Chimeka Garricks

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My Thoughts on A Broken People’s Playlist

I didn’t know what to expect when I picked up A Broken People’s Playlist. I mean, I’ve read a couple of Chimeka’s stories before, but as a rule of thumb, I emptied all expectations and went into it with a fresh mind. So, how did it go? I’d like to let you know that I had an interesting journey with it. Chimeka’s writing is special, and this is because I don’t have adequate words to describe it. His art reminds me of a ballerina who dances like a butterfly, light and sprightly, floating over the surface like she couldn’t hurt a fly. But when you look closer at her legs and thighs and see the power of her muscles, strength and skill it takes to make one fluid movement, you begin to appreciate the work it took to get there. That was how my experience with the book went. A…