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Dear High Mistress #1

This series, Dear High Mistress is continued from The Fourth Finger. To enjoy the story better, I’ll recommend the Fourth Finger E-book to you. Click here to get it. In the world where the following took place, it was a typical Friday evening and nothing unusual was slated to happen. The metropolitan was alive in its usual buzz and being that it was the beginning of a weekend, the clubs and watering holes were expected to come alive, to accommodate the ever pulsing nightlife of the famous Lagos. Drinks flowed, dance floors kissed the happy feet of vivacious social animals, acquaintances were made, deviant deeds blamed on alcohol went down and the police had their hands (and pockets) full, handling a myriad of cases for the night. While all this went down, our focus was shifted to three couples in the story that were within the confines of their respective…

Fish Brain Clan (4) Amaka

AMAKA Girls have the habit of burning their ex-boyfriends’ stuff when they know the relationship is really over and there’s no hope of a reunion. As for me, I didn’t go through that stage of hatred for all things James. I kept little pieces of him with me—his Arsenal mug, a few of his t-shirts, his boxers and his perfume. The perfume was the most important. It always made me feel better whenever I was down but for some stupid reason I had left it at Loretta’s place and being holed up in Fiyin’s bathroom with no comfort through Saturday night, it was hell. But the last thing I expected was to hear James’ voice the next evening and to hear it calling my name. “Amaka?” he knocked on the bathroom door. “Are you okay?” I didn’t trust my voice to sound normal, so I kept quiet. “Can you please,…