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New Series, Old Series….

Hi Fam, Good morning. I’m sure some of you are upset with me for not posting IANS during the weekend. I am sorry. It wasn’t intentional. In fact, my erratic nature on this blog has not been out of laziness or lack of desire. Firstly, I have not had a nanny for my kids in a while. The bulk of the housework falls on me. This was partly why I quit my old job because it required me going to the office regularly. I am very picky with who cares for my kids. The last one came with a lot of drama, including jamming Kayla’s finger on the door. It was a mistake, though, but when it comes with other mistakes like leaving the little girl on her potty for nine hours or taking Zane out of the bathroom with soap still on his body, or forgetting to brush their teeth,…