In The Name Of Papa – Out Now On Amazon and Smashwords

I’m sorry that this is coming late. I had planned to put In The Name Of Papa on Amazon as promised but I already had it on Smashwords on their premium catalog, which meant they were supposed to distribute it to Amazon. Hence, I didn’t want to have issues with the book being uploaded twice.

I was waiting for them to send a link to the copy on Amazon but they never did. I consulted someone on Thursday after the long wait and the person told me not to bother and upload myself instead.

So, i did and we are now live on Amazon! Please, click here to purchase your copy >>>> In The Name Of Papa (AMAZON)

To get it on Smashwords >>>> In The Name Of Papa (SMASHWORDS)


You can still get it on Okadabooks >>>> In The Name Of Papa (OKADABOOKS)

Or you can just email me for your PDF copy.

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  1. I hope we don’t have to wait for a spin off.I miss dear high mistress.
    lemme go read!

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