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After Dark: The Lies About Orgasms and Why You Shouldn’t Fake Them (2)

This article is long in coming. I apologize for the absence. If you haven’t read my article on orgasms, you can do so here I’d like to go further with reasons why you are not having orgasms. But before we do so, I’d prefer to explain to you why you shouldn’t ever fake an orgasm. In our times today, there is so much pressure on women and men to act certain ways during sex. This has been heightened by pornography, articles on the web, peer pressure and other forms of sex material we come across daily. There is that need for either of the sexes to be at their top performance when making love and although it is not a bad thing, it should first be noted that sex is not about pressure. It’s about release, expression, feelings, rest, exhilaration, action, reaction, skill, pleasure and love. If you are not in…