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Secrets #2

Afternoon everyone!

Here’s the second episode of Olaedo’s Secrets. Can you guys do me a favor and share this on social media? I noticed a lot of us read and don’t share. I really would appreciate that from you guys. Please, spread the word as much as you can. Thank you! 

Novocaine Knights comes up at 8pm. Anticipate.


Previous Episode

“How?… What do you mean?… What about…?”


Shaking, she complied. He got down too and came round to the driver’s side. She moved to let him pass, when it was clear that he wanted to open the door.

“I beg you,” she pleaded. “Take the car. Take whatever you want. Please let my children go.”

Wetin I wan use your children do?” He pointed to the passenger side. “Abeg, enter front, before you kill pesin.” He shook his head. “Women drivers.”

She stared at him for a few seconds, before racing to the other side. Quickly, she climbed into the car and strapped herself in with the seat belt. He got in too and drove off.
He drove fast and about five minutes later, pulled up beside the Honda, which had been waiting for them at the end of Falomo Bridge. He stopped and gave a thumbs-up sign to the driver, before pulling away. While taking a quick look, Bunmi realized that the Honda, which drove behind them again, had two male occupants in it.

They drove fast for some minutes, pausing only to wait for two of the several traffic lights on Victoria Island’s Ozumba Mbadiwe Street to change.

Soon, Bunmi realized that they were headed towards Lekki. She hadn’t been there in over five years, but she could recognize the landmarks. The roads were wider now, though, and each side had four lanes.

That’s new.

Soon they came to a structure, which stretched from one end of the road to another. She soon realized that it was comprised of multiple toll gates.

Another new development.

She was silent, as Loony paid the toll fare to an attendant, who had a friendly smile on her face.

He smiled, as he collected a receipt from the girl. “Keep the change,” he said and drove through the raised barricade.

Bunmi turned to her window and rolled her eyes. Generosity and friendliness in these circumstances? How noble of you.
A few meters away, they got to an intersection with a big roundabout, which she recognized. Loony turned left till they were in front of a large entrance with a sign that read “Lekki Scheme One”. The big gates to that entrance were open and he slowly drove through them.

Bunmi turned in her seat to look at him. “Where are you taking us to?” She could hear the fear in her voice, but she didn’t care. When she got no answer from him, she whipped her head around, to the man at the back. He still had the hood of his shirt over his head, but she could see his eyes. He was staring at her.

“Please, do not hurt us. I don’t have anything you guys would want. I’m only here for my grandmother’s burial. I beg you. Please, let us go.”

When he looked away, without saying a thing, she hunched her shoulders in defeat and turned away from him.
She realized immediately that Loony was pulling into a street she knew very well. Some of the fight came back in her. Eyes flashing she turned to him again, “What exactly is going on here?”

Just as she had suspected, he pulled up to a house with high walls. By then, both arms were folded over her chest. She was fuming. After honking twice, a uniformed guard came through a side gate to their car. She recognized him. Loony lowered his window and the guard smiled.

“Ah, ogana you? Welcome. I been no know say na you.”

“That’s alright, James. How body?”

Body dey inside cloth.”

Both men laughed and the guard looked into the car. His eyes widened when he saw Bunmi. “Aunty mina you be thisE don tey o!” His face broke out in a huge grin.

When she didn’t respond, but only glared at him, the guard’s smile faltered and he looked at Loony, who cocked his head at the gates. In less than a minute, the guard had thrown them open and they drove into a very spacious compound.
As soon as the car was parked on the gravel driveway in front of the house, she opened the door and rushed out of the car and to Loony’s side, just as he was climbing out slowly. “How dare you?”

“Just doing my job, ma’am,” he responded, almost nonchalantly.

The door at the back opened and the tall man came out of the car. He had removed the hood so his face was no longer shielded. As soon as she saw his face, she realized why his voice had sounded familiar and her eyes narrowed.

Drawing up to her full height, she looked up at him. She was wearing flat sandals, so his six-foot-three-inches frame towered over her five-foot-six- inches body. Raising an eyebrow and putting on the haughtiest voice she could muster, she asked, “Is this what you do for him, these days?”

His face tightened and she was glad to see that she had struck a raw nerve.

When she pushed past him to unstrap Joanna, who was still asleep, she realized that Loony was trying to do the same with Jake. “Loony, don’t lay a finger on my son,” she snapped, glaring at him.

Loony raised both arms and backed away from the boy. Then, grinning, he looked around, “Loony? Who’s Loony?”

Ignoring him, she spent the next few minutes rousing her kids and getting them out of the car, while both men watched. The tall man looked at her children, when they were out of the car, and smiled. Even though he was still smiling when he looked at her, she could see that it didn’t reach his eyes. “I see you’ve been busy.”

He glanced at the twins again and she understood what he meant.

She pursed her lips and shook her head. Then, she led her sleepy children up the marble steps at the entrance of the house, muttering words of encouragement to them.
A few seconds after she pressed the bell, the door was opened by a woman. As soon as they stepped into the house, Bunmi brushed aside her cheerful greeting and the arms that reached out in a welcoming hug.

“Where is he?”

She shook off the tiny voice of guilt when the smile on the rotund face gradually died and eyes that clouded with hurt stared back at her.

“He’s waiting for you in his study.”

She took a few steps away from the woman, before turning back.

“Thank you, Ma Agnes.”

The woman smiled softly. “You look wonderful, my dear.”

With a small cry, she let go of the twins’ hands and flew into the arms of the woman she had known all her life. “I’ve missed you so much.”

Ma Agnes held the woman, she considered a daughter, in a fierce hug. Soon, she loosened her hold. “Go. You know he hates to be kept waiting.”
As the trio walked along the long corridor, Jake asked in a whisper, “Mummy, where is this?”

“Nowhere important, baby. We’ll soon be heading home.”

“It’s a beautiful house, mummy. I like it here.”

She smiled softly and rubbed a hand on Joanna’s hair, which was held in place by a pink band, with a bunny clip-on. Yeah, it’s a beautiful house, baby. Once upon a time, I dreamt of taking you round the whole of it.

She shook those thoughts off, as they turned a corner on the right. She saw the door of the study at the end of the short corridor and her heart rate picked up. When she got to the heavy door, out of habit, she gave three short raps on it. Without waiting to be invited in, she turned the handle and opened the door.

Expecting the softness of a plush rug underneath her feet, she was surprised to feel the hardness of a marbled-tiled floor. He’s finally changed the floor.

She turned and gently led the twins in, before shutting the door. A deep voice from the right spoke, “Welcome home.”

She turned in that direction. He was sitting behind his wide hand-carved table, a small smile playing on his lips. He looked every inch a successful man, as he played with a gold pen with long fingers, at the ends of which were perfectly manicured nails. His eyes fell on her children and he pushed back his chair and got to his feet.

He still looks so good. The years have been kind.

She knew he wasn’t a vain man, but it was important to him to maintain an impeccable physical appearance, at all times. Even meeting with her, in these circumstances, she knew that he would have made an effort to look nice.
He walked round the table and came towards them, stopping when he was about a foot away. Stretching his arms to the children, he smiled widely, his eyes crinkling at the corners.

“Come, babies. Come to me.”

Joanna inched forward, but a quick tug by the mother, made her halt. Bunmi felt a little movement and looked down at Jake. He had turned his head upwards to her. Reading the question in his eyes, she patted his head and held his hand tighter.

As memories of the past washed over her, she felt pain, sadness and love hit her at varying speeds. She lifted her head, but was careful to keep those emotions away from her eyes, as she stared at the man that now held her gaze.

Her chin came up a notch, in that show of defiance he knew so well. “Hello, Father.”




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  1. Enricka says:

    *whew* I feel better now but still very curious…you have a good way of holding ur readers

    1. Thanks, Enricka. I’m glad you enjoyed this part.

  2. olah says:

    I thot it wz her long lost husband that sent for her. I wz a bit let down. Dt wuld hv been more romantic. Anyway good work. Let’s wait nd c. #anticipating

    1. Yeah, let’s wait and see… At least, you have something to look forward to.

  3. tee says:

    Really lovely read… but abeg are the kids for her dad.. coz d 1st part she was remembering her son looking like some1… dts a spooky thought o

    1. Really spooky, right?

  4. favour says:

    Well worth the anticipation, I like your writing Olaedo

    1. Thanks, Favour.

  5. favour says:

    Eagerly waiting for Novocaine Knights.

  6. nat says:


    1. Thanks.

  7. mariam says:

    I thought it was her husband that staged ‘the kidnap’. I’m happy the kids will not be hurt. Good story Olaedo. I like the suspense…..

    1. Yeah, that’s some consolation. Thanks, Mariam.

  8. oyin says:

    Secrets…. Its suspense-filled and captivating,thanks for the update, God bless you

    1. Thanks, Oyin. God bless you too!

  9. wasma says:

    my heartbeat nearly stop. thank God dey r safe. 1daful episode.

    1. Thanks, Wasma.

  10. Tizzy says:

    Phewwww! What a relief! I’m just glad they’re safe. I mean, they are safe, right? Hmmmm… Watching out for episode 3…
    Great job, Olaedo.
    P.S. You have such a pretty name.

    1. I smiled when I read your question. You’re not sure if they’re safe just yet, right? We’ll find out soon, abi?
      P.S. Thank you! ??

  11. sarah says:

    Lovely piece, I enjoyed every bit of it, can’t wait for the next episode.

    1. Thanks, Sarah.

  12. Chude says:

    Its a beautiful piece. I like the suspense. But the episodes are too short

    1. Thanks, Chude. Ndo… didn’t want you getting bored.

  13. scribbledheartbeat says:

    Me want more shaa…please when is the next episode coming up-the suspense is critical shaa…

    1. You will get more ?

  14. ShyChic says:

    You really had me going,I thought they were kidnapped and the person who sent them to get her was her kids’ father. Thank God they are safe. Good job Olaedo. Thanks for sharing Sally.

    1. I’m thrilled you were not right… We can’t have a predictable story now, can we? Lol.

  15. DoubleDee says:

    Hhmmn, can’t wait to read the story behind her dislike/hatred for her dad. Nice one but short. Pls give us more. Signed, Olivia Twist. Lol

    1. And Olivia will get some more… lots more ?

  16. anita says:

    Kai sally u got me der. D suspense was entraling. Weldone.more….. Pls

    1. Sally says:

      Awww Anita, i didn’t write this. Olaedo did.

  17. Dan Auta says:

    Dear Olaedo, please when will this suspense-filled movie be available in cinemas?

    1. Hmmm… My broda, make we dey look.

  18. darkiebussie says:

    I thought the person behind the kidnapping was her husband but its her father… I’m sure there’s more to this story and I’m willing to get to the bottom. Good work dear

    1. Thanks, jare. Yep, there is more ?

  19. amaka says:

    Ok I had to read through twice to make sure I wouldnt make up endings in my head. Fantastic write up Olaedo. Can’t wait for the next episode. Btw I hope her father is not the kids dad. That would be……………EPIC..

    1. Epic stories are usually awesome, right? Lol.
      Don’t make up any endings just yet o… enjoy the ride 😉

  20. Wow…..captivating…anxiously waiting for d next episode…i hope it explains dis bad blood between father and daughter…..beautiful and thrilling, ola……welldone

    1. Thank you, Temi 🙂 Time has a way of making things clearer… or not, lol.

  21. consyspark says:

    Ewoooo father??? I thought it would be husbaand… I kinda love being dissapointed..

    1. Yes oooo… Father! I’m glad you enjoyed your ‘disappointment’ 🙂

  22. Interessant!!! Très Interessant! *waiting for more*

    1. Merci beaucoup. And more you shall have 🙂

  23. sunnie Bimbo says:

    Dis is nice, I can see it has d ghen ghen factor like aunt Sally’s story. Monday is too far mehn. *tears*

    1. Thank you, Sunnie

  24. Peace says:

    actually thought it was an ex-lover or the father to her kids. anyways, thank God its just her father.
    i fell in love with the story, could imagine the whole scenario in my head.

    Lully piece but its short ooooo

    1. Thanks, Peace. I’m glad you enjoyed it… Let’s see what happens next 🙂

  25. Sally Bonn says:


  26. Sally Bonn says:

    Wheeew! !Relieved. Good suspense Olaedo

    1. Thanks, Sally.

  27. toyenlon says:

    Wow! Secrets indeed between dad & daughter… hope it will be revealed soon. Anticipating the revelation, nice work.

    1. Thanks, Tonyelon. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  28. znb says:

    “father” Phew, that was…. At least they are safe. … I think.

  29. Winicares says:

    Oh i was even thinking it could be her ex, probably ex hubby, ok oooo let me read on Ola im sure u are as good as Sally

  30. obviously like your website but you have to take a look at the spelling on quite a few of your posts. A number of them are rife with spelling problems and I find it very bothersome to inform the truth however I will surely come again again.

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