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Where To Find Breasts #12

Read previous episodes of Where To Find Breasts The first time she flew in a private jet was the morning after she met Leonel. She remembered feeling out of her element, fighting everything in her that was inclining towards him so fast. He seemed too good to be true. It was as though someone had taken her teenage fantasy of the perfect man and inserted him into her adult life. She blamed the romance books she had read when she was younger; and she had read so many of them. Fiyin had been her source then. She was the rich one in their little friendship triangle. She spent her holidays outside the country where she bought the latest Mills & Boon and Harlequin romance novels. Upon return, she would sneak some to Amaka who wasn’t permitted to read such literature, and then visit Kyenpia at her foster home and spend…

The Marriage Ultimatum #2

Read episode 1 of The Marriage Ultimatum ♥ Kaine still wasn’t sure she’d heard correctly. “You are… pregnant?” She stared at Anwuli with confused eyes. Anwuli blinked, wiped off the tears with her knuckle and nodded. “Yes, I am pregnant, Kaine. I am having a baby.” She added as if to make it clearer. Kaine’s mouth formed a round O as she continued to gape at Anwuli. She didn’t know what to think—what to say. What was the right thing to say in these situations? How did it happen? She didn’t need to ask that. She knew how babies were made. Would the right question be—who was responsible for the pregnancy? “Don’t judge me, Kaine.” Anwuli murmured, her voice imploring. “I know we were supposed to wait until we were married before having sex. It was how mummy counselled us. And I really wanted to. He was my first.…

In The Name Of Papa #7

Greetings, fam! I just want to drop a quick one. There will be no episode of Love, Your Enemy next week but I’ll be here two weeks later. Please, pardon me. I just want to sort out a few things. Fatimah, the lady that brings you Omoge Campus apologizes for her absence. Her laptop went bad and she’s hoping to get a new one. Ibukunwrites promises to return soon with Memoirs of a Repentant Escort. She had been ill for a while and had also just recently completed her NYSC. Meanwhile, I may resume adding pics to my posts, although not always. This is because I stumbled across a goldmine account on Instagram. OMG! The guy is Papa personified. I saw him and I was like there is no way I’m not sharing these hot pics. I just couldn’t resist. Don’t mind me; I can’t say no to pics of…

It’s Another Novocaine Saturday #23

Doctor Omotola Adeniyi Onuora is officially the most annoying patient I’ve ever had to deal with. And I can’t show my annoyance because family.

She is about to have her baby and some members of the family are here. Tola invited them and others for the birth of her son. Even some strange faces I have never seen before are present. She says they are her cousins. There’s one wearing a white garment, going about and sprinkling some weird water around the VIP birthing unit. I have had to send everyone out, leaving Nne and Elsie with us. Without them, I would have lost my mind.

“Tola, stop cussing and push this boy out nau.”

It’s Another Novocaine Saturday #2

Good evening, I’m so sorry for the missed episode of The Immortals’ Code. I was too lazy to do a last minute edit. Please, don’t be mad. Read the first episode of It’s Another Novocaine Saturday It is Noka who first notices the ring on my finger barely seconds after I let them into the house. She has an eye for glittery things, a look of greed I’ve come to accept as part of her nature. And it’s not just the look. It’s her entire person. She is of a covetous kind. It was for this reason she got pregnant for Ibro and became his wife and is now in a loveless marriage. One would expect that she would have learned after all this time but she gets worse by the day. She clutches my hand and gasps. “Honey! This is so sexy!” I smile at her. I think…