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Hi Fam,

Good morning.

I’m sure some of you are upset with me for not posting IANS during the weekend. I am sorry. It wasn’t intentional. In fact, my erratic nature on this blog has not been out of laziness or lack of desire.

Firstly, I have not had a nanny for my kids in a while. The bulk of the housework falls on me. This was partly why I quit my old job because it required me going to the office regularly.

I am very picky with who cares for my kids. The last one came with a lot of drama, including jamming Kayla’s finger on the door. It was a mistake, though, but when it comes with other mistakes like leaving the little girl on her potty for nine hours or taking Zane out of the bathroom with soap still on his body, or forgetting to brush their teeth, then it’s time for a change.

I am not particularly in a hurry to get a new nanny. In fact, I’d rather have one that comes only thrice a week but none of the reputable agencies have such candidates. Anyways, if you have good nanny whose services you’re not in need of, please send her to me.

Asides that, last week was a bad one for me. I wasn’t even able to write anything because my left hand was totally incapacitated. Each time I worked, I used my right hand, so you can imagine the stress.

I suffer from arthritis. It’s not something I like to talk about because anytime I do, the reaction I get is ‘how old are you that you have arthritis?’ Some people even laugh. So I just keep quiet.

I was first diagnosed when I was fifteen or so, having suffered a lot of episodes of bone and joints pain. In fact, my dad used to blame me for the way I slept. My body can contort in weird ways, so he concluded I used to harm myself with the way I slept at night. Every morning I’d wake and crack my wrists; if I didn’t, I’d have intense pain in both arms all day. So my parents had a doctor friend look me up and she told me I had arthritis. She was baffled that I’d be experiencing such but maintained that the symptoms were the same with those who suffered the problem. She advised that I drink milk every day. Did I listen? Nope. I am lactose intolerant, like so many other people. But I wished I or my parents had taken her advise seriously. We were in that ‘God forbid!’ mood then.

Well, the issue didn’t stop. It continued and still plagues me. Two other doctors have told me the same thing. The last one who is an orthopedic told me flatly, ‘you have osteoarthritis’. He told me to always be on calcium and vitamin D. All through the years, I have suffered terrible pain in my bones and joints. Sometimes, it’s mild. Since March, I have been struggling with pain in my left big toe. Sometimes, walking is difficult. Jumping rope has helped so far. Other trouble spots are my right hip bone, my right knee and my left wrist, which started its own wahala towards the end of the week before last. The wrist had to be constantly tied. The pain always got worse at night. Sleep was a luxury. And then it would travel all the way to my shoulder and sometimes give me fever.

Trust me, my fingers are not that fat
Trust me, my fingers are not that fat

But on Thursday, it started easing up. I was able to type a few minutes at a time. Right now, all I feel is a little numb pain that comes and goes. The worst is over.

It feels good to be back. Nails done!

The good side of having arthritis? Nothing. The pain is fucking too much. When you crack your bones, you can literally feel them rubbing against each other because the cartilage between the joints are basically breaking down.

You can read more about it here

So yeah, no good side, unless the fact that I can predict the weather. I feel the rain in my bones long before it comes. So, I can tell you when it will rain.

I manage it with hot packs, hot water, calcium, vitamin D and strong pain killers.

I need your prayers, guys. It’s degenerative, meaning it would get worse with time. What scares me most is being unable to use my hands. What will I do if I can’t write? (weeping silently in a corner). so please pray for me.

Now, concerning It’s Another Saturday, I have been writing. Have a look:


As I always tell you, I’ll never leave nor forsake you.

And in that same vein, I’ll be bringing a new series from Olajumoke Omisore. She titles it ‘Girls’. I’ve read some of it and I know you’ll enjoy it.

Have a lovely week ahead. God bless you all.



  1. Leaving a child on her potty for nine hours??? Haaaa.. That’s good old wickedness joor. Nothing else.
    Sorry for the rough week, catering to the house needs and battling personal demons like arthritis isn’t a child’s play. It’s safe to say you’re successfully ‘adulting’ given the circumstances, e kuuse ma.
    Have a great week, and I’ll be praying for you. Take care of yourself ma’am?
    P.S: I see Jide finally caught small sense.

  2. Hi Sally,
    The thought that you actually go through all this makes me feel so bad. I have prayed and God will answer.
    He will heal you for you and us. Amen

  3. @Oge_writes

    Hugs, hugs, hugs!!!!
    So sorry to read this Sal!
    My prayers are with you. I hope it heals permanently soon!
    Can’t even imagine how much of an inconvenience and discomfort this is.
    I broke the nail of my left pinky and it was so painful frustrating. But to have an entire hand out of commission? Sheesh!
    So sorry dear. You go easy now!
    Hugs and kisses!

  4. The Lord will perfect your healing Sally, i can imagine all the housework with two kids, i pray you get a suitable nanny soon. Take care.

  5. wow…… well done Sally…. i cant imagine being in your shoes right now…. God will definitely reward your labours of love, for your children and for us, the blog readers. i’ll keep u in my prayers. thank you.

  6. If you believe, there is power in the name of Jesus. I pray that you will receive a touch from Jesus. God is a specialist in reversing the irreversible, and I pray that you will enjoy miraculous healing in Jesus’ name. Best wishes.

  7. Sowie Sal.You seem to have your hands full…literally and figuratively. Will be praying for you. Ha!You cannot NOT be able to write,In Jesus name! Get well soon. We looooooooooove ya!

  8. Adedoyean

    May God strengthen and make you whole, by His stripes you are healed in Jesus name. pls don’t over work yourself… even if it takes a long time, we’ll always be here waiting for your eccentric posts. Pls take good care

  9. Sally, I pray for you that the Spirit that raised Christ from the dead begins to dwell and reside in your body, that the aches and pains reduces so much that you begin to wonder if you still suffer from arthritis.
    My prayers are with you and your family.

  10. Simplygold

    May the heal power of the most high flow through you for wholeness… He is Jehovah rapha!

  11. ebunoluwa

    awww!!! e-hugs to u Sally. it’s not easy to be u i confess, even with all of these u still remember us. you’re such a sweet soul. may God give u speedy supernatural healing and a good nanny soon who’ll be a big sister to your kids and make ur burden lighter. Pele dear. u’ll be in my prayer always. takia of u.

  12. The Lord perfect all that concerns you in Jesus name. Take care of yourself but for the Nanny stuff prayerfully follow it up o some of them are wickedly wicked o. The protective hand of God is upon your family amen.

  13. Awwww. Sally! I feel terrible that you have to endure such pain. I know what it feels like to endure pain and I wouldnt wish it on anyone. I know the pain I feel is like a tiny % of yours. I pray God helps you during such periods. I will always have you in prayers. Please Sally dont scare me by asking what will happen if you cant write. I dont want to imagine it at all. I wont stop praying for you.

  14. Ah!!! Sorry o. You are healed in Jesus name. As for the nanny issue, take ur time.

  15. Sally, so so sorry. I can imagine taking care of housework, the kids, the hubby and writing at the same time, the pain come join. oh Lord, I really can’t imagine. I pray God heals u completely and strengthens u and bring ur way great help. Amen

  16. It is well with you Sally. God will heal you and give you strength. It won’t get worse with age for you, you would be an exception to that theory. Take care and rest well.

  17. Dakpemien

    it is well Sally, I partially understand what you are going through because mine isn’t that serious. The pains are mostly on my knees and I manage it with regular jogging and football.

  18. Scribbledheartbreak

    Maami Sally.. May it be well with you physically and spiritually.. You’ll be okay, God’s got you covered.. Wishing you the fastest recovery ever seenth, be healed ma’am!!!

  19. Sally so sorry about the pain, you are healed in Jesus Name!
    More grace, wisdom and strength to take care of the family God has entrusted you with!

  20. One thing I admire about this is that you’re letting your readers into what goes on behind the scene. It’s always easy to say someone is lazy if we’re not in their shoes. I was going to start another serial sometime last year but loads of factors didn’t allow. I thought with my change of work, i’ll be able to write more. How wrong I was.
    I’d like to let you know I appreciate you going through the ‘pain barrier’ to serve us lovely stories. I wish for you a good recovery from the different challenges you face in churning out the stories.
    You’re a real superstar. Bless up Sally

  21. Sally,sorry to hear abt this,can’t say I know how it feels kuz I don’t.I’ll say a lil prayer for a.Hugs and kisses.

  22. Sorry Sally,God would heal u in Jesus name

  23. Sending you hugs and kisses…I’m happy you are feeling a lot better, and I hope you get a good Nanny soon. Love you loads Sally..

  24. So sorry Sally boo, I can’t imagine the pains that comes with arthritis, pele dear. God is ur strength ok?

  25. Sooo sorry Sally I can feel your pain even with little knee pains and joint pain itz like the whole world has come to an end….. But itz well my prayers are with you.

  26. hi sally, receive healing in Jesus name. God knows how the arthritis came to be, the disappearance will be by his Grace so I pray for you.

  27. Aunty Sally, u are healed in Jesus’name. The power that raised Jesus from the dead surges thru you right now.. All that pertains to u pertains to life and Godliness so u have life in ur body. Your sin are totally forgiven and u are free.

  28. Ifeanyi Onochie

    I really don’t know you manage to balance all the aspects of your life. I know it’s not magic but it seems like. Please, take your time to get back to your best. We’ll be here waiting for you.

  29. calabar gal

    Wishing you ‘soonest recover’ Sally. U are much loved and in my prayers. God’s healing hand will definitely be upon you. I believe in miracles and they do happen. Loads and loads of love…

  30. Awwww Awwww,so sorry to read all these Aunty Sally ,we didn’t know what you are going through…you are a strong woman ,all is gonna be well ,I will always pray for you .Get well…Sending you hugs and kisses.

  31. Oluwakemi

    Oh Sally, so sorry to hear this. You were really on my mind after I had refreshed this page a thousand times. I told myself I was going to send you a DM via Instagram Twitter as it was unusual for you to leave us hanging,you usually will post something explain your absence.
    Know this, you will always be in my prayers. As regards the Nanny issue,will get in touch as soon as I get the contact of a reliable agent.
    You made a good call about laying off the old Nanny. Our Children’s lives isn’t something we can take for granted Biko.
    God be with you and yours and perfect all that which concerns you in Jesus name,Amen
    Take care my very own Madam Sally

  32. NUDERE$$

    So sorry for all you’ve to go through Sally. God’s healing hands are upon you IJN. Take all the time you need dear. We’ll wait. E-hugd

  33. Calliboom

    it is my prayer that God will grant you a perfect healing, ah I feel your pain and coping with two kids is not an easy one, I pray you get a good nanny soon… i love you Sally always….. bless you…

  34. Fiksionist

    So sorry Sally. God won’t give you a gift and take it away with the other hand. He is on your side and healing is yours. Please be strong. Plenty hugs and kisses from here!

  35. It is well with u dear, the Lord shall heal u

  36. The spirit that rose Jesus from the grave quickens your body and the blood that speaks better things than the blood of Abel speak total and permanent healing for you Sally. God send you help timely and grant you peace. So sorry for all you’re going through.

  37. may God give u sound health.pls do take care of urself nd make sure u take ur drugs always.for ur lactose intolerance u can take yoghurt since u can’t digest raw milk.nd take vegetables or food DT re rich in calcium.sorry ma’am

  38. laba steffi

    Awww! Sorry sally, healing is ur portion. It is well

  39. My dear sally, I can go all skabash on you now by raining all the tongues and all….but as a pastor child concern, u have seen it all.

    I pray you are healed, and permanently too.. I pray for continuous strength for you, na u be the real MVP, Kayla and Zane will be fine and I also pray you get the house help fast…Pele dear

  40. Waoh so sorry Sally, gosh that pain is so unbearable….I wish there is a permanent cure for pains, it’s so annoying.
    Please do take care of yourself alright and try get enough rest. I pray God will take away every pain and perfect your healing, IJN, Amen.
    We will always be here waiting for you, please take all the time you want OK. My love to your kids…..xoxo.
    You are a strong woman with Great Heart, I like your courage and I love you….xoxo.

  41. Aww Sal. Thanks for letting us in. May God heal you completely, you will surely write o (Whether the devil likes it or not). Good call letting the nanny go biko.

  42. Waoh so sorry Sally, gosh that pain is so unbearable….I wish there is a permanent cure for pains, it’s so annoying.
    Please do take care of yourself alright and try get enough rest. I pray God will take away every pain and perfect your healing, IJN, Amen.
    We will always be here waiting for you, please take all the time you want OK. My love to your kids…..xoxo.
    You are a strong woman with Great Heart, I like your courage and I love you….xoxo.

  43. Sally dearie…sorryyyyyy…I pray u get healed asap….i can’t imagine d pain you’re going through. May God give you total recovery. I hope you get a a good nanny. Please take care of yourself, as much as i love ians, i love u more….So take your time and rest well…?..”kizzis” in jenifa’s voice…Greet Kayla and Zane for me.

  44. So sad to know you are going through all that, l pray the Healing Balm of GOD will heal U. Amen. Please take good care of yourself, use your drugs and God Bless your kids.

  45. The Lord is with you and he will heal you sally. Sorry for everything you are going through but pls be strong, don’t let it weigh you down.
    Once again, you are healed in Jesus name( amen)?

  46. It is well with you Sally. By His stripes you were healed! The greatest physician of all time He is. His healing power is working in you. God is perfecting all that concerns your health. Your faith is strengthened In Jesus name. Amen! Fret not Sally God gat you?

  47. Wow… That’s so much trouble for one person. May God heal you and keep you safe and healthy. Amen. Take care ?

  48. sally pele. I pray that you speedily receive healing.

  49. Awww but some people can be wicked ooo..leaving a child on a potty for nine hours is just an act of wickedness nothing more. I pray you get a good nanny soon and please try and rest and take care of yourself. May God heal you totally and be with you. Warm regards to your family ????????

  50. I pray you receive your healing and be strengthened in Jesus name.
    It’s my first time making a comment. I’m a huge fan of your work.
    Lotta love.xx

  51. Atobatele

    I’m so sorry and I’ve sure said a word of prayer for you. You’ll get well soon, please take your meds. All the very best

  52. oh Sally I m so sorry about your condition you are in my prayers from now onwards. a member of my church died in December last year of early childhood arthritis. He was very young he had just graduated from secondary school. I remember being shocked when I heard that a kid was suffering from arthritis. I went home and google the it up n read a lot about it but the things I read about it made me think he will survive but he died and I heard it was very painful. I still think about him every time I am home and I see his twin. it makes me think of those other diseases that are relatively unknown but still exist. My prayers go out to all those suffering from one disease or the other God has not forgotten you he will see you and your loved Ines through

  53. Awww,,so sorry Sally,,I can relate a little, mine hasn’t gotten to that stage but am also suffering from arthritis,the pains in the bones na die,,maybe I should start just face reality and start the necessary treatment. And Yea my friends laff when I tell them I’ve got arthritis,,the lord is your strength my sister,,I do love olajumoke plenty plenty,,looking forward to the series

  54. Sending plenty prayers and good wishes your way Sally… God will continue to give you the strength to continue. It’s well with you IJN

  55. bertokoji

    Kpeelee o! Life sef and it’s shakara. Ur healing will def take place IJN. Our prayers are wit u.

  56. ituajude

    For the incredible amount of joy and satisfaction which you unselfishly give us through your amazing stories, I pray that God who has blessed you with so much talent will restore you to renewed health of mind and body. You will live long in vitality and strength.

  57. Awwwwn xo sorry ma’am…….. D Lord ll heal u completely nd renew your strength, He give u d ability to balance all ur responsibilities without any fall out.

  58. turban girl

    Stay strong Sally!! May the Lord endear your heart to all your meds, so you can take them always, lol

  59. Aww, I pray you feel better. Biko, listen to your doctor(s).
    Btw, I love your nails.

  60. mystiq18

    Awww so sorry luv …it will only get better have no fear…and I’ll keep on praying for you.

  61. Dear Sally,
    I read this post and i was sad that you would be going through all this. I am even amazed that you are able to deliver despite all you go through. You really do need a maid. I pray God sends you one quickly in Jesus name.
    As for your health i believe in miracles and i belief that God will send your healing in Jesus name. I will be praying for you always.
    God strengthen and heal you quickly in Jesus name.

  62. Sorry Sally:( . It is well. God will give you perfect healing in Jesus name, Amen.

  63. So sorry sweet, I remember my grandma had dat tin den bfr she passed… it is well with u.. The Balm of Gilead will definitely heal u..

  64. I won’t say I know how you feel cos i can only imagine but I’ll say I feel for you & sympathize with you. May God heal all your ailments & make you new.
    Waiting patiently for IANK

    Take care

  65. Haleemah

    Awww… May you be healed completely. I can’t even begin to imagine the stress you’re going through right now, what with the kids to care for, household chores, caring for yourself and hubby, then to top it all up, trying to write.
    That kind of neglectful nanny should be whipped hard joor. Jamming a child’s hand on the door, on the potty for 9hrs (like was she expecting her to sleep there or what?), not brushing their teeth (???).
    In all though, I pray for you sincerely, that God perfects all that concerns you.
    Cheers to Kayla, Zane, dad and you. ??

  66. Pls take it easy on yourself and endeavour to rest as much as possible,u’ll always be in my prayers.
    Miss u on here sooooo much

  67. School prevented me to come on here for a while. It is well Sally. He is the God that health thee, He is the God your healer. He sent His word and heal your disease, He’s the God your healer. You are healed baby. His words never goes void. You are healed

  68. iamhorllamii

    Sally ma real G u r permanently heal IJN,pls mke sure u take ur drugs, milk,calcium nd oda supplement dat will improve ur health especially REST. And 4 d nanny d lord will lead nd direct u 2 a Gud one nt dose devilish ones jare. Will b waiting until u fit, much hugs &kisses

  69. Being a sickle cell patient I know the pain you going through which is excruciating but bearable to a minimum Pele dear it’s well sogbo take ur drugs n supplement on time the Lord is with you

  70. Madam Sally,Thank you for always inviting us into your space.My prayers are with you.Take your time ,May you experience healing in Jesus name.

  71. noncapax

    Wow, Sally. So sorry to hear all you’ve been going through, and thanks for blessing us with your work, despite everything. I really hope things get better.

  72. Rikitava

    All will be well with you in shaa Allah. 😘

  73. Ebi Horsfall

    I pronounce God’s healing to u in Jesus name…… U will be okay Sal

  74. Ebi Horsfall

    I pronounce God’s healing upon u in Jesus name…….U will be well Sal

  75. Sally… God is your strength. You’ll get healed and keep writing. Amen.

  76. Toyenlon

    Aww, sorry about that. God will surely visit you and heal you.

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