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Where To Find Breasts #26

This was a difficult morning for her. She awoke, feeling a little rundown, and spent the better part of an hour, trying to get her emotions in check for the day. After managing a cup of ginger and lemon tea, she bathed Dash and dressed him up. There was an instant lift in her mood the moment she held him in her arms. The boy always brought her immense joy. But her mood plunged again when she recalled what the morning held for her. “Mommy and Daddy are on their way,” she told him as she kissed his cheeks. “Are you excited?” Dash babbled and reached for her necklace. She held his hand. A smile came to his face that caused her eyes to water. “I’ll miss you, Dash. I’ll miss you so much.” Following her meeting with Clarence on Monday, Yenkat visited the hospital for the DNA test results…

Where To Find Breasts #18

Good day, Fam! Hope you’re all good? I want to inform you that I’ll be taking a long break from here, to return in November. As usual, work has got me occupied, and I don’t want to be erratic. I’ll miss being in this space, but I’ll be back. Enjoy this episode and take care! “I’d like to talk to the parts of you that had a threesome in your suite last night.” The response to Idara’s query was a subtle smile on Leonel’s face. She knew at once whom she was communicating with. She hadn’t spoken to Spirit in a long time. It was a good thing to have him around. This meant progress. “I didn’t have a threesome. I wish I did, but I didn’t. I ended up watching the girls make out, because one of them smelled of roses. I think she dunked herself in a pool…