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The Chronicles Of An Adopted Child #4 – Semione Abi

********** “OH MY GOD” Celina said in shock, and didn’t realize when she left her handbag to hit the ground; she covered her hands on her mouth and was filled with glee as ‘surprise!! Happy birthday’ came out of their mouths. “You guys are crazy” she said with eyes locked with Tom’s, who had come out from where he was hiding, behind the door. He came closer and held her close enough that their lips touched “I can’t believe that I didn’t see this coming, how dumb I can be sometimes” she said “Dumb enough to want to show your hubby some sugar” Tom said, and locked his lips with hers.“Happy birthday honey” he concluded after they unlocked their lips. Marie and Mirabel came out of their hiding place, but it took Lucy time to because she was mad that Celina had to spoil the mood she was in. This…