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After Dark: These Chicks Ain’t Loyal

So the gist going round is that some guy drove for 17 hours to see a babe who gave him just a hug and a slice of cake. Then they watched a movie and then she asked him to leave and the guy left her house and rented a hotel and didn’t as much as tap that booty. Pause… Before I go on, I’d like to apologize for deviating from my intended topic today which has a lot to do with sex. Pardon me. Sometimes there are things juicier than sex. Where was I? so this guy that got nothing from this babe apparently got into a zone worse than the friendzone. I think he was carzoned because well, he’ll have to drive 17 hours back. That is 34 hours for a hug and a cake. It’s alright. Ladies, diarris God o. But the guy sef. How can you drive…

Fish Brain Clan (2) Onagite

ONAGITE I waited for him to say my name. Pastor Ishi waited. The whole congregation waited. But James just stood there and confirmed, to my horror, that he actually called Amaka’s name. I wanted to die! No, it wasn’t possible; it had to be a dream. Maybe people didn’t hear. Maybe James’ microphone had not really worked. Then I heard people murmuring. The microphone had worked. They heard and they were now talking about me, laughing at me, saying “shey she wants to marry?” They were already tweeting and updating their Facebook status. My social life was dead! God! How could James do this to me? Why did they pin that stupid microphone to his suit? God, why did you even create that thing called Amaka? Tears burned my eyes and I felt a fever coming. Before I could stop myself, I was hyperventilating and my hands were shaking my…