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The Scratch On Your Shoulder #15

It’s been a while, fam. It feels good to be back. Enjoy this episode, and please, drop a comment. I always appreciate it. Previously on The Scratch On Your Shoulder… Cheta and Nero decided to fully go into the dating thing, and so far, it has been great. Ozzy showed up from nowhere, as usual, but he gave Gold and Ransome a shocker when he revealed that he was epileptic, due to a traumatic brain injury he suffered while in jail. He still wants his revenge on Hadiza. First, he asks Ransome for some money for business. Mazino and Hadiza went down memory lane, as things began to ease up between them, thanks to Baby Muhammed. They were all getting set to leave for Dubai for Muhammed’s treatment. Joy paid Nero an unannounced visit, seeking his help. Turned out she was a drug addict the whole time. Nero wasn’t…

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