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Boys With Toys #19

Eid Mubarak, guys! My Muslim brethren, where my ram at? I’m here patiently waiting o! No dull. I want to thank everyone that participated in the Fourth Finger Giveaway. There were so many to choose from but I had to pick only five. I’m still in the process of giving out the books. If you missed out, tough luck. This simply means you should just go and buy the book. I felt kind of sad that there were so many people who hadn’t gotten it yet. My reason for the giveaway was primarily to get numbers on how many people hadn’t gotten it. I found out that there are quite a lot. And I wonder why it’s so. Is it too expensive? Are the payment options too stiff? Talk to me, let me know what your difficulties are in an attempt to finding a solution. Otherwise, stop waiting for awoof…

The Fourth Finger #18

Read Previous Episodes… Meanwhile, this is 18+. All kids, go outside and play. It was the day before her trip to London with Tayo. Dapo had not been able to get a visa so fast. He was to join them the minute the British embassy approved of his trip. Lade was out of the house with Tayo to get her things. Leticia was helping Toni pack a bag while Toni spread out on the floor, going through Andre’s Twitter timeline. She had just discovered it under a different name. He had quite a following but he followed only a few people and she was one of them. It was through his cryptic tweets she realized what he felt for her was deep and he was only looking out for her safety. He spoke about his feelings in an obscure way only she could understand. He talked about the love they made…


FOR BETTER, FOR WORSE LUKE 1983 Daniel clung to the banister and groggily climbed up the stairs, his little head swaying from right to left. He had never had this much alcohol to drink in his life before. He had had a few shots of palm wine at the presidential villa when he suffered a mild case of conjunctivitis and his grandfather had told him it was good for his eyes. From that moment on, his father had been giving him little sips from his brandy, but nothing like today when he had downed almost half a glass of the burning liquid he had found in the kitchen. Now, he was sleepy and he was going to climb up to his room to give into nature’s dizzy spell. He knew his mother would be angry at him when she got back from church but she would pour out her…

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