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Dear Sally, He Is Cold And Distant

Hi Fam, I want to share something with you and hope you help out. I get letters all the time asking for my advice or take on people’s personal issues. I answer all as best as I can but I guess I don’t always have all the answers, and that’s why I need your help here. Dear Sally, How are you and the family? And work? I know we don’t know each other that well yet but i need you advice on a personal ish. I noticed you write your thoughts about relationship ishes just like me, although i see mine as bringing up issues that people usually don’t talk about and then we talk about it. But unfortunately, people expect ‘us’ to know everything, which isn’t always the case. I think i’m blabbering now…lolx so i’ll just get to the point. But I think I should start by giving…

It’s Another Saturday…#9

The Challenge “You never called…or answered my calls.” Honey is standing before me in a little white dress. She is sporting a different hairstyle from the braids I last saw her in. This weave leaves her with short bangs that fall on the sides of her face, almost covering her right eye. Her lips are a soft, pink shade matching the blush she has on her cheeks. A pair of yellow flats adorns her smooth, long legs and I catch myself staring longer than usual. “Jide.” She has this understanding smile on her face. “Hi,” I say for the second time, returning the smile as I walk to her. Her scent pulls me closer. I want to reply her accusation but my tongue feels heavy. She had called me twice last night and I was too busy to either take the calls or call back. I apologize, take her hand and lead…