Omoge Campus #2

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I opened my mouth to let out a scream but he covered my mouth with his palm.


“If you dare scream, the other boys on this block will just come here to take their turns,” he growled in my ear.


“We might even record it. Imagine how much your daddy would pay to bury the video,” he added with a snigger.


At the mention of my dad, hot tears burned my eyes and ran down to scald my cheeks.


I never would have thought that this was how I’d have my first sexual experience.


I resigned myself to fate as he fumbled with his trousers with one hand and held my wrists with the other like an amateur judo player trying to wrestle his opponent.


All of a sudden a lightbulb went off in my head and I used my legs like a vice, flipping him over and dealing him a scissor kick.


With strength I never knew I possessed, I gave him a jab to the lungs and a kick to the stomach. One more jab to each shoulder and an uppercut to his jaw, he howled in pain as blood spurted out of his mouth and nose.


Filled with rage, I continued to kick and punch him until his face was a bloody mess. I didn’t stop hitting him until he passed out.


I took a deep breath, gathered myself and walked out of the hostel calmly.


I sat in my car, thankful to God that I had attended one of those elite schools where things like ettiquette were taught as a subject and ballet, karate and judo were taught as sports.


I had been so terrified that I’d be raped that I forgot that I was a black belt holder since I was 15.


I finally let out tears of rage and fear and frustration as I sat there for what seemed like an eternity before driving off to my apartment.


Moremi Hall, UNILAG


My name is Nkay, and I am one of the biggest girls on campus. Scratch that, I’m the biggest girl on campus. When you hear Moremi big girl, Nkay comes to mind.


My name is actually Nkechi Nwokoma but no one has to know that. Everybody calls me Nkay.


I’m not just your regular undergraduate; I have a nice car and my bank account contains more money than most of the bankers in Lagos.


I also have a job – I’m the PR manager for one of the popular nightclubs in Lagos. However my job is more than just creating hype for the club both online and offline.


This night I have to organise as many beautiful girls as possible for an important event at the club.


I had it all sorted out before but some other stupid girl who always tried to compete with me lured out the girls to another club, so I was 20 girls short.


I really hated when this happened because it meant I’d have to go from room to room and cajole girls with the promise of a great time at the club if they attended.


Transportation was to be provided although half the girls never followed the taxis back to the hostel in the morning. Most of them went home with the rich patrons of the club.


I also had to be careful in selecting girls. They had to be fine but not too fine so that they don’t steal my shine and the patrons started asking for them instead of being excited to see me.


I knocked on the first room and entered with a smile. There were three pretty girls in the room. All of them were freshers so they were easily impressionable. It took less than five minutes to convince them to attend.


I had similar luck in the next two rooms. I smiled to myself as I realised it was going to be a fun night afterall…



  1. She wasn’t raped… Yippe… Nice episode buh make the next longer….. Pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaasssseeee

  2. fadebomi

    nice write up keep it up,but sincerely its toooooooo short

  3. Bellaxville

    Hello dear fatimah
    I hope you know sally and almost other featured blogger here has spoilt us all rotten with very lengthy posts( loonnnnng) even with our oliver twist side,they still condone our excesses.
    please kindly help our situation too by adding some extras even if its bonus.

    thank you

    on a lighter mood,thank you so much for sharing Fatima.
    we love you and happy new year to you Darling
    happy new year #moskedafans

  4. This is really good. But shei you know you are giving it to us like a spoon a week from a whole bucket of ice cream, abeg have mercy small biko. And happy new year to you too bellaxville.

  5. Nice read. I loved it but was left unsatiated. Abeg, can the next episode be a bit longer? Thanks and more ink to your pen.

  6. Wow correct! No time for messing around

  7. Go girl, wish I could learn how to even throw a punch..smh

    The next episode should be longer plsssssssss..thanks

  8. Remilekun

    If he dies, its good riddance to be rubbish. Plz make the next post longerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr???

  9. calabargal

    Thank God for her karate skills.

  10. Thank God for karate oh, so happy at the turn things took. But this episode is short sha, pardon my oliver twist tendencies. Thanks Fatimah, patiently anticipating the next episode.

  11. Fatimah!!!….why? Please make the episode long please. Nice one dear….keep it up.

  12. Thank you for giving us hope that we could fight will the last drop of our blood to avoid being raped. Instead of screaming and crying the abuser should be abused also. Thanks fatimah for the story.

  13. nice one fatimah. l like your style, good to know that is not only the men can do karate& takwado lol..happy new year

  14. Nice one fatimah, Happy new year

  15. Funmilola Adekola

    I love this story line! Keep it up Fatima!

  16. Rikitava

    I was afraid that she’ll be raped and we will strt ready bou how she hated man afterwards. I’m happy bou how this episode turned out.

  17. Rikitava

    I was afraid that she’ll be raped and we will strt reading bou how she hated men afterwards. I’m happy bou how this episode turned out.

  18. Shebi if na when me go school dem dey teach us all the karate and the like, we go say na wahala dem dey give us. See how that came in handy. Goes to say nothing learned is wasted. I’m glad she escaped the animal.
    I’m interested in how Nkay’s part goes. Her kinda person is interesting and annoying at the same time. Exaggerated impressions of oneself and all that.
    Thank you Fatimah, this is gonna be a jolly ride for me.

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