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Long Night #9

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Tomi rolled off of Segun. They were both covered in sweat. Her chest was heaving, her muscles ached from exertion, but she enjoyed the feeling. They had just finished another hot romp in the sheets. She smiled as she looked at him. The man definitely knew how to show a girl a good time. She reached up and stroked his face. 

“You are so good.” She said, her voice was dry and raspy. She chuckled at the sound of it. They always did this. They always fucked themselves dry, leaving each other thirsty. They always argued over who was supposed to get the water after sex. She rolled to the other side of the bed and grabbed a bottle of water. They were prepared this time. She took two gulps and handed the bottle over to him.

He smiled weakly as he took it. He emptied the bottle in seconds. He looked at her and smiled, “You think we are bad people?”


“Well, Mo came home a few days back, obviously disturbed by something. She refuses to discuss it. Then yesterday and she’s off to spend the weekend at a hotel. And we are here having wild lustful sex.”

Tomi chuckled, “You are a good brother Segun. I can tell you that Morayo has things under control. She said something about Kunle showing up at her work to me.” She smiled as surprise settled on Segun’s face, “He wants her back for some reason. Claims he’s changed and all. He’s sent gifts to her workplace and has even offered to take her out a few times.”

Segun hissed as he got out of bed, stretching his tired muscles. “The guy is sneaky. He’s up to something.” He said.

Tomi scoffed behind him, “Obviously. But don’t worry. Our girl has things under control. She is off to spend time with a friend. She needs to clear her head this weekend.”

“Oh? This new friend would not happen to be the guy both of you refuse to talk about?” he asked as he plopped back on to the bed. She smiled and nodded. Segun shook his head. He was glad that his sister was strong enough to handle herself, but he still wanted to protect her. He cocked his head at the best friend and housemate of his little sister, the one he had spent the night fucking, “So, what do we do now?” 

“Well, we make breakfast, put some energy back into our tired bodies.” Tomi said as she got up, “Then, we will come back here and tire ourselves out again.”

Segun laughed, his throaty laugh echoed in the room. He got up and followed the naked woman into the kitchen. They had a weekend together, they would tire themselves out a lot. He smacked her naked bum when he caught up to her. She giggled like a little girl and took off running. He laughed again as he ran after her.

On the other side of the city Morayo was feeling like a goddess. She sipped wine from the flute in her hands. The man at her feet massaged them with unexpected dexterity. Daniel definitely had a touch of gold. The man knew how to make her feel good. He was squatting in nothing but boxers on the floor and she was naked as the day she was born.

 They had arrived at the hotel yesterday. He had led the way in his car and she had followed in hers. They had booked a room together and had spent the night having sex. The sex the previous night had been different, probably because he had spent the week teasing her every night with the new toy he had gotten them. So when he had finally slid into her last night, she had felt complete. She had ridden him like a whore. Her hair had been plastered on her face, thanks to the sweat they had both worked up. He had spent the rest of the night fucking her from behind and when he had finally poured his seed on her back, they both collapsed on the bed and slept off soon after.

This morning, she had woken up to breakfast in bed. It had probably been brought up by the hotel staff, but he had dished it out to her. He served her with flourish and after that, he had offered her the foot massage he was currently giving her. She let out another moan as his fingers kneaded the curve of her feet. She almost dropped the flute in her hands. The guy was good, maybe too good, she started to suspect maybe she was still in the club they had met, drunk and dreaming up this wonderful dream.  He pinched her little toe and she smiled down at him. She was definitely not dreaming, this guy was all man and all real.

She downed the rest of her wine and wiggled her toes. He looked up at her, wondering what she wanted. 

“Are you just going to play with my feet all day or you will play with the other parts too?” she asked, a mischievous grin on her face. A smile appeared on his face, he dropped her foot to the bed gently. He climbed onto the bed and kissed his way up her thighs.

“What other parts would you like me to play with, mistress?” he asked, still kissing her thighs.

Morayo smiled and parted her thighs. Her pussy was already wet from anticipation. Massages always put her in the mood for sex. One of the things Kunle had helped her discover about herself. She raised her hand and grabbed the back of his head, she could have sworn she felt him smile as he kissed her thighs. 

“Your mistress would like you to play with her juice maker.” She said as she shoved his face between her thighs. His tongue instantly found her clit, drawing a groan from her. She released his head and took her nipples between her fingers. She teased them into hardness. The points stood tall and proud like pencil tips. He continued to flick his tongue against her swollen clit as he reached for her legs and raised them. Her knees were bent, exposing more of her to him. He slid a finger inside her slowly, never stopping his tongue ministrations. She threw her head back and squeezed her breasts harder. She was close, she was so close to climax and then he stopped.

She looked down at him, confused anger on her face. She found him staring at her, smiling sheepishly at her. His tongue still rested against her clit, unmoving. She look at him, confusion settling fully on her face.

“What?” she groaned.

“Come ride my face.” his voice was muffled by her wet cunt still in his face. The vibrations shook her core. 

She hissed as he rolled over, getting into position between her thighs. She turned and faced the headboard of the bed, squatting over his face. She lowered herself onto his waiting tongue and let out a satisfied growl as it flicked her clit once more. She gripped the wall for support and began to move. She rode his face hard, rubbing her pelvis against his face as much as she could.  She felt her orgasm build up again. She was closing in on climax when his hands gripped her bottom. He pulled her down even more, effectively burying half his face into her wet center. She screamed as she came, clenching her thighs hard around his face. He struggled to breathe but he never stopped licking. His tongue had a mind of its own. The little muscle kept probing and flicking without restraint. 

She finally fell to the side, escaping the sweet torture from his tongue. Her breathing hard and sharp, she just lay there shaking. He got rid of his boxer short and rolled her onto her stomach. He spread her legs apart and slid himself inside her. He held himself there for a while all his weight resting on his hands. She moved her waist, grinding herself on his dick. He took her invitation and began to move. He sawed his dick in and out of her. She whimpered with every stroke. Her walls closed around his dick every time he drove in and when he pulled out, it felt like they clung to his dick. He started to move faster, pushing himself deeper with each thrust. He was thrusting so hard, she had to push against the headboard to avoid banging her head against it. 

Morayo was in heaven. Daniel’s dick was truly the magic wand. He knew how to make her feel like a woman, leaving her wanting for more every time he withdrew from her. She moaned as he took her the edge again. The man could fuck. She felt him stop and wondered what was going on. She felt him grab her waist, pulling her up into the classic doggy position. She helped him by arcing her back as much as she could. He bottomed out inside her in one stroke, drawing a gasp from her. And then he began to move. He smacked her ass as he rammed his hard dick into her. She didn’t know when she began to match his thrusts. Her waist moved to match his tempo, her ass jiggled each time they met. She came on his dick again, falling off his dick and onto the bed. 

She was still shaking from pleasure when Daniel rolled her over. He raised her legs and planted her shaky legs on his shoulders. He slid his till hard dick inside her. He began to move again, driving her pleasure to new heights. She kept cumming as he kept pounding away at her wet and slick pussy. She looked up at him, locking eyes with him, she reached up and grabbed her legs behind the knees. He fell onto his arms and pounded even deeper into her. They were so in sync it scared her. The new position caused her to tighten around him, clinging to his dick with each stroke. He was close, she could see it on his face. 

“Whose pussy is this?” He managed to groan.

“Yours daddy. Yours!” she moaned back.

He hastily pulled out of her, triggering another orgasm from her. He stroked his dick over her chest, spraying her breasts with his seed. He collapsed to her side, his face buried in the sheets.

They both lay there for a while, unable to move.

And then they began again.

They spent the entire weekend having sex. He continued to treat her like a princess, treating her to breakfasts in bed, lunch by the hotel pool and dinner at the hotel restaurant. When they left that Sunday evening, they shared a passionate kiss in the car park. They left each other, the effects of a weekend of sex and bliss telling on their moods.

Daniel drove into his house that evening, the thoughts of Morayo filling his mind. He failed to notice the man who drove up in front of his gate. He was still getting out of the car when the bullet pierced his body. 

He collapsed to the ground, a ringing in his head.


Tall, Dark and Loves to write, what more could you want to know?

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  1. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM NOT UNDERSTANDING AGAIN O. Bullet ke???.

    1. Dexter says:

      Na so we see am o….
      Hopefully the next episode will clear things up.

  2. Peter says:

    Now that was unexpected. I like. I really like.

    1. Dexter says:

      I’m glad you do.

  3. Bullet ke? How? Why? Whatttt?

    1. Dexter says:

      I know right…. What’s going on?

  4. Oluwakemi says:

    Issoke. Next week cometh.

    Well done Dexter

    1. Dexter says:

      Thank you…

  5. Olaide says:


    1. Dexter says:

      I know right.
      Out of nowhere.

  6. Beebee says:

    Wait ooooo, bullet ke. I hope this isn’t the handwork of Kunle oooo. This our Daniel should go nowhere

    1. Dexter says:

      Our Daniel….

      *Dials Morayo*

      Yes, there’s someone here trying to steal Daniel o.

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