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Getting Laid

By Martins Toritseju You know how it is as a young guy trying to explore his sexuality, especially while on campus. You put yourself out there trying to get some attention from the ladies. You use all the showmanship in you to get girls to like you. But it’s not easy for a lot of guys; especially the ones who have no clue what to do to win a girl over. For those guys, it’s rocket science to get a girl to even notice you, howbeit be interested in you. And sadly, I was one of those guys. So you should see how excited I was when during the course of our WhatsApp chat, Amaka agreed to come over to my place to visit me that coming Sunday. Amaka was a course mate but I was one year ahead of her in the University, and in my third year. Ever…

Long Night #16

It had been a week since Morayo had last seen Daniel. She lay awake in her room, staring blankly at the ceiling. Her eyes were red and itchy from all the crying she had done. She heard Tomi and Segun outside her door. They sounded so far away. She knew they were trying to cheer her up and lift her spirits, but they were not Daniel. There were some things that a best friend and a brother could not cure. She remembered the day she had told Daniel what had happened. The look of pain and anger that settled on his face had ripped her heart out her chest. How did he not understand that she had done it for him? She had had no choice. It was either that or… She shuddered at the thought of all the possible things Kunle could have done to Daniel if she had…