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The Marriage Ultimatum #14

♥ She didn’t tell him about Camilla’s visit when he got back home yesterday and she’d forbidden Catia to say a word about the visit either to Mia or Dominic. Of course, the talkative housekeeper had only reluctantly agreed. She wasn’t sure why she was reluctant to let him know his ex—or maybe still present girlfriend—had come to the house to warn her off him. Maybe it was her pride not wanting him to know anything he did with other women affected her. And it shouldn’t anyway. They had a marriage of convenience and not a love relationship. Kaine frowned and shifted on the armchair. Juliet had had a different view though. Kaine, a woman must fight for her man and her marriage. You are now his wife. Don’t just stand aloof, defend your marriage. That was what she’d counselled. It was a counsel that highly tempted given her…