Reminder: Okadabooks Meet Up

Hi guys,

Lazy afternoon for me. Hope y’all doing okay?

This is a subtle reminder of the Okadabooks Author Meet Up. Please do come, it will make happy. I have hugs and kisses for everyone.

Plus I want to take pics with you guys. If you’re shy, put a paperbag over your head. I won’t ask you to take it off. I promise.

Check poster below for details.

P.S: For those of you following Immortals’ Code, I apologize for the absence. I have still not gotten back all my files from my old laptop. Sadly, I lost some. But good thing is that I have the originals of the Immortals’ Code. The only problem is rewriting. *weeps* Give me time, biko

Now, I want to correct a rumor about Jide of It’s Another Saturday making an appearance in Fourth Finger. Sorry to burst that excitement bubble; he isn’t. But even better, It’s Another Saturday is returning for a second leg (I hate saying ‘season’ cos it’s so TV like). Anyways, you will love it and hate it and hate me for it but you will love it in the end.


Erm…please don’t ask me when. It’s still far, far away. At least, allow Honey to born.

Have a blessed day, darlings!



  1. Hi Sally, first to comment weeeeewww.
    Hoping to see you soon o. *pen and paper ready*
    please na where can i read the rest of Its Another Saturday? you leaving me on a cliff hanger no
    pity a sista.

    • Sally

      Hi Dotun,
      Can’t wait to see you soon.
      It’s Another Saturday will be released soon. I have been editing it. Please be patient

  2. I wish Honey a safe delivery ooo.. that should be like in 6 months abi….We want twins though…

    See ya soon

  3. doughyeen

    Yasss..*biggrin*..Honey safe delivery…I wish I was in Lagos *sad face*

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