Something Went Wrong!

Hi Guys,

I have been off from here for about 24 hours. This is because this website went berserk out of the blue and every attempt I made at fixing it didn’t work. Instead it got worse. 

So i ultimately had to back up my files and totally deleted everything from database, including WordPress itself. I started afresh as with a new site and was faced with the almost impossible task of reloading my backed up files which were really bulky. But thank God for WordPress support, help from some white people online and Google, I finally was able, after much stress to get the site back. I’m not known to give up for any reason and I like playing with computer codes whenever i have the chance.

Anyways, the problem is solved. The only issue is that I am missing my images, RSS Feed and an entire week of posts. But it’s all good. I ain’t complaining and I’m glad that I didn’t give up. By the way, my host company, Whogohost found it really nice to ignore my cry for help. And that was why I stated earlier “help from some white people”. Nigerians can just like to show their incompetence. Remind me to transfer to a new host company later.

I am yet to search the site to know what is lost and I am recovering the previous settings one at a time.

But right now, I have to sleep. I have been up on my laptop since 4pm yesterday.

Catch you guys on Tuesday



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  1. Tee says:

    U need d rest.

  2. Pele, i tot it was my phone acting up again o….well done and sorry…all join!

  3. AutoPrincess says:

    So sorry about all the extra hard work you had to put in to get everything working again. I had checked the website yesterday night and found it down. I am glad you were able to salvage the files

  4. temidayo says:

    Biko rest well oo. We wil hld up till tuesday.

  5. Dupe says:

    Awwwwwww, sorry o, it is well.

  6. Kemi says:

    I actually did notice, sorry.

  7. Ibk says:

    I tot it ws my phone bt tnk God u wer able to solve nd rest well. We ur fans wil remain loyal

  8. Dough yeen says:

    Awwwww..sorry bout that hunnn…take d rest

  9. kenny says:

    Really! I tot my system and fone were the ones doing rubbish,I almost flash my phone……sorry

  10. amadex says:

    ehh ya,sori.u rili do need d rest.waitin for next tues nd i do hope u post a new episode of fishbrain vow,its bin 2wks u last updated o.
    shuud i com nd play househelp for u tonyt?wink.sori,it is well

  11. brytnex says:

    take the rest aunt Sally.

  12. Omowunmi says:

    Eiyah, Sorry abt it all. I hope you learnt some computer ise from all of this? Don’t worry, things av a way of sorting themselves out. Enjoy your much deserved rest

  13. darkiebussie says:

    Sorry Sally… You need the rest… I know at the end of the challenge you would learn to do one more thing regarding websites. I can understand what you must have gone through psychologically….

  14. miss B says:

    All that just for me to read Awwwwwww sally Nagode and rest well

  15. Pele! All these efforts??? Chai! So far as Diariz God, u shall have no such problem at all. Not any other type anyway. Rest wella n post something larer! Bye!

  16. nneka says:

    Sorry Sally, ds comment is actually 4 d readers, esp d ghost ones, don’t y’all tink we shld do sumtin special for Sally???

  17. josephine says:

    Pls Accept my heartfelt love. You are strengthened!

  18. bisi says:

    pele sally…. receive strength in Jesus name

  19. mariam says:

    Kpele Sally! Try to rest(as in really rest). Take care!

  20. AOS says:

    Sori dearie, plz rest well, drink lots of water n eat some Fruits…it wil help tk away d stress n bring bck lost nutrient. Pele lurv.

  21. Chude says:

    Pele. It is well

  22. phransea says:

    Awwwww pls rest dear even if u don’t post something on tuesday we would understand. Tk kia darl

  23. zhane says:

    Pele sally, glad it was all worth it.

  24. gift says:

    Awwww,,peele,,u rilly need to rest,,at first I tot my phone was acting up but den I used my sister’s fone and twas still saying the same thing,,,please rest wella,,Xoxo

  25. omowumi says:

    Pele… you really need the rest. Thank God you were able to retrieve your files.
    You are an amazon.

  26. Ustyn says:

    My regards 4 u grows even more with this,you are selfless,i pray your hardwork start yielding for u plentifully,sowie 4 d stress,have a nyc evenin and rgards to ur family

  27. ShyChic says:

    Sorry about it Sally…I thought it was network related,didn’t know the site was down. The Lord is your strength. Just get some much needed rest. Kpele.

  28. pat says:

    So sorry u need to rest ur prety brain….so u can come bck gud and reloaded yes sally never give up God is ur strenght keep on d gud work.

  29. cutie says:

    Sorry dear. Gimme ur address so I will come n give you massage 😉 *hugs* well done.

  30. Queen Bee says:

    I thought it was a maintenance thing, didn’t know it was more than that. Do rest up, you need it. Have a great week ahead!

  31. Tizzy says:

    Sorry SallySwidy. N there I was thinking it was routine maintenance. If I had known you were going through this kind of stress, I would have summoned the full might of my cyber skills to your aid *hehehe*
    Take your time to rest dear. You sure deserve it.
    As for those ghost hosts, just leave them to us readers – we know how to treat their ish.
    Well done. Mucho Amor.

  32. toyosi says:

    Eh yah!it can be really painful.hectic weekend it must have been for you.dors bien.have a sound sleep.

  33. sleekdami says:

    Pele dear! U try so mch for ur fans nd we r alllll grateful. Goan rest. We wud b chilling

  34. bimbz says:

    eeyah,weldone,God is ur strnt,u will never be weary in Jesus Name!

  35. Horlaiya says:

    No wonder i was denied access 2 d blog in d mornin……. Tnkx 4 not givingup,,,,,may God strengthen u d more

  36. funto says:

    Eyaaaaaaa sorry abt it, go nd rest so u will post plenty stories for us on Tuesday do take care

  37. mtylawgan says:

    So sori aunty sally……do rest wella

  38. Kofoworola says:

    I actually tot i was d only one affected. Thk God it has been resolved bt sincerely i almost wept

  39. toyenlon says:

    Eeya, sorry for the trouble you went through. God is your strength.

  40. M'tee says:

    Pele Sally..weldone! More strength

  41. Olori says:

    Sally i beg you need the rest.Pele jare my sister. I will surely remind you to change no fire that incompetent web hosting company… Catch you on Tuesday then… Takia

  42. mimi says:

    Pele sal,take care dear

  43. noksis says:

    so sad. Sally. Weldone. Thank God you were able to get most of your files back. Rest well.

  44. ituajude says:

    Welldone. I really hope u didn’t lose much

  45. Oh Sally sorry 4 dis stress, glad u’re on, pls do’ve some rest.

  46. Rukayat says:

    Sorry aunt Sally..u really need to rest gaan

  47. MubzyMoh says:

    Rest is very much deserved Sally, I really thought it was my fone being stupid again…Please rest wella…ant thanks for all the hardwork. God bless U

  48. Praise says:

    hey yah, sorry for d stress. Thank God everything is back to normal. Take ur time to rest

  49. skinart says:

    Eya, sorry sally, it kept saying mabinu, I guess that mabinu was meant for you. It is well. The Lord is your strength. Enjoy your rest and have a blessed stress free week ahead 🙂

  50. Pele ma’am… Drink a bottle of lucozade sport to replenish d energy oo

  51. sekinat says:

    take care ma’am,God be with u

  52. kenny says:

    Awww,sori dearie,u really nid to rest,tk all d tym u nid for dat.pele

  53. consyspark says:

    We love you…

  54. deby says:

    It’s quite unfortunate, u nid d rest. Take ur tym

  55. Z says:

    Glad you’re back up. This is the work your readers don’t always know. Thx for the details. Rest well.

  56. Arepade says:

    Oh so sorry 4all the stress. ‘Doh’

  57. mary says:

    So sorry dear.Please take ur time and rest.have a stress free week ahead.

  58. V.DaJose says:

    Error 404 not found!
    I thought it was only me.
    Have a nice rest Madam Sally.Looking forward to tuesday.

  59. Dan Auta says:

    Soo sorry aunty Sally. Wish i were a geek.

  60. beauty says:

    sowie abt dat..,i also noticed it

  61. Kany T. Dahl says:

    I noticed smthing was wrong n I tried to let u knw. Thank God moakedapages is back on.
    Salz, take some rest. U deserve it

  62. Nike says:

    Eeeyaa. Sorry about that, Sally. Everything will be fine again. Take care.

  63. bhymxy says:

    thank God oooo.
    pls do take care of urslf!

  64. Haleema says:

    Ooops! Something truly went wrong. Sannu, kin ji ko? Ur reward awaits u. Cheers, and do rest well.

  65. oyin says:

    Awwwwwww. Sorry, I thought it was my phone o. Please rest well and take care of yourself. All is well.

  66. fola unique says:

    eeyahh,well done aunty sal,was kinda worried all tru yst too,thinking av been blocked sef.but am happy u re back

  67. imotola barakat says:

    tot it was my fone also. so sorry. ndo. u need d rest aunty sally. till tomao den. ciao

  68. Olabisi says:

    So sorry abt d whole ish Sally, i however commend ur good wrk at recrouping, dis is d beginning of new tinz for u. Love u loads pls wen is fish brain vows coming back

  69. zizi says:

    Soory sally, pls make sure u do rest well..see you soon…

  70. Bimpe says:

    So sorry sally..thank God u are back

  71. Olajumoke says:

    Sorry and well done

  72. habbie says:

    Eyah! So so sorry. Do ve enough rest ok. Luv ya

  73. adedoyin says:

    Pele Sally, take your time to rest oo.

  74. adedoyin says:

    Pele Sally, take your time resting.

  75. adedoyin says:

    Pele Sally, take your time to rest

  76. Xaune says:

    pls, take all d rest u need. sanu da kokari.

  77. temidayo says:

    Eeya, that must have been very annoying. Rest well

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