I immediately feel like the lead lady in life’s  big Opera, but my time in the spotlight is over. The curtains are about to fall down on me, just when I’m at the peak of my performance.

‘JJ is my son?!?!’

What does he mean by that ?

I close my mouth in time to say; “Your godson you mean?” challenging my thoughts to be still

I am looking for any probable word, I don’t want to believe it is what I think it is. So is he married? Am I involved with a married man? Who is this man I have let into my home, my family. Up until this evening I didn’t even know his surname!

Why am I so off course! What is it about this Jide that makes me lose focus and reason!?! Apart from his apparent wealth and charisma ( I mean which girl won’t want this stud) Now he has a son! So would that make me a little stepmother, I almost laugh at this thought. See me o.

What other surprise is he gonna spring my way at the spur of the moment?

He shuts off the engine, with a worried look on his face.

Jide: ‘Ibukun… I am so sorry, if I knew this was gonna be an issue… I keep telling myself I’ll tell you… I know I should… But… But…”

He stumbles for words and somehow within me I felt like I may have a little love for him, I am not that patient. And Lola knew this? How? How does my own sister know more about my boyfriend than I do?

Is he even my boyfriend? Out of nowhere, my eyes begin to water.

Me: “Jide are you married? Am I a little tart to you? Or a THOT?”

As if on cue, his car stereo started playing Chris Brown’s “Loyal” and then I started feeling like a proper Ho. These things can read human emotions, I’m almost sure of it. I mean

He attempts to hold me, and I back off.

Jide:  “NO Cara mia, you’re not a tart. What’s a THOT? No. I am not married either. I had my son 19years ago and it was the biggest mistake and blessing in my life. I don’t want the knowledge of this to come between us, I admit I should have told you initially when we met. You’re the only woman in my life, or the only love interest in my life.

I almost feel my lips moving up in a smile, I quickly stop myself from smiling. I am supposed to be mad at him. How can’t he not tell me he has a son and Baby mama drama somewhere?


I never thought I’ll be one of those girlfriends that will have to deal with my man’s baby mama! I wonder who she is? Is she a Nigerian? Does she live in Lagos?

Oh lord!

Is she hotter than me?  IBUKUN DONALD stop your pity party!


Me: ‘THOT means, ‘That Ho Over There.’ Rolling my eyes while saying it. I don’t even know who thinks up all these acronyms anymore.

‘So when can I meet JJ?’ I conclude, after all we can be a big family.

Jide immediately lights up like a Christmas tree.

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  1. Hehehehe. This is no longer seeming Nigerian o. All these things in one man n in one life time of IBK? Abeg pass me that Jide dude’s number. We have some serious issues 2 discuss in that room. Lol.

  2. hmmmm….THOT(that ho over there) I guess that’s a new word?

  3. Abeg Ibukun,leave the front door open,am on my way….lol.

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