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Good morning!

For starters, happy new month!

We’ve come to a pause in our adventure with Love, Your Enemy. A short pause. As I already stated, the book would be ready by the end of July, available on Okadabooks and on this blog.

So, I have gotten two complaints over this and I want to address them. The complaints were about me not giving my stories out for free. Once upon a time, everything you read here was completely osho free. That was because I had a well-paying job and only wrote as a hobby. But my writing journey evolved with time and today, I’m standing on both feet, relying only on the proceeds I get from my books. Yes, my dears, I don’t have a day or night job where I get paid a salary. This is all I have. So, telling me to give it freely is a slap to my face.

Secondly. I can’t do so even if I wanted to without facing serious plagiarism of my work. People come here, read for free, steal the stories and share them across social media without even acknowledging me. But since I started compiling them as ebooks, such cases have dropped drastically.

I understand that people outside Nigeria might have some difficulty purchasing these books. But for those who can purchase in dollars, pounds and euro, you can do so on Smashwords and Amazon. I hope to integrate a payment gateway on this blog soon so you can purchase directly from here, even with foreign currency.

Help my ministry, guys. Encourage African literature. Help us grow. And one of the ways is when you stop asking for free. For some of us, this is not a hobby. My life as an author in Nigeria is greatly impacting the lives of younger writers. I get a lot of messages in my inbox from them asking for direction, wondering if they can succeed via writing. Some will say as long as Sally did it and is doing it, so can I.

Why am I such an inspiration to them? I persisted when others gave up, when many felt there was no gain in being a writer. And thanks to God, doors are being open for me. The other day I was called to be on a show to take over Wole Soyinka’s place because he had failed to show up. Do you know what a privilege that was? Before that, it was Reuters on my phone, calling me for an interview.

I owe it to the Nigerian literary sphere and to young writers who look up to me to keep the candle burning. In Trump’s voice, let’s make literature in Nigeria great again . You guys are the other pieces of the puzzle. You help us grow when you believe in us and help take this dream further.

I appreciate all your support. Some of you buy my books, paying more than they’re worth. Some of you contact me on Twitter, Facebook, INstagram and via email to uplift and encourage me. I’m blessed to have you. Thank you.

There has been a rise in the requests for To Tame A Virgin. I have listened and I will act on it. I withdrew it because it was massively plagiarized. Even when I decided to give the password to certain people who asked, I noticed some of them were sharing the password with others. I will definitely restore it, but a revised version which would be up for sale.

Dear High would be up in two weeks. Please, do not miss the debut episode. All your favorite characters from The Fourth Finger would return.

Boys With Toys may never come back. It’s a probability because I really do want to rewrite it (it’s actually completed but I’m not feeling it) but I have other projects on ground and it’s not a priority. If I get a window of free time, I will revisit it and share it on this blog. Until then, please act like it doesn’t exist, so you don’t get heartbroken.

Expect the next episode of Love, Your Enemy in about two hours. Another one comes up on Monday.

Have a blessed weekend!


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  1. CoCo says:

    My dear Sally, one of my favourite writers, people r so hard to please. Biko don’t mind them.
    U guys, osho free dey run belle. Let’s team up and support one of our own.
    Sally, I don already recharge my okada account dey wait u. Continue doing u.
    May God continue to bless and nourish your awesome brain.

    1. Sally says:

      Thank you so much, Coco

  2. Made says:

    Just let us know the when and where and we will buy it. Your books are over-worth it!

    And you inspire us. These days I find myself wondering why I am killing myself in a profession I don’t enjoy when I can write/edit – things I actually love doing.

  3. Jordan says:

    I love you Sally.

  4. wumi says:

    Please let us know when it is ready. i support your decision to commercialize your work, people don’t appreciate free things. may you succeed in your endeavour Sally.

  5. Tosin says:

    You’re amazing! I’ve been waiting for you to announce that you’d be making love, your enemy into a book.I really love the story and always come back here for a reread. I love everything you write, you’re the only Nigerian author I’d buy her book without even knowing what it’s about because I know you’ll blow my mind. You are basically giving us premium content more or less for free and we appreciate you. Thank you very much for doing what you do.

  6. Pacesetter says:

    Thanks. will be waiting

  7. Scribbledheartbeat says:

    Maami Sally.. May God continue to bless you for us.. I’m a STAN for 5years now and counting.. Your stories ????.. Do as the spirit leads, people will always talk regardless..

  8. Chidiogo says:

    Biko Sally continue your good work. I appreciate you letting us to read for free and whenever you want us to buy, we will buy. Nagode sosai

  9. Rikitava says:

    Lol…..free. I can’t even ask for a free book with a straight face,since 2012/13 that I have been reading free books on this platform. I will pay o Sally. We love you and respect your dedication. It’s only fair you get rewarded for it. If e easy make me sef open blog begin dey write na.

    1. tedypine says:

      My thoughts exactly. We’ve read enough free books on this blog. It’s time to start paying. Thumbs up sally

  10. Mojisola says:

    Good one sally! As a matter of fact, I started buying your books on okada books before I even know about your blog. I bought Novocaine Knights, it’s another Saturday, the fourth finger and Fish brain madhouse (all series). Pls put your books on okada books more as I prefer to read them at once rather than the periodic series you give on your blog with its attendant waiting time and suspense. So we look forward to more books on the mentioned platform. Thank you and God will keep directing you to a greater heights.

  11. AOS says:

    Me am heartbroken about Boys With Toys oh. Thank goodness you are selling now, have always wanted you to sell your work, they are too good and inspiring to be free.
    Well done, keep the inspiration flowing & more blessings to your handwork….xoxo.

  12. Nnenna says:

    I was looking for the price tag already. So when are we dropping the book for sale? Why are you doing this to Boys with toys fans na,are we that bad. Please o. Well done.

  13. Seye says:

    Thank you for all previous freebies Sally. I personally don’t take it for franted, and I believe many other readers on here don’t. A small fraction might not be comfortable having to pay, it doesn’t reflect the position of the majority.
    May your ink never run dry, may your imagination keep being active.

  14. Dumebi says:

    Thank you for all the prior freebies. I can’t wait till the end of July. Meanwhile the complete boys with toys that you aren’t feeling will make a lot of sense to me till the new edition comes out. Plsssssssssssss

  15. Akua says:

    Its a shame some think it should always be free buy hey some are willing to pay and support your good work. Keep up the good work. Its still possible to buy through Okada of you do not live in Nigeria that is how I got the Fourth Finger.

  16. Temidayo says:

    No worries Sally…..I support you all the way ma’am

  17. ejibabe says:

    Kudos Sally may GOD continue to bless d works of Ur hands. I am ok with whatever u decide, like I wrote b4 now in Ur last post I have been reserving my okadabooks credit to buy Ur books. Please let’s try and support one of ours cos it’s not easy when u are a writer and no have no other incoming income. Grazie mille Sally.

  18. Kemi says:

    I totally support you selling your books, you have every right to. You are one of the best in this part of the world and I will buy your books over and over again. Kisses.

  19. CHINNY says:

    Sally mu, thanks for the update. Waiting for ‘the album to drop'(smiling).
    Publish fulstop this chic will buy. Nothing so you, I appreciate you very much.

  20. Peter says:

    Aunty Sally me I don’t mind paying for your books. I’ve paid for them before and would still pay to get your work. so sad about boys with toys. ah well looking forward to more of your work ma. thank you

  21. Just Dotun says:

    Sweetie please keep doing you. the complaints come because they are interested in your work. Am looking forward to getting the whole book on okadabooks. hopefully i will join the category of freebie winners this time. Either way i will always support you in anyway as you have become a mentor to me even if you didn’t know.

  22. Fsf says:

    July is in like years but I have to wait.
    Worth every single read

    1. Sally says:

      Thank you, FSF

  23. Patiently counting down to the end of July. Can’t wait.

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