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Stranger In Lagos #10

YEMI I don’t take afternoon naps. They give me all sorts of weird dreams. I always wake up sapped and cranky. I prefer morning naps. I’d stay awake all night, working, and then I go for a run by 5 a.m., come back and have breakfast, and finally crash until 2 p.m. My normal daily routine. But a client’s job keeps me awake all night, eating into my morning routine until 12 noon. Exhausted, I throw myself on my bed and pass out. Of course, I fall into one of those random dreams. And it makes no sense to me while I’m dreaming it. When I wake up some minutes after 6 p.m., all of it disappears from memory. I can literally see it vanish from my head as I try to put the pieces together. I go for a shower and cook myself a meal. It isn’t until after…

It’s Another Novocaine Saturday #17

Good evening, everyone… Enjoy… I’ve totally lost my mind. I don’t think I can heal from this pain. I can’t comprehend why I should be feeling it in the first place. I feel betrayed, broken and lost. I don’t know who I am or where to begin my life from. The question that keeps hounding me is who is Nididiamaka Onuora? Who am I? I haven’t eaten since that dumb Oba broke the news to me yesterday. I haven’t come out of my room either. He left the house after I kicked him out of the room the moment he told me he was crazy about me. I was hoping he wouldn’t return but the stupid boy came back and has been bugging me ever since. He thinks he can switch from being my younger brother to my boyfriend. Such an idiot. No wonder his friends call him Nasty. His…