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The Scratch On Your Shoulder #6

Cheta’s visit to Ransome’s house had been a bootless errand. In three hours, she was back home, cussing herself for being vulnerable in front of a man and swearing that it would never happen again. The house was quiet when she got in. She peeped into the living room and kitchen but didn’t find anyone. Quietly, she went up the stairs. She dropped her overnight bag in her bedroom and stopped at Obi’s door. She heard him talking to someone as she knocked. He came to the door seconds later, taking his phone away from his ear. He had been on a call. “You’re back,” he muttered. “Yeah.” She stared at the mess that was his bedroom. “Everything okay?” “Yup.” “Good. Clean your room before breakfast tomorrow. And please, let in some fresh air…” “He called.” “Who?” “Dad.” “He called? Why?” “Said you weren’t picking your phone. Said you should…