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Dear High Mistress #9

And the drama continues… But before then, I want to give a special thank you to a special someone who sent me a special something to help fix my laptop. Thank you, E. You’re far too kind. And to everyone who checked in on me and sent kind words, God bless you. This episode is dedicated to Rikitava Bimbo. May your star keep shining brightly, sweetheart. Fam, enjoy this really long, two-in-one episode. . . . . “Christie, you can’t leave na. You came to spend Easter with me. Not with them. With me, Mosun. You can’t be packing your things and leaving because of what happened na. Please, stay.” Christie’s ears were blocked to Mosun’s pleas. Both women were in Mosun’s bedroom where Christie had been accommodated for the Easter weekend. Christie had already put together the few items she had come with. She was presently searching for a…

Dear High Mistress #8

Toni finally found the stomach to watch Mark’s videos. He had had so much to say, recounting their years together and how life had been for him when they fell apart. He didn’t give details about his marriage to Nkechi, but talked at length about being a father to Ruby and Duke. His biggest hurt, apart from losing Toni, was knowing his kids were going to grow up without him. She stopped the video. There were three unwatched ones left. She was saving them for a time when her heart would be strong enough to handle them. She found that she was becoming mushy lately. The children made her defenseless to her emotions. But her newly found mushiness didn’t extend to the workplace. She had even become less pleasant with her subordinates. Maybe Andre could be blamed for her toughness. Certain projects and clients had brought them together, throwing them…