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Only A Flame #ChildNotBride

I sat crouched at a corner of the room… With my arms circled around my folded knees. Another stream of tears rolled effortlessly down my cheeks as I relived the experience. I could still feel his fingers like the gentle slithery movements of a snake as he caressed my body. I closed my eyes….If only I could shut out the images… But No…. They were there… Refusing to leave…They came with such vivid clarity! Images of flailing arms … Fighting to keep away the evil that loomed above me. I remembered trying to scream… But I couldn’t hear the sound of my own voice. Randomly the images came, in no defined order. I recalled a struggle to retain my underwear as groping hands determined to take them off… The sound of a dress being torn… Then I remembered the slap! Like a thunderbolt, the impact had gone through my whole…