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Memoirs Of A Repentant Escort #16

The stay at the Jones’ was shortened at the emergence of the real Jide Jones. . . While Chief Jide Jones (Snr.) walked into the living room in his full regalia, everyone greeted him except for Jide who was obviously being eaten up by something inside him and me who had a supposedly weird relationship with my to-be father-in-law. Ever since the first day at the Jones’ house, with Chief Jide Jones making it vehemently clear that he wouldn’t have me as a daughter-in-law, I had decided to step backwards as regards him but I could’t help but be worried for Jide.

I didn’t even have enough time to say goodbye to Jide’s mother properly neither did I have a good shot at sighting Sade before I left all thanks to Jide who had become so uncomfortable at the arrival of his dad.

Looks like you guys have forgotten me at the hospital. . . Anyways, I’m due for discharge.”

I never knew how much a while it has been that I last visited Amaka Coker at the hospital. Getting her message reminded me of how much I had allowed the unforeseen troubles and circumstances to take away my attention from her.

Jide holding tight to the wheels was feeling all kind of moody. I’ve known better than to interrupt him or try to inquire about whatever was making him moody at the time but I guess I could talk to him about Amaka cos obviously, the presence of his dad had sparked his moodiness.

“It’s been a while we visited Amaka you know.” I said trying to start a conversation.

“Yea. I guess.” He replied holding the wheels tightly and avoiding eye contact.

“Jide, do you want to talk to me about what’s going on between you and your dad?” I couldn’t handle his attitude anymore.

“Please not right now!”

“Not right now? Then stop with the mood. . . Say something to me and stop making me feel your attitude towards your dad has everything to do with me cos if it does. . .”

“It doesn’t! Just stop! We’ve talked about this, times without number. It has absolutely nothing to do with you. I love you and I won’t ever lie to you! Trust me on this.”

“Fine! But just try to put up a little smile!”

“Alright. . . How about now?” he asked smiling

“That’s a lot better.”

“So where are we driving off to right now?”

“We should go see Amaka right away! That’s if she’s not already pissed at us sef.”

“She called?”

“No, she sent a text but I can smell trouble from that text.”

“We better hurry then.”


* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Clearing my throat has been an easy thing to do especially when I witness a mischief or I’m trying to gossip.

“Since when have you two been standing there?”

“Oh no Amaka! Don’t be too smart!” I fired back.

“Since when has this been going on?” Jide asked pointing fingers at both of them.

“Are you guys a thing now?” I fired back adding no chills.

“Okay guys! One after the other. . .”

“Wow! I’m surprised. . . well, hospital affairs between patients and doctors are really not unusual though. . .”

“. . . Especially in Nollywood films” Jide replied with so much smile in his voice.

“Will you guys stop now! You’ve embarrassed us enough.” Amaka said looking sober.

“It’s not what you guys think!” the Doctor said.

“Of course not!” I replied.

“I think it’s better I excuse you guys for now.” The Doctor said.

“Definitely!” I said rolling my eyes.

“Will you stop really! You are embarrassing him and he’s done nothing wrong!. . . It was just a kiss!” Amaka said stressing every word.

“Just a kiss?”

“See ehn! He has done nothing wrong. We’ve been exclusive for a while now and I know it’s awkward you had to meet him or find us in such position to know but he’s not taking advantage of me. We’ve been seeing each other for more than a year now!”

“More than a year? Amaka?”

“Yes! I’m sorry. I know what you are thinking right now.”

“Do you! More than a year and I didn’t know. . . Do I even know you?”

“That is you getting emotional about this. . . Yes, you know me and I’m sorry you had to find out this way but I’ve been planning to tell you. Just waiting for the right moment.”

“Right moment huh?”

“Jide, can you please talk to her for me?” she said facing Jide.

“So, what about Okon?” I fired at her.

“What about him?”


“Yes. . . You didn’t even ask about how I might be feeling, my health, necessary papers to sign for discharge and all. . . What is wrong with you?”

“Fine! I’m sorry. . . Can we go sign the necessary papers now and get you out of here?”


“The house is a little dirty. . .”

“And why is that?”

“Some hoodlums came to ransack the house”

“And when was that?”

“The last time I was here. Jide and I arrived home to find the house burgled and totally ransacked but the crazy part was only your room was totally turned upside down?”

“My room?”

“Yes your room!”

“Can we start going home now and forget about the necessary protocols?”

“Amaka what is going on with you? One minute ago, you wanted me to go sign discharge papers and now! You are in a hurry to go home.”

“Yes! Will you both please take me home?”

“Amaka, is there anything at all that we should know?” Jide asked.


“You keep saying nothing and that right there scares me about you! When did you become this all of a sudden?”

“Become what? Are we gonna start fighting because of this?”

“I am not fighting with you. I just feel it’s high time you let me in! Amaka talk to me.”

“Jide, can I have the car keys cos if you guys don’t wanna go home, I can drive myself!” She collected the car keys from Jide, literally walking away without looking back.

“Amaka!. . . Amaka! Should I start running after you now? What is wrong with you? Amaka!”

“I think you need a lot of patience at this stage. . .” Jide whispered into my ear.

“I sure do babe!”

Amaka was unsually silent throughout the ride home. She sat at the back of the car staring into oblivion as we passed through every street. I wish I knew what to do with her. Was I really hard on her with the Doctor thing? She’s become suddenly withdrawn ever since the incident happened and I just did not know how to pass through the walls she has built around herself overnight.

“Una welcome o! Aunty Amaka, how body?” Mama Seun in all her lousy glory couldn’t wait for Amaka to rest a little bit before making a charade of the moment.

“. . . We have missed you, you know! The whole compound has missed you! Hope say your body don dey together well well now?” she continued non-stop.

“Mama Seun, haba now! Shebi you know say person just dey come back from hospital, you for relax make she rest small. . .” Mama Titi cuts in.

Birds of the same feather; who better pass! Amaka merely answered them with a wave of hand as she struggled to unlock the door.

“Ehn! We go come back for evening na. . . and Okon sef sends his greetings say make you better quick quick oh!”

“Alright na. Thank you. I will.”

Amaka walked in leaving me with dem Mama Seun and Mama Titi to deal with.

“Omo ilu mi, na you I greet pass o! It’s a very demanding job you are doing taking care of your friend. I envy such friendship.” She said.

I couldn’t stop laughing. It was as if I knew she would pause to talk to me but that wasn’t what got me all rolling in my belly. It was even the mannequin looking Mama Titi who stood with arms akimbo and no words to say.

“Why you dey laugh na?” Mama Seun asked

“Don’t mind me ehn! I was just happy how much you have improved na. Na you dey talk demanding and envy, I’m very impressed. Eliza has been doing such a great job indeed.”

“Is that it? Ah! Wait till I bring you more from my vocabulary, you will worship the power in Eliza’s tongue.”

“Ehn ehn!” I said pretending I was astonished.

“Yes o! That reminds me, something happen to Eliza over the week o! Hmm like say I never hear am before. . .”

“What happened to Eliza?”

“Errrm! Mama Titi, talk na, wetin you talk say happen to the girl?”

“You don start again o! Wetin me talk say happen to the girl? Na wetin you go talk when everybody full compound be that say na Mama Titi tell you say something do Eliza o! I no dey o ehn ehn!”

“Abeg both of una e don do, if una no get anything to talk, I have things to do o. My boyfriend is waiting and I have Amaka to attend to.”

“Ehn ehn! So you don admit say that Uncle na your bf now? See as you dey blush! I thank God for you.”

“Mama Seun, abeg no kill me, I don deny am for your front before? Just go straight to the point. What’s up with Eliza?”

“Hmmmm, that one na come back tori o! I’d suggest you should go attend to your boyfriend, when we come in the evening, we go gist proper.”

“Okay na. E be like say that one go better. . . Thanks for coming.”

“You are welcome. Take care of Sisi Amaka o!”

“I will.”

“Our husband good afternoon o!” she said bending her body to greet Jide. I swear, Jide was managing to hold the laughter but not for long.

He bursted into rolls of laughter after they left.

“I’m sorry for keeping you waiting. Those women ehn, you just can’t help it. You should probably get going now.” I said to him.

“Hello! I could have left since na. All I needed to say was excuse me women, can I speak to my girlfriend for two minutes and then I’d tell you bye and I’d go. So, don’t rush my presence.” He replied me in a joking manner.

“Fine! So what’s up now?”

“Well, I have some few errands to run for myself and then, I need to see my sister afterwards, she sent for me.”

“Okay, that reminds me though. Could you just stylishly ask your sister about her meeting with Mrs. Coker.”


“It’s just that. . .”

“It’s just that what?”

“Okay. I have been planning to ask you some questions about you and your relationship with your dad but I don’t want to rush you until you are ready.”

“Okay and how does that have anything to do with Mrs. Coker?”

“Do you know that Mrs. Coker is Amaka’s Mum?”

“Really?” he asked with so much surprise written all over him.

“Yes. I thought you knew all these while and you just didn’t want to mention it.”

“Babe! Haba now. How would I and not mention it or maybe you’re right cos if I did know, I would have assumed you knew cos you guys have been together all these while.”

“I’m just worried so much is going on and the crazy part is she is never one to hide something from me and now I’m starting to feel like I never really know who she is.”

“Stop saying that! See, all I know is Chief Coker is a wife beater and the four of them, I mean, my mum, my dad, Mrs. Coker and Chief Coker go all the way back from the University days but I never knew they had a child. In fact, I always thought they were childless and maybe that’s why he maltreats her like that plus my mum never really talked about her and my dad. . . to now imagine that the child is Amaka is such a revelation.”

“You don’t wanna talk about your dad again. . .”

“I don’t!”

“Fine! But my patience is running out.”

“Durrrh!” he said smiling.

“I’m not joking o!”

“Plenty durrrh!”

“You are not taking this thing serious. . . You want to wait till I break up with you because of that.”

“I dare you!”


I was getting pissed and I just couldn’t hide it.

“Look at me. . .” he said holding my face with his hands.

“. . . It’s not going to get to that point; just be patient. I have to hurry now.”


“And lest I forget, you have to be patient with Amaka if you ever intend to get anything out of her!”

“Alright, I’d try!”

“Do more than try. I’d call you later in the evening. . . I love you.”

“I love you too!”


Entering the house was like trying to face a fear without breaking down before seeing it. I thought the once lonely house would become lively at the arrival Amaka but everything smelled lonely. Amaka who was lying on the couch had now become unapologetically reserved and yes, I wanted to break her head so bad and dip my fingers into her mouth if that was all I needed just to make her talk but Jide already warned me about going hard on her.

“How do you feel now?” I asked sitting next to her.

“I’m good, thanks.” She replied with so much coldness in her voice.

I ignored it, pretending I wasn’t hurt.

“What would you like to eat? Just mention it and I’d get it straight away.”

“I’m fine. I don’t want to eat anything. Thanks!” she said looking away.

“What is wrong with you? I’m trying so hard not to loose it and you are doing nothing but pushing me over the edge! It’s not like we are fighting or are we?”

She didn’t say a word but instead chose to stick her face into the couch.

“So you ain’t gonna say a word but give me the silent treatment? All because I said something about your rendezvous with the ‘so-called Doctor!’. . . When has that become a crime? I was only looking out for you even though I didn’t know when it started but all you could have done is explain and not lock up your lips like it’s got some padlock holding it together. . . Maybe he’s taking advantage of you or something!”

“And do I look like a kid to you!” she fired back.

I knew the best way to touch Amaka wasn’t to go easy on her but to go hard as much as possible but in a sensible way as Jide advised.

“So what now? You are gonna talk to me or not?”

“You should probably go check who is at the door.” She said withdrawing herself into the couch all covered up under the duvet.

“Fine! But this conversation is not over!


I opened the door to the glaring eyes of Mama Seun and Mama Titi holding each other’s hands like two lovers taking a walk in a park.

“Una don come?”

“We don come o my sister!” Mama Seun replied.

“This one wey una dey hold each other’s hands, hope say everything dey well?”

“All is well o! Na one movie wey we watch we dey try act out jare; no mind us!” Mama Titi responded.

“That one sef dey.” I replied.

“Ahan now! Which one be all these questionnaires, you no go ask us to come in?” Mama Seun fired at me rolling her eye balls like they were too big for the socket.

“My Ondo sister, you don dey vex be that o! Oya no vex. Forgive my manners. Oya make una enter.”

“Na now you just dey do like proper Ondo babe!” she said.

I walked in behind them literally raising my nose like it has some debris on it.

“Your house fine well well o! Why I never enter here since all these days na?” Mama Seun asked examining the whole house like a young lady from the village in Nollywood film brought to Lagos to come and do housemaid.

“Mama Seun stop na! You are embarrassing our place o!” I replied in a ploy to get her to say the so many things she loves to say. I’ve gotten so used to finding humour in her ‘can-be-nasty’ way of talking.

“Don’t say that again o! If person see better better thing like this make person talk and appreciate it ni o! You don’t need husband as you dey so!. . .” she sat her heavy backside on the couch directly to Amaka’s and the couch made a very deep sound like something too heavy for its head had landed on it. I’m sure Amaka is probably laughing under the sheets. . . She also got the vibe.

“No worry. Your seat no go break na! This one na correct fat; fat no dey break foam. Na bone dey break am. If to say na fat dey break am ni, that our bed for don dismantle o cos the climbing wey me and papa Seun dey do everyday no be here o!. . .”

“Shoo! Mama Seun, it af do na! Why are you sharing your boring sexual rendezvous with us na?” Amaka said sitting properly with the duvet off.

“So na you even dey there! I no know o! Abeg, no talk that thing again o! I hear say one of you sef don dey there before sef, so you suppose know wetin I dey talk na.”

Amaka rolled her eyes at me!

“Taah! Mama Seun no talk that one for here again o! Which kain crazy talk be that! Shey because I no come meet you for house that time when you come my door con dey rake for me say Eliza tell you say me and your husband dey do something. . . No provoke me o!”

“I just dey talk wetin this radio and dem other radios tell me na!” she pointed at Mama Titi.

“I go curse you o!” Mama Titi responded.

“Abeg, both of una, e don do! But seriously, why you no dey always talk; you go dey pretend say you gentle to the core and na lie. . . All those men wey dey take gate enter dey follow boys quarter commot, na everything we sabi and that your friend’s husband wey don turn your husband; no think say we no dey see you, we dey see you!” Amaka fired at her not caring if her feeling was hurt or not.

“Tell her! You see your life! Everybody knows.” Mama Seun said stylishly mocking Mama Titi.

“It af do! Your own sef dey your body. . .” I stressed.

“Abi o!” Mama Titi replied all laughing.

“Chai! Na both of una go kill una self. . . So which one we hear today o?”

“Well, first, we say make we come check on Aunty Amaka proper! And then make we come finish the gist wey we put on hold for afternoon.”

“Hmmm! That one sef good.”

“Well, thanks for checking on me and as you can see, I’m not doing badly.” Amaka replied.

“Make we move to the gist then.” Mama Titi said looking into Mama Seun’s eyes.

I swear ehn, I couldn’t contain my laughter. These women no too well. Both of them seated on the chair looked like the feminine version of Mr. & Mrs. Nwokpopopo.

“So go on with the gist!” I said.

“Well, where person go start from sef? Wo, make Mama Titi talk am cos na she dey house when the twenty naira people came to take Papa Eliza away.” Mama Seun said.

“Twenty naira people?” I asked feeling lost.

“Ehn now! The Abeg sir people. . . Police is your friend!” Mama Titi responded.

“So Policemen are twenty naira people?” I laughed; Amaka couldn’t hide hers too. It was great to see her laughing.

“Na wetin we dey call them be that.” Mama Seun responded.

“Ehn ehn! So they took Papa Eliza away in handcuffs?” Amaka asked.

“Yes o! Them drag am ni sef! Drag am enter black maria!” Mama Seun said.

“You dey there? You don see where Police come use Black Maria arrest someone for house before? Na me dey there, so allow me talk wetin I see o!”

“Oya no vex! Take the floor!” Mama Seun said.

“You people should be serious na. . .” Amaka shouted.

“Well, we dey very sorry. What happened be say, Papa Eliza was arrested and dem talk say e dey molest him Eliza.”

“Are you sure about what you are saying?” Amaka asked with so much interest and passion in her eyes.

“Yes na!”

“You know, I said it. . . I was worried such might be going on but is it not okay enough that you can’t properly provide for your child and to now add Molestation into it? I can’t imagine how she’s feeling right now.” I replied.

“So where’s Eliza herself?” Amaka asked.

“She has been at the hospital since last week. We don go check her for hospital but she dey shame. I pity the girl. . . her papa o!” Mama Seun said.

“Is it that bad?”

“It’s very bad o! I hope Papa Eliza rot for cell.”

“Amen!” we all said except for Amaka who seemed to be thinking about something.


Getting out of bed was surprisingly a difficult task to do. . . The sun’s A-Game was strong like she wasn’t gonna allow anyone rain on her parade. Lying next to Amaka, I watched the rays romanced her face as she beamed with a smile with the dimples on fleek. Amaka wasn’t really the type to frustrate someone but I was glad she asked to sleep next to me yesterday only because her room was still untidy though. We didn’t say a word to each other after she simply asked if she could share my bed; but her keeping to herself was really getting on my nerves.

The happy rays however reminded me of how much I haven’t kept to a routine in weeks. I can’t even remember the last time I cooked not to talk of the last time I ate a properly made meal since the Jones! I should probably get back to my old life I thought as I smiled at Amaka who was probably sleeping or not even though the eyes looked shut.

“Stop smiling at me. Are you gay?” Amaka whispered as she faced the wall.

“As if I knew you were not sleeping at all.” I said trying to tease her.

“Abeg make I hear word. If you are looking for someone to smile at, you better go do that with Jide.” She said.

“Whatever!” I replied smiling.

It was a great relief to finally see Amaka trying to be herself again after so many weeks of shutting out.

“I’m so hungry right now you know!” she said.

“Same here but I don’t think I have any skills left cos I can’t remember the last time I entered the kitchen. The kitchen is probably the cleanest place in the house right now and I guess I have lack of cooking to thank for that.”

“Jesus! Hope Jide hasn’t proposed yet cos you can’t continue like this to your husband’s house o! Na me dem go dey yab.”

“For your mind. You no even better at all.”

“At least I make the best coffee. . .”

“You should marry a coffee man then or a coffee addict.” I fired at her.

“My business o!. . . I should get up already.” Amaka replied.

“Why the hurry? You should still be resting.”

“I did enough of that at the hospital” she replied rising up from the bed and looking for her toothbrush.

“Hmmm. . .”

“Bia! What is smelling?” Amaka said, drawing me back with my cloth.

“The mentioning of the hospital just got me thinking a little about. . .” I stopped.

“About what na?” She said looking at me like she was gonna bulldozed me.

“Never mind!”

“You for don talk na. . . Abeg commot road, I wan pass.”


* * * * * * * * * * * * *


Amaka isn’t one that takes drugs. I remember our first year together as flat mates, Amaka was very ill and she didn’t tell me what the illness was but after she came home having spent eight weeks in the hospital, I was sweeping drugs from under the couch and then I realized Amaka only pretended to take those drugs.

We ended up having white rice and stew for breakfast. I was expecting Amaka to say something mean and hilarious about the meal but she wouldn’t bulge; instead, she kept on wiping her mouth with tissue and was smiling.

“Say your mind, olodo!” I teased.

“No comment.”

“Well, I’d take it as the food was sumptuous and awesomely delicious.” I replied.

“You said!”

“Abeg, no give me that Jesus type of answer. Out of touch doesn’t really mean out of practice! Durrrh!”

Amaka cleared the table. I made sure I wasn’t the one to so she won’t have to tell me when I return to the living room that she has taken the drug.

“So will you take the drug now?” I asked.

“Do you know that Okon came to visit me at the hospital. . .” she said.

“Really?” I said feigning surprise.

“That wasn’t the gist o! He came bearing flowers. Not just ordinary flowers, he brought Roses!”

“Amaka, cut the crap. You and I both know you are not a fan of flowers. So, stop talking about it with your hands in the air like you are in love with Okon and not with that Doctor turned whatever.” I replied not even giving a damn about whatever that statement might do to her.

“I’d take no offence. But he actually came bearing flowers and no, I don’t love flowers but he brought it and I don’t want to make him feel less like a man. You know?”

“I know. . . When are you going to take the drugs?”

“Jesus! Shey one cannot even distract you ni small. . . It is well o.”

“Amaka, take the drugs. It’s not like it’s going to bite off your vocal cords na; it’s just to make you heal properly.”

“I don’t like drugs; they touch my tongue and it’s bitter.” She said.

“You should have thought of that before getting yourself hospitalized in the first place.”

I already said it before realizing it was not only bad but terrible.

“Getting myself hospitalized. Was it like I walked in there and told them to hospitalize me?” she said with her an angry voice.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said so.”

“Yea right! You shouldn’t have.”

She walked away angrily.

“Amaka come back here o and come and take those drugs!”

“Contrary to what you think, I love myself and I don’t need you to supervise me to take my drugs.” She voiced out from the inside.

“Why do I feel like you are trying to get angry on purpose just to throw dem drugs away! Amaka it’s for your own good o!”

I ran after her but she jammed the door against me.

“Amaka! Amaka! Will you open this door!”

“Go away!”

“Be doing like all those spoilt American kids there! Come out now o!”

“Fine! Stay there then.”

I wish I could take back what I said. We were already progressing and then I spoilt it with just a statement. This my spoilt mouth will not kill me. I was about to say ‘Amaka, I am sorry’ again when my phone rang. It wasn’t a call. It was a text. I was hoping it’d be Jide or Aunty Kayinsola. Then another entered again while I was still trying to pick up my phone from under the table.

Please, we need to talk. I am very sorry for the way I treated you the other time. When will you be free? Please reply ASAP – Sade Jones.

Wow! I was surprised. I guess I am actually making progress with the Jones. She was like the last person I was expecting to hear from.

Then I opened the next message which is from another unknown number. . . I actually read it out. “You are required to report at the Janet and Associates Law Firm tomorrow morning by 10.00a.m. in request of your CV sent over. Thank you!”

I couldn’t contain my excitement and the first person I wanted to share it so bad with was Amaka! She encouraged me to send my CV to the firm the same time she was applying for a contract which I didn’t think has been approved yet and now she’s shutting me out again. So I decided to send her a text.

“I got a text from the firm. I think I got the job. Please stop shutting me out.”

I hit sent and her phone made the usual noise from inside.

* * * * * *

Waking up earlier than normal was one of the new things I’d probably have to get used to. The idea that I might be a proper working class person was beginning to sink in. Amaka and I didn’t have the best of the night judging by the way we both bid each other good night but like they say, it’s a new morning; a new day to start afresh.

Amaka already woke up. Hair tied in buns; ass and body clothed in Denim and her feet some gladiators. She looked beautiful and refreshed. I was gonna go ahead to say good morning but she beat me to it.

“It’s a good morning I must say.” I replied.

“What’s your problem sef? Must you always bring the attitude from the previous to the present?” Amaka said hissing.

“Wow! Relax. I was just kidding and moreover one can’t help it judging by the way you’ve been reacting these days. So, I’m not sorry; I’m just gonna go ahead and do my thing if you are too sensitive right now.”

“You know what? I’m just gonna ignore cos I’m trying my best to make things go back to normal and I see you are probably interested in seeing the nakedness of the previous.”

“Whatever. . . So you cooked!”

“And you are surprised or worried that I cooked?” She fired back.

“I’m just saying it’s been a while and this one that you are all dressed up, what’s the occasion?” I asked sitting my ass at the dining table trying to peep through the covered food bowls.

“Come to think of it; when did you become all talkative? Why can’t you just enjoy the moment and stop asking all of these questions?” Amaka said sounding very pissed off.

“Fine. . . What did you cook?” I asked opening up the bowls.

“Exactly what’s in there!” she said throwing the towel into my face.

There was silence for some minutes except for the hitting and clapping of forks and knives.

“Congratulations on your appointment” Amaka said breaking the unwarranted silence.

“Well, it’s not an appointment yet but I’m hopeful; so, thanks!” I replied as I continued eating.

My phone rang. It was a message;

Hey boo; I’m on my way. Hope you are already dressed up? And how is you and Amaka? See ya soon.

I’m all set and I’m making a headway with Amaka. I hope it stays that way. See ya soon too.” I replied Jide.

“That’s Jide abi?” Amaka said.

“Yeah. He says hi.”

“Say hello to him too. Anyways I have to run, do you mind clearing the table?”

“No problem, I’m cool with it. But where are you running to?”

“Well, I got the contract and work starts today.” Amaka said without even looking into my face

“And why are you suddenly avoiding eye contact because you think I might say something that would hurt you again?” I fired at her.

“Maybe. . . I’m sorry. I wanted to tell you yesterday morning but you spoilt everything. I was gonna tell you afterwards anyway!”

“You were gonna tell me?” I said looking into her face.

“I’m sorry. . .”

“Okay. . . Can you at least wait? Jide would soon be here. He’s gonna drop me off at the firm and he can drop you off too.”

“Okay! And I’m truly sorry.”

“It’s fine. . .”

There was a knock on the door.

“You should probably go check the door while I clear the table. It should be Jide.”

“Alright.” Amaka replied.

“Hey, look at you! Looking lots better.” Jide said referring to Amaka.

“I guess. . . Good to see you again.”Amaka replied.

“Come in now!”

Amaka led Jide into the living room proper.

“Hmmmm looks like someone cooked! Hope it’s delicious sha?” Jide said looking at Amaka.

“For your mind now you think I did the cooking so you can lambast me! Well, to your utter dismay and disappointment, Amaka is the madam cook; so is the food delicious, I’d say not bad!” I said mocking Jide.

“Not bad?” Amaka asked with laughter.

“Yes, 5 over 10!”

“Ha! You no well!” Amaka said running after me.

“So Amaka cooked; impressive!” Jide muttered

“And what does that supposed to mean o Jide? Don’t let me come for you like I’m coming for your wife.” Amaka said.

“Well, it’s interesting na ni, that you cooked I mean; you cooked real food.” Jide said smiling and trying to walk to the door.

“I reserve my comment. . . Shall we go now?” Amaka asked.

“Well, I’m ready, I just need to apply some lipstick.” I muttered.

“Ready indeed! Jide said.

“Na you sabi.”

“Is Amaka going too?” Jide asked.

“Yes o! Babes got the contract and work starts today.”

“Really? You people should take me out na on a celebration level as per working class women.”

“We’d think about it!” I said.

“Abeg make we dey go o. It’s fifteen minutes past 9 already.” Amaka said literally drawing me with my trouser.

“It’s just fifteen past na.” I muttered with my lipstick in between my lips.

“You can always take a cab.” Amaka muttered.

“For your mind o! Oya make we dey go; fully ready.”

“You are such a piece of work!”

“I concur.” Jide responded.

“Una two no well.”


Ebukun Gbemisola Ogunyemi popularly known as Ibukunwrites/EGO is a Writer ~ (Content | Non-Fiction | Fiction | Poetry | Screen). She's a Blogger, an Avid reader, Fun Cook, Baker, an Aspiring Media Personality, a Language Enthusiast, a Wordsmith, an ardent lover of Art & Documentary.

Ibukunwrites is highly passionate about women, children and abuse related causes and she tries to show these in her writings. She's a sucker for African literature, simplicity in writing and story telling; also a Shondaland addict, a die-hard fan of music and movies. . . not your everyday kinda girl!

Her Anthology "Creeping Voices" published late last year is available for download on okadabooks.com.

She tweets at @ibukunwrites on Twitter. Ebukun Gbemisola Ogunyemi on Facebook and also, @ibukunwrites on Instagram.

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