she was so close. She clawed at her memories, letting the images from that night swim behind her closed eyes.

Kunle had used iced cubes on her that night. He had gotten some from her fridge and had used them to tease her nipples before tracing a path of kisses down her body, ending between her increasingly wet thighs. The feeling had been exquisite and quite different from the normal routine “off cloth and pound” she was used to. She had screamed that night when the bastard had closed his lips around her clit with an ice cube still in his mouth. The feeling had been chilling, quite literally, but she soon adjusted to the feeling and her heat soon melted the cold block of ice. She had remained blindfolded all through that and her sense of touch on overdrive from her temporary blindness had nearly driven her insane. 

When Kunle had finally entered her that night, she had almost come right then and there. But she held on, for all but two seconds before he started moving. As her body was wrecked by the orgasm coursing through it, she was plunged into another as he kept fucking her with reckless abandon, She kept creaming on his dick that night as orgasm after orgasm passed through her and when he finally pulled out and sprayed his seed all over her belly, she had just lain there, unable to form a single thought, the blindfold still on.

Morayo let loose a long silent scream as she came on her fingers, her knuckles ached from the exertion of gripping the rack. The rack was the only thing that kept her from falling to the ground, the shower still spilling its waters over her. She finally adjusted and finished up, grabbing a towel as she stepped out of the shower. 

“Cheating bastard that he is, the fool definitely knew how to fuck.” She muttered as she threw on a long free flowing gown. 

She wandered into the living room and called out to her roommate. She called out again when she was met by silence. 

“Tomi. Come on, I’m done showering, you can hop in and we can finally gist some more.”

She heard voices in the kitchen and wandered into the kitchen to find her roommate laughing over a glass of juice with a man. The man was backing her and she could not see his face, but there was something familiar about him. She cleared her throat to announce her presence and when the man turned around to face her she stopped short in shock.

“I see you still take long showers Mo.” The man said.

Morayo broke into a short run and hugged the man tightly. She sobbed into his chest as she clung to him. Her fingers bit into his back as he struggled to raise his hands to hug her back, then she stepped back and slapped him lightly across the face.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming home?” She asked.

The man laughed as he petted her head.

“That’s how surprises work Mo. They don’t work if you announce it beforehand.”

She hugged him again and buried her face in his chest. She noticed Tomi standing and smiling in the corner as she sipped juice from her glass. Morayo was beyond happy, her roommate and best friend was here with her and so was her brother.

Her brother had come home. All was right with the world.


Tall, Dark and Loves to write, what more could you want to know?

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  1. Kemi says:

    Imagine, I thought it was her ex.

    Awesome read again

  2. Dexter says:

    Thanks for your comment.
    Her ex? He might be making an appearance soon or maybe he won’t?
    Who knows?

    Thank you once again.

  3. Seye says:

    Who woulda thought it was her brother? And those wild memories that are enough to start a series of not so funny feelings…

    1. Dexter says:

      What do we have if not our memories?

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