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Biyankavitch #13

Previously on Biyankavitch… The Bahagos were on a weekend getaway at Liana Resort. Things were going well until the baby of the house, Jethro, fell into a coughing fit that let him grasping for his life. Bianca’s verdict: He was poisoned. His girlfriend was the top suspect. Here’s what happened next… Facts about Jethro’s case. He didn’t die. But he was almost there. And he could get there any moment. His father had threatened hail and fire on the Bahagos if his son didn’t come out alive. Ola, his girlfriend, was not a killer – in principle. She readily confessed when the back of my hand assaulted her baby face. I didn’t tell anyone in the family that she was responsible for poisoning Jet, because I wouldn’t have been able to get information from her if I did. I knew who was responsible for the attack, and I was going…

The Immortals’ Code #23

VICTOR’S APARTMENT “Why didn’t you tell me you were leaving?” Patricia’s eyes held in Victor’s turned moist at his question. This was a man she loved. A man who had shown more than a few times that he could be relied on. Yet, she couldn’t trust him. She couldn’t trust anyone. And it wasn’t for the fact that she felt anyone could easily betray her; it was that Samuel could get anyone to do anything, including betray their loved ones. For that reason, she kept her plans to herself. Not even Victor whose body she had intimately known on several occasions. “Or don’t you trust me, Tricia?” Victor’s stare went deeper but Patricia let her eyes down. “You’re right. I should not be trusted.” He tried to take her hand but held back. He moved away from her and chose a wall in his small sitting room that had a…