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Omoge Campus #3

Thanks so much for reading and thanks for the positive feedback. I noticed everyone complains that the episodes are short so here’s a special and lengthy episode. I hope you enjoy it Catch up on Omoge Campus CLUB FREEZE, LAGOS REBECCA I squint at the mass of sweaty bodies through the haze of cigarette and marijuana smoke, trying to locate my friend/course mate who had gone off to dance with some guy. No luck. I take another sip of my insanely expensive can of coke which has now gone warm. I don’t care if it goes hot, for the price I bought it, I am going to be sipping it all night. I subconsciously tug at the hem of my short dress which had ridden up as I sat. My mother would have a stroke if she saw me dressed like this; wig on, big earrings, loud makeup…