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Read Nimide Ogbeun’s Review Of The Fourth Finger On Bellanaija

Hi fam, Hope your week is going great? Well, mine just got better when I got a chat message from Ofili, telling me The Fourth Finger review was on Bellanaija’s #LiterallyWhatsHot. Yay! It feels good and I’m grateful to you guys for believing in me and pushing me this far. Not an easy something. But it’s just the beginning. So, I’m going to ask you a huge favor this afternoon. Huge one, especially from those of you who have read The Fourth Finger. I need y’all to show me the same love you show me here by bombarding the comment section and sharing your experience. Did you enjoy Fourth Finger? Please comment. Did you enjoy episode 1-21 and wish to read the whole book? Please comment and I may just be nice and send it to you (not promising o). But be honest as you can. Just don’t read the…