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Brotherhood – 2 by Shai

The Brotherhood sent Chike to deliver their message. Tunde could still remember….his memory of that afternoon’s discussion causing him to smile to himself as he hit his home-bound stretch.                  ***** “Tunde, my friend before before,” Chike bellowed as he barged into his office that Friday afternoon. He was always doing that Tunde reflected as he continued his run.  He had looked up from the legal deposition papers he was working on, the smile beginning to form at the edge of his mouth chasing away his feigned annoyance at the intrusion. It was evidence of his obvious pleasure at seeing his childhood friend. “Chike, enyim. My brother from another mother. The only Igbo brother I can vouch for, who would not scam me.” “Nna, na me be dat,” Chike replied as they clasped hands and engaged in theirbrotherhood embrace. “But na before before o. I no fit talk if you be…