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Long Night #7

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It had been two weeks since Segun had returned home and Morayo could not be happier. Her bother had a knack for making her smile and the frequent visits to Daniel’s place also most likely had something to do with her recent string of happy days. She had Daniel had gone on a date, the very next Saturday, they had spent the night getting to know each other and casting longing glances throughout the night. She had found out that he was an IT consultant at one of the big firms in the city and he did pretty well for himself. He was an only child and unlike her, still had both of his parents, parents who continuously hassled him to get married. They had laughed a lot that night and when he had finally taken her to his house and fucked the living hell out of her, she realized she had never been happier. 

Segun, her brother had noted the grin on her face one morning as she dressed for work and he had asked who the guy was. She had denied it outright that there was any guy, she was just having the time of her life with random guys all over the city. When he had chuckled and left a grin still on his face, she knew he had not believed her in the slightest. She didn’t know why she was hiding this thing with Daniel from her brother, she always told him about the men in her life, to help her analyze and determine what the next step was, at least she did before he travelled. His absence was probably why Kunle had sneaked into her life and hurt her so much. She had missed her brother so much and she hoped he would stay much longer this time before he had to return to work.

Her phone lit up as she finished dressing up, notifying her that she had a message. She picked up the phone and was still so engrossed with it when she entered the living room that she didn’t notice how hastily Segun and Tomi separated. She kissed her brother and her friend goodbye and drove off, a wide grin plastered on her face. The reason for her grin? The text message had come from Daniel and in it, he was waiting for her at her estate gate and he had a surprise for her.

At home, Tomi was locked in a passionate embrace with Segun. They stood in the living room, hands roaming each other’s bodies and lips locked as their tongues wrestled for dominance. Segun groaned into Tomi’s mouth as his hands reached down to cup her ass. He hefted her up and she locked her legs around his waist as he carried her into her room. They didn’t break the kiss for one second. He dropped her to the bed and raised himself on his hands above her, he looked into her eyes and smirked.

“What would Morayo think if she knew about us?” he asked her, leaning in to kiss her neck.

“I don’t know, right now, I don’t even care, just fuck me please, I need your dick inside me Segun” She breathed out as her hands roamed his back, clawing and grasping as she tried to drive him to go faster.

And he did, he undid the buttons of her shirt and raised her bra just above her breasts as he leaned in to suckle. He teased her free nipple between his fingers, fueling her need for release. She cried out she arced her back, she loved having her nipples played with and Segun was definitely skilled in the art. She gripped his head as his tongue flicked and rolled against the nipple in his mouth, she released as silent moan as his free hand wandered down her body and under her skirt to rub against her increasingly wet mound. She felt herself move reflexively to rub against his fingers and she could not believe she could be this wild for a man. 

Segun finally freed her breasts from their sweet torture session and pressed her thighs apart with his knee as he bunched her skirt around her waist.

“Red panties? Dangerous. Good thing I love danger.” He said as he looked at her soaked panties, “You have to go to work soon don’t you? Well I will make this quick.”

She watched as he unzipped his pants and reached in to bring out the dick she had cum on several times in the last week. They had started making out two days after he arrived, she had come home early, thanks to a headache and when she had walked in on Segun masturbating to porn in the living room, she knew the medicine she wanted. She had sweet talked him into giving her head in exchange for a blowjob. He had readily agreed. They had had two more of such sessions on nights Morayo worked late. They had eventually started having sex the Saturday Morayo went on her date, fucking all over the house and breaking the leg of a chair in the process. She loved his dick and she definitely wanted him inside her.

Tomi groaned as he entered her, her panties shifted to one side to make way. He stilled himself for a few seconds, giving her time to adjust to him being inside her before he started to move. He didn’t take time to build up pace, instead he hammered away at her walls right from the first stroke, pounding away with relative abandoned as his dick repeatedly split her into two. She gripped the sheets as wave after wave of pleasure shot through her. She peaked and screamed as she came on his dick. She reached up and grabbed on to him and bit his shoulder as he kept sawing through her. 

He hastily pulled out of her and pumped his semen onto her bed as he peaked too. He fell to the bed, crushing her beneath him before rolling off of her, his chest heaving from exertion.

“You are something else Tomi.” He breathed out between gasps. 

She could only smile in response as she stared up at the ceiling, trying to get her wits back.\

Meanwhile, Morayo sat at her desk, staring at the strange little box Daniel had handed her when they met. He was in a rush and had driven off almost immediately he handed her the box. 

“Don’t open till I call you and make sure you have a good network connection at work. I will video call you later today.”  That was all he had said.

So here she was, box on her table, expecting a call from the man whose dick she was gradually falling in love with.


Tall, Dark and Loves to write, what more could you want to know?

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  1. zhane says:

    Sometimes I think I don’t breathe until I’m done reading. Well done!

    Could we have it a bit longer? *in oliver twist’s voice*

    1. Dexter says:

      While I do love to hear that my stories take your breath away, please remember to breathe.
      As for having it longer, well I will see what I can do. No promises though.

  2. Beebee says:

    This Mo and Dan romance is looking serious already. I wonder if she’ll support her friend bedding her beloved brother . Dexter, keep spoiling us silly and this episode Odikwa short oooooo

    1. Dexter says:

      The romance gets hotter. I wish I could spoil the next episode for you but I wont. Anyway about the length, no promises but I’ll work on it.

  3. Seye says:

    Who says passion can’t lead to something deeper? I like how the duo of Mo and Daniel are going step by step, getting beyond the sex.
    This Tomi and Segun matter though. I don’t even know how it makes me feel. Make all mam sha dey enjoy themselves dey go.
    Nice one Dexter.

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