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#SaveRosemary: Lend A Helping Hand This Easter

I shared a story on my Facebook wall a short while ago. It’s about a friend’s sister, Rosemary, who is s battling cancer and it has eaten a considerable part of her genitals and spreading. I had encouraged her sister BlesgnBilkisu Monde Oliver to open a twitter account to solicit for funds to help raise 3 million naira. As at the time I told her this, Blessing was not on Twitter. She didn’t know her way about it. I had to guide her. She put her tweets together and began raising awareness and seeking for funds, mentioning the handles of celebrities to see if they could help. Unfortunately, some idiotic folks got into the matter and smeared her efforts, saying it was all fake. Rosemary was broken and discouraged and begged Blessing to withdraw from social media. She was willing to die with a good name. I was sad. I didn’t…

The Fourth Finger #16

So, this is one of those days I’m like ‘should I post fourth finger? should I not?’ Well, I decided to in the end. Have a lovely night. Catch up on previous episodes of The Fourth Finger How could anybody not love her? She was enchanting at first sight and got even more endearing when one spent more time with her. Her humble nature and depth made it hard for Toni not to be infected. She was officially Lade-stricken, now understanding why Manny was obsessed with the young actress. They both had feared she would lose her mind after the surgery. Manny was certain the shock and pain of infertility would scar her. However, Lade took the news bravely. She cried but only for a short moment. Clutching Manny’s hand, she gave a heartbreaking speech. “I just want to say I’m relieved that babies are not dying in my care…

Boys With Toys #5

Previous Episodes They were kept waiting for three hours. Madu, in his annoying nature, complained the entire time and threatened to leave, every now and then. “Maybe there’s no child sef,” he kicked off a fresh whine as the clock struck half past three. “I mean, I knew Monet. We were very close and she never mentioned a child. Not once.” “So you’re saying Mrs. Tunji is lying?” Bankole asked him. “What else? I see no other explanation. She said come for lunch and see Monet’s daughter. We came and she’s kept us here since 1pm. Something smells fishy abeg.” “I don’t think she’s lying to us,” Khalid stated. “There must be some reason for the delay. With the little I know about Mrs. Tunji, she’s not tardy.” Madu didn’t take Khalid’s explanation. He walked off to the minibar in the corner of the living room where they were seated…

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