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Spending Mommy's Money

Spending Mommy’s Money #7

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CHAPTER SEVEN – Baby-making

Rain hated emotional breakdowns. As an only child, raised by a mother who found brilliant ways to escape her pain rather than face it, Rain was an expert in pretending she was fine when she should be falling apart. She knew it would always lead to a full meltdown at some point, but she was okay with it, as long as it happened when she was alone. Breaking down in front of a guy she liked was the stupidest thing she had done in a while.

This morning, she was up before Tari. It was still dark outside and it was raining.

She sat up stealthily and gave room to her eyes to ogle him as he slept beside her. He was good-looking, just not in a distracting or striking way. His handsomeness was unfussy and quiet, pensive even; as if he were there with you but not quite because he was lost in his mind. He was neither slim nor buff, but his body was toned enough to make her long to have it move against hers one more time.

Even now, she was tempted to run her hands over his smooth, dark skin and to kiss him before she left the bedroom. She regretted not allowing herself take the pleasure he offered last night because she had been ashamed for exposing her helplessness. But Tari understood, even though she didn’t explain herself. He was fine with cuddles, he said, holding her until she slept. 

Rain slipped out of bed and looked around for her phone to check for messages. There were a few, and she responded to some of them. One was a jumble of words from Jaya, which Rain deciphered to mean she was on her way to the house.

When Rain was done with her messages, it was a few minutes past five and it had stopped raining. She walked to the door without waking Tari. But when she held the handle, she heard him murmur something.

“You’re leaving?” he asked, staring at his watch.

“I can’t leave. This is my house.”

“Oh, true. I’m the one who has to dip.” He yawned, rubbing an eye as he got off the bed. He reached for his phone by the nightstand and passed it to her. “Your number?”

As she typed in her number, he gazed at her.

“Save it,” he instructed, moving closer. She handed the phone to him. “Are you going to tell me about your ex?”

“What ex?”

“The one and his twin sister? The reason you were crying last night?”

“Um… I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You’ve moved on. Good. That means you’re not taking him back, right?”


“Wise decision.”


“So, about this trip… What do I get to be responsible for? I don’t want to hear ‘all expense paid.’”

“But it is.”

Tari gave a shake of his head. “Mnh-mnh.”

“Okay… Accommodation and transportation have been handled in advance. You want to take on the feeding and other stuff?”


“Good. Just make sure you have a valid passport that has at least six months on it.”

“I do.”

“Then, simply show up here on Friday as early as seven.”

“Okay. Now, would you let me kiss you?”

“Yes, please.”

She threw her arms around his neck. He brought her body to his as he sought her mouth for a kiss. Rain parted her lips in anticipation of something intense but he made it light and soft.

“Sorry, I have to pee real quick.”

As he dashed into the bathroom, Rain stepped out to the living room. Jaya was outside the door, banging on it. Rain unlocked it and Jaya barged in, still wearing the spicy red outfit she had on last night.

“Soooo, who is this Tari guy?” she asked as she flung her purse.

“You didn’t go home?”’

“No. And I’m drunk, I think. Please, don’t talk loudly. And close the curtains.”

“They’re closed.”

“I did a bunch of stuff this morning that I will not be sorry for.”

“Jaya,” Rain called in concern. “Normal people get drunk at night, because other sane people would be asleep by then. Nobody gets drunk in the wee hours of the morning.”

“How do the sane people know that the stuff you’re doing is stupid if they’re not there to witness it? It’s like the tree that falls in the forest alone thing.”

“What have you done now?”

Jaya moved toward the couch, taking off her wig. “I called Mide and told her that you lost your job because of Kevin. Then, I told her that she’s a useless friend and she doesn’t deserve us and I don’t want to do friendship with her again.”


“That her baby is ugly because she looks like Kevin.”

“Why would you tell her those things?”

“Fuck that bitch. And you’re too loud abeg. Argh! My head!” Jaya threw herself on the couch.

“Did you drive here in this condition?”

“Am I mad? I almost went home, then I remembered that my dad is around. I dumped my car at W Bar and took a cab here.” She stretched out on the couch. “Seriously, who is this Tari? Where did you meet him? And how good was the sex last night? Is he big or average? Did he go down on you? Does he know that every little thing makes you cum?”

Tari walked in on them. Jaya’s drunken eyes strayed to him.

“Oh, hey. You’re here.”

“Hi Jaya.”

“Hope I see more of you. I like your face.”

And she fell into a snooze, snoring in seconds. Tari smiled, looking at Rain. “I have to go to work.”

“Call me?”


Rain snatched Tari’s hand and walked him to the door. He gave her a proper kiss before stepping out. Once he was gone, Jaya howled.

“I thought you were sleeping.”

“I was acting. I’m an actress, remember?”

But she was snoring again.


Tari parked his car outside the gate of his compound, not missing the tinted SUV that was across the street. Sunny was in the house, having already called to inform him that he was waiting to see him.

Heading inside, Tari was intercepted by Didi who came hurrying toward him.

“I’m so sorry, Tari. Your uncle is like the DSS or something. He kept questioning me until I told him that I was your ex. Hope I’ve not put you in trouble?”

“No, no. It’s fine.”

“I didn’t even know you had another uncle. It’s only Jerry’s dad I met.”

“He’s dead.”

“Oh. I’m sorry.”

Tari and Didi made their way into the house. Didi disappeared into her bedroom while Tari stopped by the door to take off his sneakers.

Sunny was seated comfortably, reading something on his phone. Ariella sat on another couch, her eyes on him while having breakfast.

“Good morning, sir,” Tari greeted.

“How are you, Atari?”

“I’m good.”

“Great to hear.” Sunny kept his phone aside. “Please, sit. We need to talk.”

Tari picked Ariella up and sat, placing her on his lap.

“I’m guessing you have no plans to attend your father’s funeral?” Sunny asked.


“I understand. I wouldn’t have come here because I’m an extremely busy man and I don’t go around in this manner. But you are family, Tari, and I’m scared that with your dad gone now, you wouldn’t want to have anything to do with us.”

“Wouldn’t that be the best?”

“No. Going back to your ordinary, disadvantaged life is unacceptable. Which is why I want to transform you drastically. New house, new car, some good cash in your account, and a better job. A much better job at Hara Telecoms.”


“Yes. I am one of the partners, and soon-to-be CEO, which means I can put you in any position I want. I am thinking director of marketing. Of course, you don’t have enough experience for the position. So, you’ll be understudying the person who presently occupies the office as an associate. If you catch up fast, you’ll take over in no time. I do hope you’re ready to work and travel a lot. It’s not for lazy people. It’s also not a job for broke asses. This means you have to look the part, starting with a change of wardrobe. My stylist will give you a call.”

Tari didn’t realize his mouth was open until Ariella stuck a slice of bread in it.

“Atari, are you listening?”

“Yeah,” Tari answered, taking a bite of the bread.

“This means the child on your lap and its mother have to remain here. They can’t follow you to your new place or even be in your life. And for heaven’s sake, why is your ex living with you? Can’t you get enough of her pussy?”


“There’s Rain Kareem, whom Inno told me you walked off with at the wedding. How’s that going?”

Tari was still speechless. “I…”

“What’s your schedule like this morning? We must talk.”

“We’re already talking.”

“Have a shower. I’ll be waiting for you in the car.”

Tari didn’t know what Sunny had in him that made him want to do anything he asked. He wasn’t afraid of him; neither was it a thing of admiration. He just couldn’t say no to the man.

But he took his time and made sure that Didi and Ariella were safely on their way to work and school before he joined Sunny in his car.

“Next time, don’t keep me waiting.”

Sunny was driving himself today. He started the engine and sped out of the neighborhood.


Rain spent her afternoon with Habib, honoring his invitation for lunch. It was her first time in his house, and she thought it looked like something one could pay good money for, just to get away. The mix of simplicity and high style struck her. She nursed thoughts of staying there on a long weekend.

Habib stood before her, tall and gray, eyes gazing at her as if he were seeing her for the first time. He gazed for so long that she became uneasy.

“Have we seen this year?” he finally asked. “You should come and give me a hug.”

Rain walked into his open embrace and almost burst into tears when her body found comfort in his arms.

Habib released her but held her shoulders and looked into her eyes. “Raindrop?” he called. He alone was allowed to call her full name. “You’re mine,” he said. He looked like he might cry. “Mine.”

He kissed her forehead. “They robbed us of thirty-five years of our lives.”

“All of mine,” Rain stated.

“All of yours.”

He pulled back and looked at her again. “We won’t let them take the rest away, okay?”

She nodded.

“That’s my girl.”

Rain smiled. He would always be Uncle Habib to her. The coolest uncle on earth. He had been an important part of her life while growing up, even though he wasn’t always there. But every time he made an appearance, it was significant to her. He told the most ridiculous stories and always made her laugh. She loved their relationship dynamic and wasn’t ready to be his daughter yet.

“You should sit,” he said.

Rain sat on one end of the living room while Habib took the other.

“So… How do you feel about everything?”

Rain shrugged.

“You’re not angry?”

“Trust me, I’ve had a lot of time to be angry, and I had a good cry yesterday.”

“It’s always therapeutic to let it all out.”


“So, this is your home. I already have a room prepared for you.”

“Thank you.”

“How are you?”

“I’m good.”

“The whole unfortunate thing with your ex online…”

“I deactivated all my accounts.”

“I’m sorry you had to go through that. Come and sit with me.”

Rain walked to him and sat beside him.

“I don’t know what to say,” Habib confessed. “Where do we begin?”

“From anywhere.”

“For starters, you have to call me dad.”

“I do?”

“I’d love that very much.”

Rain giggled.

“Not ‘daddy’, just ‘dad’.”

“Okay, Dad.

“I love that. So, are you ready for lunch? We’re eating in…or out? The balcony has a lovely view.”

“That’s fine.”

His housekeeper served them a meal of masa and miyan taushe. Habib had smoked fish while Rain enjoyed soft, fatty beef. As they ate, Rain filled Habib in on her life because he asked. His bearded face gleamed with pride at her accomplishments.

“I won’t lie, I was an awful uncle to you. Distant and selfish. Well, you can’t blame me. Aisha or whatever she calls herself these days made it hard for us to connect.”

“You’re mad at her too?”

“They both lied to me. And not just any lie, Rain. This is huge. Unforgiveable.”

“But you’ll forgive Aunty Kofo?”

Habib let out a smile, which he quickly rescinded.

Rain had a sip of kunu and asked, “Were you guys really in love or it was just lust?”

Habib smiled again. This time, he didn’t hide it. Rain could see memories clouding his eyes. “I never got married after I met her, Rain. What do you think I felt for your mother?”

It was still odd for her to think of Kofo as her mother. “Tell me your love story.”

And Habib told a tale that neither Dora nor Kofo’s recollections could tell. It came from his heart, and Rain didn’t mind that he was detailed with it.

“When we were together, nothing mattered. Not her husband, not our different religions, not age… Nothing.” He burped silently. “This is why it hurts so bad that she’d keep away from me the one person that could have taken her place after she left me.”

Rain didn’t have to tell him to forgive Kofo. His story was dotted with compassion; all he needed was to deal with the emotions.

“She wants to buy me out and own Alma.”

Rain picked a piece of beef from her plate and fed Habib’s cat who was looking up at them from the floor where she sat.

“Do you want to sell?”

“I don’t know. The acquisition comes with an offer. I become one of the CEOs at Hara. Have you been following the business news lately?”

“The one about Sunny Olumese being a partner at Hara?”

“What are your thoughts?”

“I don’t know what to think, to be honest. She says the man was her enemy, but he turns out to be her partner. I don’t trust her. Do you?”

Habib lifted and dropped his shoulders. “I guess.”

“Do you think she loved you?”

Habib placed both elbows on the table and rubbed his hands. “She still does.”

“Are you guys ever going to get back together?”

That distant look again. “I don’t know.”

Rain finished her meal in silence, sharing parts of it with Kabo, the cat. After lunch, they took a leisurely walk around the premises and stopped at a lounge that had a sunset feel, enclosed by long glass walls. While Habib had spicy tea and smoked a shisha, Rain opted for a glass of wine. They listened to jazz in silence until it became uncomfortable to remain quiet.

“Do you think we need to do a DNA test?” Habib asked Rain.

“Yes, but isn’t it obvious that I’m yours? Our eyes…”

“Yeah. Even the noses. Then, the height… You didn’t get that from your mom.”

“Our hands too.” Rain put out her hands before her, displaying her fingers. Habib did the same.

“When you were a kid, family members had this theory that Aisha slept with someone and had you and was lying that you were adopted because you looked a lot like your cousins. They couldn’t say that to her face, though.”

“Mom is asexual. Don’t they know that?”

“She was considered an outcast and they treated her weirdly. I think they were jealous because she was very wealthy. It was one of the reasons she took you away from them. Look, maybe I shouldn’t be telling you this story.”

“Let’s gossip a little…Dad.”

Habib laughed. “She’s bribing me already. No, it won’t work. Let Aisha share it with you. It’s a very interesting tale that gives you the origin of her love for travels.”


“So, will you visit me again?” Habib asked.


Habib gave her a fatherly smile. He helped her up and drew her arm into the crock of his, as they took a walk to the parking garage.

“It would be nice if you opened up to me some more, especially about the boys in your life.”

Rain giggled. “I no longer date boys.”

“Okay. Men, then. I hope the Noah thing hasn’t scarred you?”


“Good, because you deserve to be in a wonderful relationship that will lead to a great marriage. I don’t want to sound typical, but I deserve to have grandchildren.”

Rain laughed. She knew he was joking.

When they stopped beside her car, he gave her another heartfelt hug that brought tears to her eyes.

“Call me when you get home.”

She nodded. He kissed her forehead and let go. As she started out of the parking garage, she kept her eyes in the rearview mirror, watching him stare after her.


Tari was packed outside Rain’s house. He had arrived almost an hour ago but had been on the phone with Bara. The gist was about his father being an Olumese and the trip Sunny had taken him on earlier today.

It was to his new home in Ikoyi—a serviced apartment with everything he needed, from food and drinks to gadgets any man would die for. Tari felt like he was living a dream, but at the same time, he was curious as to why Sunny treated him differently from his siblings.

“Because they are well-placed already. At least, they would be soon.”

“So, the sperm donor left my siblings inheritance and I got nothing?”

“He didn’t exactly leave them anything. Their mother is the rich one.”

Tari recalled Kofo’s visit and all she told him.

“Well, she came to see me.”


“Kofo Aboderin.”

The look in Sunny’s eyes changed.

“She did? When?”

“The same day we had lunch at Sheraton. She offered me a house in this area, a car, and a job at Hara. The same thing you’re doing. And now I’m learning that both of you are partners. Uncle Sunny, I don’t understand what is going on.”

Displaying a sinister smile on his face, Sunny brought up Rain Kareem again. This time, he revealed his intention for Tari, concerning her. “I need you and her to become a thing. And I don’t mean something shallow. The real thing. The end game is to make her your wife, Tari.”

“Why? What’s your connection with her?”

Then, Sunny went back in time and told Tari about Ituah and Kofo’s marriage. He also told him about Rain and Habib—at least, the bits he claimed to know. What he didn’t tell Tari was how he had blackmailed Kofo for years. His version of how he became partner at Hara Telecoms recounted that Kofo came back from the United States and needed a loan to start Hara. He offered to become an investor, instead, if he got a certain stake in the company.

But the juiciest part of Sunny’s tale was when he explained that Rain was Kofo’s next-of-kin and the one positioned to take Hara Telecoms from her.

“To sum up, I have that much power to bring in anyone I want into the company. I have chosen you, Atari. As for Kofo’s motive for wanting you at Hara, my conclusion is that she has plans to shortchange you.”

“But why didn’t you help the family when Rain Textiles went bankrupt?”

It wasn’t until after Tari mentioned ‘Rain Textiles’ that it really hit him that his thing with Rain was complicated.

“Kofo and Ituah were enemies. I was Kofo’s silent partner. If I had showed that I had money enough to save Rain Textiles, I would have been exposed. It was better to watch Ituah bear the consequence of ruining a good business and a great wife that was his fortune. He didn’t do it alone, though. We had a sister that supported him. Thank goodness the witch is dead.”

Tari stared at Sunny’s hands because it would have been rude to glare at him. He was beginning to see him for what he was. He had been the sole reason Tari met Rain at the wedding. But their second encounter was coincidence. Was fate stronger than Sunny’s machinations?

“The quickest way into her life is to get her pregnant. Your child together automatically becomes an Aboderin and Olumese heir. Rain is the future of Hara Telecoms, not your siblings. And you alone can retain the company through her and make it an Olumese legacy—”

“I am not an Olumese.”

“You are your father’s son, Atari.”

“What father? The one that hated my mom and me?”

“Forgive the wickedness of your father, boy. Forget it. I am here with you, and you will never suffer. You’ll be a great man. Just do as I say and everything will be fine.” He tapped Tari’s knee and used him as a lever to rise. “Meanwhile, we need to conduct a DNA test on you, just to have it documented. In case your siblings or anyone else wants to act funny. You know how these family issues can become.”

Sunny didn’t let Tari ask more questions. The moment he unloaded his breaking news, he left for Benin. Tari put the entire thing out of his mind, as he had to face his day without stress. But he found that he couldn’t handle it, so he sent Bara a message and asked to meet him for drinks after work. Bara didn’t respond to his message until a while ago. He apologized and explained that he was caught up with work. He was still busy when Tari picked his call.

“But we can still meet up at Jerry’s.”

“No, I’m at Rain’s.”

“Already doing sleepovers?”

“Yes, actually. But nothing serious.”

“Nothing serious and you were forming superman last night? You even whisked her away to one corner and blocked all access.”

Tari laughed. “You dey craze.”

“Abi I lie? Give me details, my guy. What’s she like?”

Bara always needed details about everyone’s life. Three years ago, he wouldn’t have cared, but after losing his wife in a car crash, he became that friend that got involved in his friends’ lives. Before then, he had been a plastic surgeon, and this had him shuttling between Lagos and Abuja, handling cases of high-profile patients. It was difficult for him to keep up with the people that mattered, including his wife. It had gotten so bad that she began to threaten to leave him, but Bara didn’t take her seriously. For each complaint, he would send money into her account to keep her busy. When a speeding car lost control and ran into her car one morning on her way to work, she was on the phone with him. He had been angry after receiving a barrage of messages from her through the night, threatening divorce. He then called her at exactly 5:00 am to give her a piece of his mind. It was while he told her to go ahead with the divorce that he heard the screech of tires over tar that brought the most traumatizing silence he ever heard in his life.

Khadija’s death was a humbling lesson in being there for the people that mattered. These days, Bara spent his time involved in his friends’ businesses and giving the dead honorable burials as a funeral director.

“I dey hear you,” Bara said as Tari told him about how he met Rain. But he didn’t stop there. He unpacked everything Sunny shared with him about Rain’s origins and his. After he was done, Bara whistled.

“In all my thirty-six years of life, young man, I’ve never seen drama like this. It feels like an episode in some soap opera shit, man. Atari! This is your true Nollywood story!”

“I can’t even argue with you.”


“Times hundred, I swear.”

“Then, the twist with Rain. You guys are committing incest.”


“Just kidding. It’s not like you share a parent or grew up together. But it’s… It’s crazy.”

“I know. What I don’t know now is if I should tell her everything Uncle Sunny told me and let things play out or if I should just be honest and risk losing her.”

“You think she’ll be weirded out by the incest thing?”

“Can you stop calling it that?”


“But yeah, I think she might. Considering what her ex did.”

“I wanted to mention that. Hmmm… E heavy o! But not like that, my guy. Because if you check am, it’s all about how you guys take dey feel each other. You get me?”


“You like her, she likes you. That’s all that matters. Every other thing na sidebar. If telling her the truth makes you lose her, you’re still a winner in all this. A house, a car, a job at Hara as a marketing director, money in your account… What are you talking about?”

Tari smiled.

“You’re made, man! And I’m happy for you. You’ve come a long way.”

“I have.”

Tari was happy for himself as well, but he couldn’t stop thinking about the smile on Sunny’s face earlier. He didn’t know what the man was up to.

“How do you feel about the whole thing?”

“It’s stress already. So much expectation from me. Director of marketing is massive and I don’t have the skills.”

“You will. Don’t worry. No let anybody stress you.”

Tari heard a clanging sound and asked Bara what he was working on. Bara switched to a video call and showed him a corpse, laid out on a gurney.

“Those boobs are massive,” Tari commented.

“Yeah… She had it all.” Bara gave him a view of the entire body.

“How did she die?”

“Head trauma from domestic violence. The gist is all over social media.”

Tari hadn’t been online since the Noah and Rain drama.

“See the marks on her body?”

Tari was always fascinated by Bara’s work. He had watched him a couple of times, seen how he loved to talk to the corpses he worked on. He believed that they were earth matter like everything else, and earth matter could never die. Words could move them, and the dead always listened to and spoke with him. Tari didn’t find his friend creepy. He understood that he still felt guilty for his wife’s death.

“Bara, make I run.”

“Use a condom—or not.”

“You dey craze.”

Laughing, Bara hung up. Tari drove into Rain’s compound, let in by her gateman. She opened the front door, even before he knocked on it. She welcomed him with a fierce kiss. Wearing nothing but a mini tube dress, Rain was out to mess him up.

If Tari were to describe her eroticism, he would call her a feral lover, for lack of a fitting word. Passionate would be a better description, but he equated passion with intimacy; and there were many parts of her that he was yet to discover. He longed to know her better, asides what he already knew.

She freed his lips but held on to him. “I got your voice note. You said you wanted to talk?”

“It can wait.”

Tari kissed Rain back, but he was gentler, only because he wanted to feel the tension between them. Relish it. Tempt it. She returned his enthusiasm, pulling his body back to hers.

He stopped and drew back. “I’m losing my shit here, Rain.”

She grabbed him by his waistband. “You have no idea how much every part of me wants you now. No foreplay, no talking.”

“But I’ve planned to take my time with you, adore your body—”

She hushed him with another kiss. “Just fulfil this one fantasy for me. Here, now, hard, quick… Tell me if you like what you see.”

Rain turned around and tugged her dress up to reveal that she had only a g-string on.

“This woman…”

He watched her slowly removed the g-string. Then, he pressed his body against hers to make her feel his hardness before taking a condom out of his pocket. He freed his jeans and boxer briefs, and the moment his penis touched her cheeks, Rain moaned out.

“Wait first.” He turned her around.

“What are you doing, Tari?” she complained.

“I just want to look at you. There’s something I need to see and feel.”

“If you’re wondering if there’s more happening here than the sex, yes there is. And I hope it goes on, that we have a mad emotional connection that doesn’t end.” She looked down at his dick and bit her lip. “But right now is not the time to go deep unless it’s deep inside me…”

Tari turned her around again. He grasped her hips, parting her butt cheeks. Then, he pushed into her, filling her completely.

He rocked her to his rhythm, controlling her body. There was a painting on the wall that looked like a colorful mess of confetti at first but began to form into the nude torso of a woman that judged him as he slammed shamelessly into Rain. The wilder he got, the more the woman seemed to judge him.

He thrust harder. Rain moaned louder as he fucked her like they would never get this chance again. She felt good, even with the barrier of the condom. It was as if he was having sex for the first time and feeling a glut of incredible sensations.

Tari didn’t last as long as he wanted to. He came long and hard, hugging Rain to himself because the feel of her body against made the moment even more pleasurable.

“You’re so insane, Rain,” he whispered in her ear, nibbling it.

“I know.”

She clung to his arm; and when he looked at her face, he saw that her eyes were closed.

“Rain?” he called.


“Are you okay?”

“Shh…” She opened her eyes. “Can you hear that?”

He listened and heard the sound of rain outside.

“I’m just…savoring the moment.”

He stayed a little longer before slipping out of her, but she held onto him for a few seconds more.

“And we have only one of these,” he said, referring to the condom he had just used. She faced him and put her arms around him.

“So, what did you want to talk about?”

“Let’s shower first.”

They went into Rain’s bathroom where they soaped each other’s bodies and allowed the water wash away the lather, unaided. When they were done, Rain handed Tari an undersized pink bathrobe and wore another that matched it.

“Have you done a facial before?” she asked.

“A facial?”

“Gone to a spa? Taken care of your skin?”


“I figured. Your face needs a little pampering. You should treat it to some TLC.”

Rain opened the medicine cabinet and took out two Korean sheet masks. She placed them on his face and hers. They sat in the living room, drinking wine as Fave’s music played from the sound system. Only then did Tari tell Rain everything Sunny had shared with him.

She took in the gist rather well, not saying a thing until her wine glass was empty. She asked Tari to top it.

“I wouldn’t have guessed that I was older than you. It’s either you look older or I look younger.”

“So, what do you think about all I told you?”

“I have no thoughts. I just can’t wait to be on a plane out of here and do all the things I want to do with you.”

“You still want to be with me?”

“Nothing is changing between us, Tari. Well, unless you think that what we have here is a taboo.”

“It’s not.”

“Or you don’t want to have anything to do with me?”

Tari looked into her eyes. He saw real apprehension. “Hey… Leaving you is the last thing on my mind. I just… We should talk about your mom and my uncle. Doesn’t it disturb you that they suddenly want to right the wrongs from their past and they’re using us?”

“Why should I let it disturb me? I don’t care about them. Let’s forget what they did or are planning to do and be present here, with each other.”

Tari grinned, impressed by her attitude.

“I’d rather you tell me about your mom. How was it growing up with her?”

“She was amazing,” Tari replied. “We were poor and she was sick most of the time, but I never lacked. I was the man of the house, though. Started selling stuff from secondary school days. In uni, I was selling food.”


“My mom did a whole bunch of businesses. Catering was one of them. But it turned out that I loved the business of selling stuff more than the cooking. So, I switched to recharge cards. Later, I got a chest freezer and sold water and cold drinks. The money helped me out with rent, school fees and extra cash, which I regularly sent to my mom.”

“Aww, you were an amazing son.”

“How about you?”

“Single mom too, as you already know. I had everything, but the one thing I really wanted, which was a stable family, I didn’t get. My mom loved to travel and every holiday, we’d tour at least, three countries.”

“Sounds like fun.”

“For a child, it was draining. I couldn’t keep friends. In my teenage years, I became quite the rebel. I would refuse to travel, choosing rather to spend time with Mide’s family. Mide is my childhood friend. She had a large family, and I loved the warmth, the nights in front of the TV, the stories her dad shared with us about his younger days, the Sunday services that had all of us packing ourselves into his Sienna, the moments Mide and I stayed up at night, secretly reading romance novels and talking about the type of men we’d marry.”

“What did your dream man look like?”

“Oh, he was white.” Rain snorted. “Blue eyes, dark hair, ripped chest…” She smiled in recollection. “But we grew up so fast. I miss that time in my life.”

“Do you want a big family?”

She pouted in thought, a habit that Tari was beginning to get used to. “Not necessarily. I just want a family where a father is present. He’s there for all the milestones in our children’s lives.”

Rain stretched out her legs on Tari. He tugged her feet forward, bringing her body to his. She giggled in response. He put his wine glass away and brought her even closer. She sat on his lap, massaged the serum from the mask into his skin and did the same to hers while he kept a steady rub on her bum. They kissed again and for longer until the heat between them started to build up once more. But Tari was wise enough to stop before they went too far.

Rain lay on his chest, and told him about her exes. He noted that she had a coping mechanism for trauma. He admired it and wished he could dissociate from his pain like she did. He suffered from overthinking, always easily swallowed up by his problems.

By the time Rain fell asleep, two wine bottles were empty and Muni Long songs were playing back-to-back.

Tari let her sleep until the rain stopped. He lifted her up and carried her to her bedroom.

“I have to go home.” He covered her with a duvet.



She drew him closer and his body covered hers.

“At the risk of sounding painfully cliché, what are we doing?” he asked her. “I don’t just want sex.”

She traced the carve of his brow with her finger. “You want to do what your uncle asked you to do?”

“What?” Tari laughed.

“Lie that you don’t want to have a baby with me.”

“You’re insane Rain.”

“I know I want to.”

“You do?”

She shrugged. “But I’m scared that you’re just another asshole.”

“You never know.”

Her finger dropped down to his lips. “Are you saying you want us to be a couple?”

“What do you want?”

“Tari, I’m an intentional woman. If you want me, let’s not play games.”

“I’m bad at games. If you’ll say yes to becoming exclusive with me right now, then, I’ll ask.”



“You didn’t ask.”

“Okay, Rain.”

Her hand traveled down his chest, finding its way to his crotch.

“I know we haven’t known each other for long and we had sex just twice. Great sex, actually. It could be better because I came embarrassingly fast earlier. My point is, I’ve not…”

She grabbed his dick.

“I’ve not done things to you that I would love to… I’ve not shown myself, given you some moves…”

“Concentrate, Atari.”

“I also know that there’s burning fire in you—”

She began stroking his dick. “I’m actually lazy in bed, but go on.”

“It’s beyond our genitals. I really like you and the way you cry.”

Rain covered her eyes with her free hand. “Oh no.”

“It’s messy.” He forced down her hand. “Just as I know you can be. And I like messy. I like your calm too. What else do I like? Em… I think I’d have to find out as we get deeper.”

“Deeper?” She tugged his dick toward her.

“What are you doing?” he whispered, slightly embarrassed by his growing erection.

“Are you shy?”


“You’re actually sweet, Tari.”

“There’s one last thing I want to get out of the way.”


“Your money.”

She tugged him forward. “My money?”

“You have a lot of it, but I’m just getting by.” He moved closer. “Is there a way we can meet in the middle, so that I don’t feel…?”

“Financially emasculated?”

He chuckled. “There’s no such thing.”

“I understand what you mean, Tari.” She stroked his tip over her clit, keeping eye contact. “It’s better than what Aunty Kofo wants to give you.”

“What if I don’t want to take anything either of them are offering?”

“It’s your choice.” Her voice was breathy. “But never throw away a chance to improve your life. Hara is a major transformation for you and for me. I’m going in there to take what’s mine, if we’re to go by what my bio mom and your uncle are talking about. What I’d like is for you to be there too. They’ll never see us coming.”

“Me being there makes me fit perfectly into your world, right?” He stared down, watching her guide him into her.

“You’re already a perfect fit, Atari.”

He went in deeper. She moaned. He pulled out and went back in again.

“Stop torturing me.”

He thrust in fully, letting his body rest on hers. “Can you feel my pulse inside?”

Rain nodded. Kissing her, he slowly pulled out. She waited for him to go back in, but he didn’t. Instead, he began to move away from her.

“What are you doing?” She grasped his bathrobe as he fully pulled out. “I could suffer from withdrawal symptoms. Come back.”

“What was that thing your friend said about you cumming anyhow?” His mouth grazed her nipple. “You want to show me?”

“Tari, just come back in.”

But he ignored her and found his way down to the middle of her thighs.

“Tari, no. That’s my kryptonite. You’ll just kill me.”

“Ever had a multiple before?”

Tari spread her legs wider and dove down for a feast.

His pull-out game was weak, but he couldn’t tell Rain. He wasn’t ready to be a father yet; and he knew she was crazy enough to keep his child if anything happened, going by the story she told him about her South African ex.

He didn’t know what lay ahead of them. A baby was going to complicate things, and the last thing he wanted was to be tied to her just because they shared a child. Tari was here for the long game. Sunny, Kofo, and even Rain could not stop him.

©Sally Kenneth Dadzie @moskedapages


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