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Stranger In Lagos #2

HALIM I learn from him that seduction is a form of art. It begins with a stare. A careless gaze from harmless eyes that are clear as water. They smile at me, they follow me everywhere I go, even when he doesn’t. Like a ghost haunting its murderer, the memory lingers in my head when I go to sleep. It takes mere days for me to fall. And I fall like a boulder. Fast, hard, helplessly. My five senses are betrothed to the affection he offers. For days, I think of nothing else but him. My head in the clouds, my feet walking on sunshine. He wheedles me until I become a slave in want. Thus, one night, in a hotel in Lagos, my real life far away from me, I become entrapped in his lair. It’s as if I am being carried by giant arms and twirled around until…