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Your Questions On Love, Your Enemy Answered

So yesterday I was sitting down and reading comments from the important notice post I did about IANS and Love, Your Enemy and it hit me that a good number of my readers may be wondering where I’m headed with the new series, wondering if my aim is to put the church in a bad light.

I’m sure these same people know that I’m not so into church, and I like to dissociate myself from any of the denominations. Hence, this could be the reason for their mistrust. Lol! I totally do not blame them, though, and so in response to anyone wondering if the story is an ignoble act against Christianity and the church, here’s what I have to say:

1.       Like all my other series, I’m simply telling a story. There are going to be villains and heroes and all the juiciness you have in a typical story. That because it has to do with religion doesn’t mean I should break the writing rules and paint a picture that’s unreal just to please or displease a certain group of people.

2.       The stories are mostly true. Papa, for instance is inspired by a man I know very well (not my dad, please, before you start asking). Leye is inspired by another pastor I know. Pastor Love is a representation of typical pastors’ wives. I want to give you a glimpse into the lives of women who stand behind the men that deliver the word of God. Alice…well, I won’t say much about her. Wemimo, of course, is that one Christian that you often wonder if she is a Christian or not. Tara is the one who would worship her pastor even if she found him shagging a goat on the altar. The other characters are a reflection of the lives of people I encountered every day while growing up as a pastor’s daughter in a pastor’s home and being actively involved in the running of the church.

3.       The story is going to be nasty in certain places. This is because in reality, pastors are human beings like you and I, and are totally flawed. The same sins people commit, these men commit. That you only see them in church on Sundays doesn’t mean they came straight from God’s armpit. They are flawed. They fall. They sin. The bible says the righteous man falls seven times and he rises again. Because I have been privileged to have a glimpse into their lives when their congregation is not watching, I am able to share these stories. I am also going to show you how the church is run via a system that is partly spiritual and partly business-like. There is no church that 100% runs on spirituality and does not seek profit. Quote me anywhere. That is why churches today employ the services of business managers and experts to see to their affairs. And it’s not a bad thing. God blessed those people with the gift to run organizations that are filled with humans and not angels. It’s a wonderful thing to use those gifts for his kingdom. This is what Love, Your Enemy is trying to show you – how God takes flawed, sinful, broken, fearful people and uses them for exploits. If you read the bible, not one of the greats was without one flaw or the other. Christ was the only righteous one.

As for the church making profit, it’s not a bad thing, as you will come to see in the story. How else do you want them to pay their pastors, other workers and spread the gospel?

4.       The story is going to be spiritual in certain places. For those who are irreligious and atheist, you may find yourself rolling your eyes a few times. Love, Your Enemy will talk about God’s love, his redeeming grace, his mercy, his power, and it will delve deeply into the spiritual at times. It’s a story about a person’s relationship with their maker and how that relationship affects their environment and the people around them.

5.       The name Love, Your Enemy could mean anything. I would tell you but it would take away the fun. So, figure it out yourself as you read. You may come into a different conclusion from another person who is also reading it.

6.       This story has been on my mind for years. Yes, I have built and pulled it down so many times. Just for the sheer reason of not wanting to annoy religiously-sensitive people. I even lumped it in with Stranger In Lagos but my husband looked at it and said I’d be doing it huge injustice by padding it with something else. He was simply echoing what was on my mind. And now, that it’s out there, I no longer carry the burden of hiding it. People are never going to be comfortable with everything I write. The worst attacks and criticisms I have gotten have been from religious people, and I know they will come for me soon. But if you know me, you’ll know that I don’t give two flying bananas. People who worship their pastors are going to feel rubbed the wrong way. And that’s cool with me, as I worship the one their pastors are supposedly worshipping. We can all carry our kwanta to our Sky Daddy 😂


In conclusion, read, be entertained, learn and tell me how you feel in the comment box. When you talk, I listen. I take in your observations. It helps me. For those of you who have judged the series before it even began, un-judge it and let’s have fun.


If you still need any clarification on the series, please ask in the comment box.


Thank you.

You can catch up on all the episodes here


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  1. Modupe says:

    Thanks sal, like i have said before, this series is gradually turning to be my best….Awwwwwwww, it’s like i am breaking “the fourth finger” heart already

  2. Turban Girl says:

    Am surprised people are not hooked on “Love, Your Enemy”, I am so hooked and have been hooked from the excerpt. Thanks Sally for the fresh stories, as I am waiting with bated breath for Stranger in Lagos too.
    Religion is a touchy subject always, am sure people are coming for you, just ignore and don’t get hurt by comments when they come.
    Keep serving it hot and fresh!!!

  3. moi says:

    Well done Sally

  4. Tanti says:

    ‘Two flying Banana’
    You are such a tease

  5. Carry on ma’am
    its a great story and am enjoying itYour Message

  6. slimshawty says:

    You have said it all madam Sally, pple are so so sensitive on religious or church matter. I’m not an atheist neither am I a religious kinda person.I just wish folks out there can be so neutral on some things and know dat we are all human beings regardless of d position u r in life. And 2any religious fanatic out there that might try 2come here and insult or say whatever 2our madam sally here coz of this series, Be Warned!!! Moskedapages is our own war room here. Lol

  7. Glowing Kosnie says:

    Any topic Sally decides to Write on is Always Thrilling, intriguing, entertaining and Educative…Ride on Sally we are solidly behind you…Lolz!!! #TeamSally #LoveYourEnemyRocks

  8. Oluwatofunmi says:

    Oh wow, I never observed that people had issues with the series o. So they do? I’m pleased to meet them.

    Right from the time you published a brief synopsis on this series…when you had introduced us to the two new series (I’m still waiting on the other one o…about the babe that her mother was the one pushing her to be ‘worldly’…forgotten the title now) , I already knew I was sold out on Love, Your Enemy.

    I read Francine Rivers’ And The Shofar Blew and this series brings that book to mind. You may have read the book and if you haven’t, I recommend it to all Christians.

    Stop being religious, stop worshipping your pastors, be a Christian and remember that it is God’s grace and mercy that counts in all.

    I talk too much, I know but Mrs. Sally, ride on! Let me stop here for now.

  9. Themhydahyoh says:

    You are doing a great work Madam Sally and when I read your works I digest and get the best out of it for my daily personal life activities. I am a Muslim and when I read through fourth finger, I brought it down to my religious settings and brought out the way forward especially regarding my girls. Kudos to what you are doing. Evangelist Obey Commander has said it all “Ko si ogbon to le da, Ko si iwa to le wu, Ko si ona to le gba, tole fi taye lorun” (There is nothing you do that wilk suit humans)

  10. Akua says:

    I am amazed you have done a Piece on the comments people make. I enjoy your writing as well as the comments too its very insightful a into human behavior.and how difficult in t is to please everyone. Obviously, the worshippers or God, worshippers o r man, the social climbers, the church party attenders and the neither here nor there will relate to this story differently. The bottom line is its the reality of our world and like marmite you either love it or hate the story. Well done Sally. I look for to my date with Stranger in …. and know its going to be good too.

  11. Odunayo says:

    Two flying bananas…lol. permission to plagiarise that phrase.??

  12. Seye says:

    One things I’ve always said is that it is my right to say/do/write something while people have the right to interpret it the way they want. For me, that’s all. I understand the very sensitive nature that religion has in our society but that doesn’t mean we will shy away from telling stories about what goes on behind the scenes.
    Do your thing Sally. Many people try to stifle our thought processes and creativity by wanting to choose what we write on, say or do. We owe ourselves as creative people to let fly and not be held back.
    I look forward to more episodes jare.

  13. Chidiogo says:

    Pastor Love, your enemy. Well done Sally

  14. Deyrinsola says:

    Maam sally, have been quite priveledge to be in your shoes so i can really relate to this story. One thing is the truth is bitter, even the religious fanatics knows that they just refuse to accept it

  15. Peter says:

    Aunty Sally would always make yearn more for her stories. Now im actually more eagerly to read. L,YE Is making me giddy with excitement. And the premiere of Stranger In Lagos. Awesome. Can’t wait. Thank you Aunty Sally

  16. Dumebi says:

    I personally enjoy the story. I’ve always wanted to read something like, you know to understand the personal lives of some pastors and their families. I got really emotionally confused and lost when a Pastor I’ve always respected and listened to betrayed my trust in the most devastating way possible. It took me a really long time to get over it. I even switched to Catholic because I thought things will be different there and boy was I disappointed?
    I held Reverend Fathers and Sisters in high esteem until I lived in the same compound with them.
    This story is in a way giving me the closure I didn’t even realise I needed until I started reading it. Thank you Sally

  17. You cannot make everyone happy boo Thang, you are not jollof rice. I love all your books baby, you rock!

  18. Dont give a hoot what they say as long as u do whts u do best dea… go on gal

  19. Ejiro says:

    Hmmm my madam I can feel u, even though i don’t know what u have in mind but i can totally relate to d pastors issue, my husband is a pastor’s son and thy own their own church. I have seen things that i can begin to explain. So i know this will be a good read. Am particularly interested in pastor Love, please do let her find love and let it last. U refused to say anything about Alice abi ? hmm looking at u with side eye. Lol thanks though for taking out time always to put things straight. Bisous

  20. Sanzy says:

    Was introduced to this blog late last year by a friend,and I’ve been hooked ever since cuz I love reading.So many things to read… Can’t keep up,lol.
    I especially love this one, just keeping being you jare.kudos to all the writers on here,not an easy something.

  21. brytnex says:

    Your style of writing has always been different , and I love it. This is what make you you ma’am.
    So please ride on.
    I always learn something from your series.
    People should learn to be a lot more open-minded. it helps.

  22. Dear Aunt Sally, I won’t even lie, like a petulant child I have been sulking, mildly mad at you for starving me. Yup, starving me of IANS. But errr… I am tired of sulking and looking at the new series with ‘bad eye’, so today I would start reading it.
    Please MA, don’t get me hooked on this series and cut it half way because I wee just… I wee just… I dunno sef. Oya I am going to read

  23. Oluwakemi says:

    Sally, you know me I will read anything you write even your Facebook posts aren’t exempted. That’s how much I love your writing, all stories inclusive.
    I’m looking forward to the intrigues that this series will bring as I am so certain it will be intrigue- full cos of the peculiarities of the story and because it is Madam Sally that is writing, an award winning author that loves making her fans SHOCKED.
    Keep writing Dear, you are an amazing writer.
    Yes I miss IANS but I’m enjoying Love, your enemy. I am guilty of not commenting though which is unlike me but I dash in and out of here cos of the “busyness” that has somewhat overwhelmed me and I keep saying I will come back to comment. Thank God I kept my promise this time.
    Have a good night rest Dearie.

  24. bellaxville says:

    I’ve read the story but yet to fully connect the characters and their place.
    now that you’ve explained it this way,it gives me this thirst and complete understanding that lingers even after reading the new episode.

    thanks for taking your time in giving this vital explanation and about everyone not liking what you write,that’s very correct but in all,this is to pick some sense,relate the lessons with our everyday life and make good choice of our next move or decision.And for those who won’t like where the story swerves,I’m definitely sure they’ll come around.

    life is just too short to be short lived.

  25. Amanda anne aziegbe says:

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion and you ain’t out there to please anyone. Live, your enemy is a beautiful story Aunty Sally. Keep it locked down. You got die hard readers. Much Love.

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