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Biyankavitch #4

Muna snuck into the Bahago house a little past 4 a.m., after her fifth can of beer began to taste like piss. She wasn’t a drunk, but sometimes she found solace in a can or two. Tonight, she had needed more, looking for that usual relief, but the beer left her empty and sore, and with recollections of what she had done to Archie. Also recollections of her actions after she left his place. She had driven to see her ex who had pinned her to the wall, spread her legs apart as he nailed her while choking her. The sex had given her temporary relief, especially at the point when she almost passed out while at the peak of her orgasm. Afterwards, the emptiness returned. Thoughts of losing Archie for good left her scared. She was more afraid of the shame she was going to face if he pushed…

The Immortals’ Code #11

It was Ramsey’s last day on civilian grounds. He was going back to base by sundown and he was all set. The only problem was that he wasn’t ready. Typically, he was feeling no form of excitement. The army had been part of his existence from birth and he was now accustomed to it but he was tired of taking orders. Leonel was his role model and he constantly envied his freedom, watching how he ran his own enterprise and made his own decisions. That was the type of life he had always wished for. In usual tradition, his brothers had treated him to a farewell dinner the previous night and he still felt lazy from the heavy meal of pounded yam and egusi David’s wife had fed him. Sitting in the silence of his bedroom, darkened by black curtains, he washed down the heaviness with a glass of vodka…