Please Read This If Your’e A Fan Of Moskedapages

This is a difficult post to write. Some part of me feels that I shouldn’t bother coming here to explain what I’m about to share, that I can hide it and keep on like nothing is happening. And that would be typical of me. But I think it’s only polite to let you all know about this major change in my life.

For everyone who has followed me closely on this blog, you would know how much writing means to me. You also know that I quit my job to concentrate on my work. One of the reasons I quit, apart from this, is to be able to spend quality time with my kids – an act that I don’t regret, having suffered enough in the hands of maids and nannies.

Writing, however, is a difficult terrain to journey through in Nigeria. I don’t blame those who look at writers and ask if writing is a job, because seriously, the average writer earns next to nothing. There are exceptional cases, and even I, with my popularity, can’t find myself on that list. From January 2016 to this moment, counting sales on Okadabooks and the PDF copies I have sold, and from also literary jobs, I have not made up to a million. A daily job would have seen me earning way past the profit I got from my books in a year alone. But did I celebrate my milestones? Of course! I am also so grateful to God and to everyone who helped me get there. I did what a lot of people weren’t able to do and set the pace for other writers to follow, giving them hope that a literary life is not so crappy after all. However, with the present government and the way things have gone awry financially in Nigeria, writers have found themselves at the bottom of the food chain. This is why I will not advise any writer to quit their job to go fully into writing, unless it’s a writing job and it pays well monthly.

2017 was a difficult year for everyone. For me, it was tiring, and I can’t wait for the shittiness to come and go, biko. For the first time in years, my husband and I found it difficult completing our rent. For the first time, we didn’t pay school fees immediately school began. For the first time, we weren’t able to do any charitable work. I can go on and on. Writing In The Name Of Papa didn’t come with the usual excitement I always have when writing my stories. I pushed hard to get to that place where my writing gives me bliss. And when I got in there, I lost myself in it because I needed that getaway to extract myself from the stress burdening me. Still it was hard. I knew that once I dropped my pen on that book, I was getting into another phase of my life.

And this is why I’m here, talking about this. In The Name Of Papa would be the last book I’ll be releasing in a long while. Maybe for years. I don’t know how long. I am taking writing as a hobby once again because I’m going into business. My kids have to eat, they have to be comfortable. This year, they went without some important needs. I don’t see myself doing that to them again next year. I don’t also see myself returning to an office and going back to the stress of a day’s job that made me almost abandon my writing. I’m not telling you a quarter of how much I went through. As an adult, you have to learn to smile and brace through the storm, no matter how deeply you’re sinking. This sums up my life in general. I didn’t even have the luxury to be depressed because I was hustling harder than I ever did.

So my dears, I’ll be dropping my pen for a while. I’ll still post, as I have promised, but this would be exclusively for members on the site. This is not a gimmick to get you to become a member, if you aren’t yet. No. I’m making myself accountable to someone in my writing journey. It’s the only way I know I will not completely leave it to fully pursue my business life. I want to make that money so that I’ll invest it back in my writing, because in case you don’t know, everything is about marketing today. You want to be a bestseller, you have to market yourself with all you’ve got. You somehow make it to the top without much effort, it’s harder to remain there. A good case is The Fourth Finger. It didn’t take me and Okadabooks much to have that type of success in sales, but with In The Name of Papa, we have to push hard to beat that record. Do I want to do that? Do I want to invest so much and get little in return that cannot meet my needs? That’s the dilemma we writers face today. Well-meaning people like Tomilola, Anthony Kennie (writer of Knocking On Heaven’s Door) and another friend who doesn’t like to be mentioned have done everything to see me moving into the movie industry with my stories, but that’s like starting all over again. It’s not something I’m so passionate about right now. I have been approached by a good number of producers, directors and content developers, but it’s the same shit you keep being served. They take your work and value it as if it’s nothing, as if you didn’t stay up late at night writing month after month. People tell me to manage what they give me and just enjoy the thrill of having my name on screen. LOL. That’s not Sally. Maybe I’m too proud, but I already made that sacrifice on my prose journey and today I’m here. I reject that template as my life’s story in Jesus’ name. If these producers came to me, it’s because they felt my work was awesome. Nigerians should learn how to value quality work abeg. I won’t be the one aiding producers to keep exploiting writers.

Forgive me for digressing, but I needed to let you in on what I have been going through. I’m tired of people going, ‘why don’t you put your work on TV?’ Same way they say ‘why don’t you publish in harcopy?’ If it was that easy, trust me, we’ll all be doing it and nobody would need to push me to do it. I was there way before anyone had the idea of telling me to be there. I even have a forty-five minute production (which I’m never going to share with anyone, lol) I did in 2008, written and co-produced by me. In fact, one of my stage plays has made it to Nollywood and I was accused at that time of stealing the script. So, it’s not like I don’t want to do this. I just no get energy for am.

Fam, it took me a lot to be here. Reality is that writers get crap in Nigeria and we’re always undervalued. Very few hit that mark and stay hitting that mark. I do want to be one of the few, but I have kids to take care of and a heart that is tired of struggling with feelings of inadequacy. I need to live. I need to put all my effort into a place where I can see my dividends. The other time I talked about writers I started with who had dropped out. Some of them didn’t drop their pens completely. They simply used it at their leisure because they concentrated on making a living first. And that’s what I’ll be doing from now on. It was a very difficult decision I had to take. I was unsure about it and kept praying, even before I started writing ITNOP. Even now, I know how much I am going to be missing a huge part of me. But please don’t blame me. Blame a country that has plunged its citizens into difficult times, a place where intellectual property means very little to people. I hope we get to a time when writers would be given the respect they deserve just like it happens in the Western world.

For upcoming writers who look up to me, don’t be discouraged. I always say, ‘Keep writing…’ That is what I’ll keep doing. The fire can never burn out in me. I just need to get to that place where I can write and not think about money anymore. Yes, I miss that place. I enjoyed breaking away from the daily hustle to be lost in my stories. It was all about the art for me. But if I have no means of survival, all I’ll care about is the gains I’ll make from my pen and the accolades that come with it that would lead me into making more gains.

To my fans, I’m still here. But very lowkey.

If all things go as planned, Stranger In Lagos will debut on Okadabooks before this month runs out. So remain on Moskedapages. We are still active here, for as long as that series runs. But please, forgive my silence and withdrawal from social media in the coming months. I might resume, I might not. I’m just becoming a really different person these days and some things don’t matter as they used to.

Thanks for being here, and for the patience to read this.

Stay blessed.



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  1. Amina says:

    Came across your blog when I was facing some serious issues in my life and it was and still is a comfort zone to me. Would surely miss you..May God make all your efforts worthwhile and your lines fall in pleasant places..

    1. Sally says:

      Amen, Amina. Thank you so much

  2. Tee says:

    I was talking with a writer friend the other day and he was wondering how you do it, Sally. He was so depressed over how he earned next to nothing. Now he’s concentrating on his tailoring business again. I understand, Sally. We are here for you no matter what

    1. Sally says:

      Thank you, Tee. Please tell your friend to keep writing, no matter how little

  3. Modupe says:

    Hey darling,

    You are gonna be fine, it’s been an amazing journey with you and your stories over 5 years now.

    And I love you still,

    And I am still a super fan.

    1. Sally says:

      Modupe, sweetheart

      I don’t know how to say thank you. But thank you darling. For everything. You really have been there for me

  4. The King says:

    I first met you on Twitter, 2013. You were passionately talking about writing and you were advising writers not to give up on their art. It was what drew me to you. I was like who is this one that loves literature like this?

    My dear, the truth is that creatives aren’t appreciated in Nigeria. I had to dump my comic book writing for my bank job. My family had to eat. I picked it up after a while but only leisurely. I get paid ₦1200 for a page. Imagine.
    So me I totally support you my sister. Your well-being is more important. Be happy above else. God bless you

    1. Sally says:

      The King, thank you so much for understanding.

  5. Ceey says:

    Awww Sally, sending hugs and kisses your way

    1. Sally says:

      Bless you, babe ???

  6. Noncapax says:

    Oh dear. So sorry to hear about this. I hope everything works out.

    1. Sally says:

      They will, in Jesus name.

      Thank you, hon

  7. Carah says:

    This is sad sally 🙁
    I found out about you on 360 then your blog too and became a fan instantly. What you are going through is hard, yes , i can tell but what i surely know is that God will perfect all that concerns you. Everything will fall in place for you( ijn). It is well with you and your household. I will miss you.

    1. Sally says:

      Carah, you’re a sweetheart
      Thank you so much for the constant encouragement. Love you, dear

  8. girl says:

    oh Sally,
    I’m sad to hear this. you are an amazing writer and your stories leave me bound. i hope the economy gets better and you get back to writing for pleasure as you like. whatever time you need to take, we support you and wish you the best.

    1. Sally says:

      Thank you, Girl

      I will keep pushing through. Bless you!

  9. Tolu says:

    It is well Sally! Whichever way you’ve decided to follow, the good Lord be with you,make smooth your path and bless you real good. The plans of the Lord for you and your family are of good and not of evil. Bless you sister! Will miss you though.

    1. Sally says:

      Amen, dear Tolu. And may God prosper all you do and make your eat glorious

  10. Faith says:

    I’ll miss you Aunty Sally.
    I pray things get better than before… God bless your endeavors.

    1. Sally says:

      Amen. Thanks, Faith

  11. Ife says:

    Awwww Sally, thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with us. I pray things get better than you have ever imagined!

    1. Sally says:

      Amen, Ife. Thank you

  12. Folarin says:

    May God Almighty bless your new endeavours……

    1. Sally says:

      Amen, Folarin

      Thank you so much

  13. Glowing Kosnie says:

    Why do I feel sad reading this…Sally 2017 wasn’t a very good year for a lot of us but in all we thank God for life cos where there’s life there sure will be Hope!!

    Really going to miss your Beautiful writings but know that we’re with you every step of the way!!!

    Sending light and love to you and your adorable family!!!

    Big Hugs My Sally of Laive!!!

    1. Sally says:

      Darling Kate

      You’re indeed a blessing to my life. Your support is immeasurable. Thank you immensely

  14. Zinnie says:

    I do wonder myself how you guys do it.
    Too bad this came up when I just joined this great fam, but that is okay as your family and personal life is of utmost important.

    I pray you get there which you desire and deserve too

    1. Sally says:

      Awww, Zinnie. Welcome to moskedapages

      I’m still very much around

      Thank you

  15. Chinonso Wyre Izeji says:

    I sincerely wish and pray for you to attain the comfort, fulfilment and happiness you crave in life. You deserve to enjoy the fruit of your labour. Am greatly entertained and inspired by your talent and works. Guess am going to miss it for a while, but is all for greater good.

    1. Sally says:

      Yes it is. Thanks for your time here. I truly appreciate it

  16. Pacesetter says:

    The Lord will lead you through. I enjoyed every bit of your work. There is none to cast out. God Bless You more.

    1. Sally says:

      Thank you Pacesetter. God bless you plenty

  17. bimpe says:

    i will still be here whenever and to matter the years it takes you to …i pray it doesn’t take that long though before God meets your heart desires…you may not know how much you mean to me..i have found succour on moskedapages for 4 years,i pray you prosper in your all endeavours…God bless you dear.

    1. Sally says:

      I’m honored that I have been a blessing in your life, Bimpe. Thank you for being here

  18. Toyenlon says:

    Awww, just when I’m coming back from my maternity leave to resume fully and now this. It is well dear, the Lord will see you through and lines will fall on you in pleasant places. Will surely miss your writing, God bless you.

    1. Sally says:

      Thanks, dear
      My hugs and kisses to the little one

  19. Simplygold says:

    Awwww Sally! Am so sad reading this, it is obviously not an easy decision for you.
    I sincerely wish success in your endeavor, greater you IJN.

    1. Sally says:

      Amen, Simplygold
      Thanks a ton

  20. Seye says:

    Thank you for sharing all these Sally. Whatever we all are going though right now, WE SHALL OVERCOME

    1. Sally says:

      Amen, Seye. We will

  21. jisola says:

    Thanks for all the beautiful and inspiring stories sally, it’s been a great journey and I pray that you find a balance.
    Pls let us know how to subscribe to the website, I do want to be here whenever you decide to write, I love you that much! God bless you and yours

    1. Sally says:

      Bless you, Jisola. Your words are uplifting

  22. Gina Cres says:

    Just today, I finished up with ITNOP and while still on it, I wondered how you do it. You write so well that I have fallen deeply in love with you and your works.
    May God see you through your endeavors.

    I am sure gonna miss you, Dear.

    1. Sally says:

      Amen, Gina
      God bless you in all your endeavors

  23. Gerald says:

    This broke me. Reading it by this time and I’m weak. I’ll reach out to you soon.

    1. Sally says:

      Okay, Gerald

  24. Haleemah says:

    My week has been crazy silly and I woke up to this today ???

    You’re so selfless Sally, it makes me weep. You’re writing for our pleasure, with little to no extras and you’re still pleading with us over this very crucial decision in your life. God bless you beyond words ma’am.

    I pray that He perfects all that concerns you and make it possible for you get to the point of your desires.

    Even while I’ll miss your presence here, I pray for your ultimate betterment. God bless you once more. And cheers to the family.

  25. Akua says:

    I will surely miss my favorite pastime. But hey! Man has to live. Thanks for all the lovely stories. All the very best in your new venture. May the Lord order your steps in to greatness.

  26. Mj says:

    A big hug to you Sally! It is well.. 2017 has been quite a year! I was just going to send you a mail or something to ask how I could buy “Fourth Finger” as Okadabooks has refused to refill my account and not responded to my mails regarding my transfer (maybe they are one of the contributory issues to sales.. When I have their time, I will send them a “stinker”!). Anyways.. I digress..
    You are an absolutely amazing writer (I wrote a long comment on your birthday post and I couldn’t find it after hitting “submit” and gave up because I was afraid of a repetition.. I hope this one goes!). Writers are amazing (tenacious et al) but you’re simply/absolutely amazing and gifted.. My apologies for the late compliment!
    I got hooked to this blog when I was going through a “low” moment and trust me, your blog helped me “forget my sorrows”!
    I pray for success for you as you venture in business and may your ink never go dry. Amen..xoxo

  27. Mj says:

    Yaay!!! My message went.. I had copied it and planned on pasting (again and again) till I saw it up there..

    P.s- I forgot to add that I just stumbled on your blog this past few months and I’m almost done with reading all your stories (If only I can read my course books/Bible like that!), I’m just “mizing” some for rainy days! Lol! Do take care..xoxo

  28. Nwanne says:

    Do what you need to do Sally. You have brought smiles to our faces and caused us to think deeply about certain subjects about life. Thank you for writing and sharing with us.
    In the name of Papa was awesome although there were a few errors. God bless you.

  29. Wumi says:

    I feel you Sally. We’ve all been there and some of us are still there. Nigerians need to learn how to value people’s work, effort and skills and pay the right amount for it. Na money be the koko. Go find and make enough sis

  30. Beebee says:

    Really sorry to hear this. If you didn’t tell us we wouldn’t have any idea of how much you are going through. I pray the good Lord step in for you. This phase shall pass in jesus name. And please, DHM should come out on okadabooks. Take heart ma and have faith

  31. Tip says:

    Dear Sally,Your works are the best.Tough times don’t last but tough people do.The best thing to do is to survive.We are here for you.Routing as always for you.Very soon things will be better.Stay strong

  32. Tee#babe says:

    It is indeed sad to read about the struggles you have faced and still continue to face doing what you love doing. It is made worse by the fact that very few actually have the courage to take a plung and turn what the love doing from a hobby to a career. The bible says a man’s gifts makes a way for him. I believe strongly in this, so I am happy that you will continue to write.

    I have been a ‘ghost’ reader of your works from 360nobs. Once I discovered your blog I have not been back there in ages?.

    Please continue to write and give us details of where to buy. Amazon has worked well for me if you can get your older works on there too. That will be great. I will love to read the full fish brain series.

    Finally, I just finished reading In the name of papa. As always wow! Your imagination is indescribable. I look forward to reading the continuation of that story because surely there is more. Aside from that I am an unashamed Oliver twist always asking for more. In that vain please finish up dear high mistress and boys with toys. The story you were writing with Tomi came to an abrupt end too. Please bring closure to these stories. Put them up for sale if you have to but please finish them.

    I will truly miss your consistency on this blog but truly understand where you are coming from and why things have come to this.

    My second finally?. Please let us know how we can support your new business venture. We all buy into your writing so you have a ready market here. I could go on writing, this was meant to be a short comment ?.

    I wish you God’s favour and the very best in your new venture.

  33. Zeeniey says:

    Take care Sal. May God be with you, we’ll miss you.

  34. Addicted to this blog says:

    Awww, this is really sad. As my username implies, I am really addicted to this blog, I have been refreshing the page for over a month now hoping for a juicy bit of your story. you are still my best Nigerian writer, your stories are always relatable, very interesting, juicy and unpredictable. I love your non judgemental sense or non religious stance and ability to write on anything in details. I always get so lost in your stories and wish each post would not end.

    I am going to miss you and your blog. I hope God blesses you with your heart desires and rewards your efforts with labour so you can become more involved in writing again.

    much love

  35. Tobbie says:

    Hey Sally,

    May God bless the work of your hands and bring it to better limelight with greater rewards just as Joseph was rewarded by the king for what he was doing in confinement.

    I truly understand this decision and I totally support this. God bless you loads

  36. Awwww sugar mama
    I understand, things are hard these days and the need to put meal on the table is greater.
    God will bless you and prosper your business.
    Much love

  37. bellaxville says:

    Awwwww mami
    I’m so sorry for all of these. Everything will be just fine. The good lord shall make you smile and enlarge you from this period henceforth

    Love always!

  38. Funmilola Adekola says:

    Just seeing this! This too shall pass Sally. I love you and I hope I can show how much one day soon. Hold on tight dear. Regards to your family.

  39. Turban Girl says:

    Goodluck Salz!!! I wish you all the best, may the Almighty bless all you lay your hands more. this is the reality of the world we live in, too much work, too little pay, May the Almighty bless our work.

  40. ayo says:

    Wish i could hug you right now, almost close to tears sef. I’ll miss you so bad, you know you’re my sweet chocolatey. God will perfect it all even before this year runs to an end. I love you. I hope i’m a member here already, if not i can faint oo after how many years of following you plus i was one of the lucky winners of ‘The Fourth Finger’ give away.

  41. brytnex says:

    Take care Sally. We will surely miss you. May His grace be with you.

  42. Kemi says:

    Big Hugs Sally .
    You have been so selfless, giving so much.
    You are and will always be my favourite blogger and writer. I appreciate you loads and believe so much in you.
    Wherever you go, i go. Our relationship is in the similitude of Ruth and Naomi when it comes to your works.

    Once again, Big Hugs darling.

  43. Biola says:

    Madam Sally, may your soul be filled with the joy you give me through your stories.
    Madam, please do what you need to, I will miss your stories but your state of mind and the welfare of your family matters more to me.
    May God bless your home with joy than you have ever imagined.
    Love you loads??????????

    1. Biola says:

      Please, don’t forget to send the subscription link.
      I have been following you since ‘to take a virgin’
      You have brought so much joy to my world.
      I pray you find more than I did in your books.

  44. Thanks Sally, it was interesting, I pray I make it as a member in the new group.

  45. Etoya says:

    You are an amazing and selfless writer. 2017 has been shitty but moskeda pages has always been a comfort zone for me. Wherever you go mama and whatever you do, your fans understand perfectly. Be happy above all else. E hugs.

    P.S: Amazon is easier for some of us to buy books, please let Stranger in Lagos be there too.

  46. Tsakani says:

    My dearest Sally….all the best in your business ventures. I pray God gives you more than enough. May your cup always overflow.

    You are a very talented writer and from the bottom of my heart, Thank you for sharing your work with us. We love you and we appreciate you. As a mother myself, I can not imagine being in a position where my child’s provision is limited…All the best momma….Love you to the moon and back.

  47. itz_Holfery says:

    Dear Sally after reading this i felt so connected to you. I do understand your decision.

    I do hope and pray that you reach that place you wish to be in all aspect of your life.

    Thank you for the awesome stories.

    Be Safe

  48. Melody says:

    Dear Sally,

    Thank you very much.

    It sure wasn’t easy coming out. I enjoy your writing. Family comes first in all. Gpd bless you and yours.

    Always your fan.

  49. Zaynab says:

    Awwwww sally, may your lines fall in pleasant places… I completely understand but that won’t stop me from missing you.

  50. AOS says:

    Don’t worry Sally everything will turn out great. It’s just a matter of time…..2017 is some kind of hell but thank goodness it’s almost over. Looking forward to bigger and better you.
    Best regards to your lovely family.

  51. Adetolaa says:

    Heyy Sally,

    You have been more than awesome. Its so sad to hear all you’ve been through. I pray the Good lord replenishes you… Have been away from d blog for a while due to school work hoping to come back to ur mind blowing so relateable stories. I’m so sad reading this post but i knw its for the best.

    Year 2017 was a phew but all thanks to God. I pray for a great year for you and your family, every fan on this blog, and Nigeria. I love u sally. Four Years with u was lit! Subsequent year will be lit!!!!!!! by his grace.

    Thank You Maami

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