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Say You Will Stay #6

*** *** *** Obinna ended his call after she whispered his mother needed him. She had gone to get his mother’s flavoured water, insulin injection and honey jar from the fridge. He said goodnight to their last lot of guests: Idriss and family, a Scottish man and Miles who came on his own. Then he joined her on the way upstairs. Whilst Isio fed his mother a spoon of honey, Obinna fired questions her way. He didn’t let her answer. He sat on the bed next to his mother and peeled off her wig. Her blouse and face were drenched in sweat. She was telling her son her discovery in Igbo. Chibuzor’s name, Biba’s and a phrase with Chineke in it told her as much. Tufiakwa followed twice. “Mama, calm down.” Obinna held one of her hands in his. “Please.” “I’m calm my son.” She was moving her head…

Say You Will Stay #3

Read previous episodes of Say You Will Stay here *** He was quick. Too quick for her. She was thinking of getting off the rug when he lowered himself next to her and kissed her. Or something that could be described as such. His reeking mouth closing over half of her face and slobbering all over it. He was touching her, trying to climb on top of her when she slapped him. “What is wrong with you? Get off me.” “Issy, you can slap me.” He slurred, grabbed the hand she slapped him with and sniggered.  “You can bite me. That will only make me wanna fuck you … more.” His eyes were bloodshot and he smelt of the strong Harp drink her aunt’s husband reeked of whenever he came home all those years ago. When she tried to push him off her, she found him surprisingly heavy. He moaned…

Say You Will Stay #2

*** *** *** Obinna waited for his mum to finish in the bathroom patiently. She was in a kaftan, holding on to the towel rail, breathless and hunched over when he went back in. “Mama,” he rushed over, picked her up and carried her gently to her bed. “Why didn’t you ask for help?” “I’m fine.” “You are not fine.” He picked up the hand towel on the bed and dabbed her wet forehead with it. “Should I go and wake Isio? Is it time for your injection?” “No, don’t wake her.” “I’m sure she won’t mind. It’s her job.” “Nna, don’t.” His mother crinkled her face in a smile for his benefit. “Isio is never late. She will come and give the injection when it’s time. What I need you to do is get me a blouse and skirt and then put them next to me.” She pulled…

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