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The Scratch On Your Shoulder #14

Hadiza received her visa to Dubai in her email at exactly 10:00 a.m. A minute later, Fajr walked into her bedroom. “Good morning, Mommy.” Hadiza looked closely at her, worried about how much weight she had lost over the past few days. Her eyes appeared as if they might shut down any minute. “How are you, Faj?” “I’m fine. The visas just came in.” “Yeah, I got mine.” “Alhaji has confirmed our flight for tomorrow at 4pm. He and Daddy are making arrangements with the airline for Muhammed.” “That’s great. I told you everything would be fine, didn’t I? The delay at the embassy is a blessing in disguise.” “Mommy, Alhaji paid for express visas. We were supposed to get them in twenty-four hours, but it took two days.” “Relax.” “What if it’s a sign?” “A sign?” “That…” “That what, Fajr?” “Alhaji feels that maybe Allah wants us to just…

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