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It’s Another Novocaine Saturday #15

Here’s an announcement to new readers! It’s Another Novociane Saturday is a combination of two separate stories. One of them voted as the best series on Moskedapages by my fans. You would enjoy this sequel better if you start the stories from the beginning. Catch up with It’s Another Saturday here & Novocaine Knights here God bless you! . . . . . . Honey’s call meets me in the middle of a birth. My colleague holds my phone to my ear while I’m severing an umbilical cord. Honey wants to know if I can do dinner at theirs. I reply that I’m up to it. She tells me to wear a nice dress. There would be guests. Okay, I reply, thinking about the little red dress I bought off a colleague last week just to butter up to her and her gang of bitchy nurses. They still hate me…

It’s Another Saturday…#6

Hi guys, If you missed episode #5, read it HERE I’m trying out a new comment plugin. Please use it and tell me how well it works for you. Basically, I’m saying drop a line.:) Thanks! Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner “Honey!” My mom flashes a loving smile when Honey and I walk into the kitchen. Under bright, white lights, Honey’s skin glows. I look for flaws on her face and find black dots like minuscule moles beneath her eyes and a scar on her lower lip. Weirdly, they add to her beauty. “How are you, darling?” “I’m good, mommy. How are you?” “Good. Thank God.” The old woman pulls back a bit when she sees the flowers in Honey’s hands. “She wanted them,” I explain. “So I let her have some.” My mom approves. “Daffodils. They have meaning, you know.” Here we go with the creepy part. “They symbolize chivalry.”…

It’s Another Saturday…#5

Read Previous Episodes  The One Gone With The Waves I have never really thought of having kids, which is quite weird, considering the fact that I have helped bring so many babies into this world. I have shared the joy of parents seeing their babies for the first time and gone through the pain of those who suffer loss. Births have left me in tears on some occasions and transported me into the spiritual when I simply just look upward to God and thank him for the gift of life. However, the feeling of wanting to have my own kid is always fleeting. The reason is simply because I know I’ll make a terrible father without a wife beside me. I’m old school like that. I believe in marriage first, kids later. Much later. And that is why I’m deeply concerned for Emeka. How will he handle two children and…

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