#SaveRosemary: Lend A Helping Hand This Easter

I shared a story on my Facebook wall a short while ago. It’s about a friend’s sister, Rosemary, who is s battling cancer and it has eaten a considerable part of her genitals and spreading.

I had encouraged her sister BlesgnBilkisu Monde Oliver to open a twitter account to solicit for funds to help raise 3 million naira. As at the time I told her this, Blessing was not on Twitter. She didn’t know her way about it. I had to guide her. She put her tweets together and began raising awareness and seeking for funds, mentioning the handles of celebrities to see if they could help. Unfortunately, some idiotic folks got into the matter and smeared her efforts, saying it was all fake. Rosemary was broken and discouraged and begged Blessing to withdraw from social media. She was willing to die with a good name.
I was sad. I didn’t know how else to make her see differently.
Blessing, however, didn’t stop. She pushed forward and today, I want to say, she has raised 2 million and the deposit for the surgery has been made.
However, we still need close to a million more to complete the payment. I have resurrected the awareness again and people are beginning to help on Twitter and Facebook.

I have come here to kindly ask you all to please, do something to save Rosemary’s life. A thousand naira is not too small. It will go a long way. I would have shared more pics and videos but they are graphic. Even the ones posted on Instablog9ja had to be taken down.

Please #SaveRosemary. She’ll soon be going in for surgery. Her PVC is low, so it has to be raised before they take her into the theater.

Pray for her but please and first, donate anything you can.
Rosemary Monde Diamond Acct

Thank you


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