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How 2016 Was A Good Year Around Here

Hi Fam! Happy new year! I have missed being here and missed you all. I hope you all had an awesome holiday. Some of you are still flexing somewhere and I envy you. Bring back chin-chin for us oo. So erm…first of all, my Christmas was half-lit, half messed up. On the 28th, I got up and couldn’t move. My waist was on fire and I have been bedridden until then. Even as I type this, I still can’t sit up for more than five minutes or so. Awful pain. If you are passing by my house when my husband is trying to get me to stand straight, you’d think he’s beating me. Yes, the pain is so bad I cry like a baby. But hey, forget all that. God has healed me and I can’t shout. I am fine. Let’s talk about 2016. For almost everyone in Nigeria, it was…