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No Heart Feelings #6

This post is dedicated to Goodnews and Amelia and Godiya and Chux and Toyinfab… HML! God bless your unions! Read Previous Episodes HERE Nandir had an oval face with high cheekbones and a narrow chin. Her doll-like eyes were always accentuated by long eyelashes and thinly plucked eyebrows. A long nose rested above constantly pursed lips and she possessed dark, glowing skin that was almost without blemish. She wasn’t particularly beautiful facially but her appearance drawn out by eye-catching clothes and a relentlessly spilling cleavage always turned heads wherever she went. Nandir adored the attention. In fact, she thrived on it. She could never be seen out of her house without makeup and some revealing outfit, even under the chilly conditions of Jos weather. There was no such thing as casual appearance with her. But for sad reasons, she had stumbled out of her one-room apartment in nothing but a…

The Fourth Finger #13

Read Previous Episodes It was hard to stop thinking about him. Harder to admit that he had such a severe effect on her. The last time she felt this way about a man was with Mark. She had almost forgotten how restless she could become when she was crazy over someone. It was hard to concentrate on her dissertation. Most of her weekend had been spent on television with Leticia, cooking, doing her laundry and fighting the desire to visit Andre. The little time she kept for her studies ended up being used to fantasize over him and the short but steamy weekend they shared. She had slept with him under the premise that sex was going to kill whatever control he apparently had on her emotions. But it had turned out quite the opposite. Presently, she felt helpless without him and yet like a blockhead, she desired more…