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Dear High Mistress #13

10:26 p.m. Folarin was staring at the time on his wristwatch and thinking to himself that his hand needed some moisturizer. He was also having that feeling he normally got when he was in the mood to have another tattoo done. He rebuked the urge and at the same time tried to banish the memories of the past few hours. The evening had been a long one, filled with anger, tears, hurtful words, and shame. But Folarin had managed through it with a smile. He had just seen Cyrus to his car, having done his best to calm him over Cyrus Junior’s latest act of impregnating his girlfriend. “You guys shouldn’t have let him have that apartment and that car. I know that boy’s medicine. Too much independence is going to destroy him.” “Nobody is getting destroyed, Cyrus.” Folarin was almost giving up. Cyrus was most times unnecessarily difficult on…