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Best Man Duty #1

Good evening! Today, I bring you something new from one of us. A good friend whose comments you have seen here on the regular. He’s always been supportive; not just to me but to all the writers featured here. And when he drops a comment, he doesn’t leave one-liners. He always analyzes each scene and character. Here’s introducing Seye! And he comes with Best Man Duty. Please, enjoy, drop a comment and share. . . . . . . . Adjusting my gold coloured bow tie, I looked around the well-lit sitting area reserved for the couple and the train. The scenery already won me over: fresh rose flowers, a sweet creamy smell, the lighting was superb and the interior of the Church was what I call ‘splendide’. The walls, immaculately white coloured, matched with the POP ceiling. The whole scenery was Edenic, the exact one needed for a wedding. I…