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The Bro Code #5

Great Opara continues with The Bro Code. Please, click on this to read previous episodes. Obi sat at the passenger side of the 2018 Mercedes E300 and made small talk with the driver while they waited for Stella Jide-Coker to finish the last of her hobnobbing with an elderly chief and join them in the car. The meeting with the members of the International Polo Club had gone well and Obi had gotten an opportunity to interact with several of the movers and shakers he had heard about for so long. Stella had left them further impressed with the prospects of Rainmaker Capital and many had already pledged huge commitments to the company’s latest sporting venture. Obi had watched her talk, negotiate and work her magic and had come to the conclusion that devil or not, there was a lot to be learned from working with her side-by-side. “Let’s go,”…