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The Fourth Finger #4

So, I would have posted this earlier but Tomilola_coco paid me a special visit and we had to catch up on missed time. I haven’t seen the crazy person in a long time. Forgive me. You can enjoy her stories Here and Here. Previous Episodes Of The Fourth Finger Twenty-four year old Toni paid attention to the gossip that was coming from the next table. Three girls sat over meals of jollof rice, beans, plantains and plain vegetable salads. They were girls Toni disliked and on their side the feeling was reciprocal. They were not her type. She considered them airheads, the caliber that would sleep their way to the top in their careers as advertizers. They were all interns at a top advertizing agency called DFL Creative. She had just started interning there while they were two months old in the agency. She was practically new to the profession but…