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In The Name Of Papa #7

Greetings, fam! I just want to drop a quick one. There will be no episode of Love, Your Enemy next week but I’ll be here two weeks later. Please, pardon me. I just want to sort out a few things. Fatimah, the lady that brings you Omoge Campus apologizes for her absence. Her laptop went bad and she’s hoping to get a new one. Ibukunwrites promises to return soon with Memoirs of a Repentant Escort. She had been ill for a while and had also just recently completed her NYSC. Meanwhile, I may resume adding pics to my posts, although not always. This is because I stumbled across a goldmine account on Instagram. OMG! The guy is Papa personified. I saw him and I was like there is no way I’m not sharing these hot pics. I just couldn’t resist. Don’t mind me; I can’t say no to pics of…

Fish Brain Clan (6) Loretta

LORETTA Odd one out, black sheep, ugly duckling—all names used to describe me during my childhood. I was the darkest and the fattest amongst my sisters and I had an IQ that alienated me from them because they were just too dumb to understand I was a genius. Before I turned ten, rejection became a language I knew so well and I wore it like a dark shroud everywhere I went. My mother always made sure she reminded me that I delayed her transition from mistress to wife (I think she secretly wished, before she went to sleep each night, that she’d wake up the next morning and find that I’d miraculously grown a penis). My elder sisters, on the other hand, saw me as the reason their mother was driven out of the house, and took it out on me; and finally, my father looked at me as a…